Stage 2 Plus Hunting or Target Bow Tune

Stage 2 Plus Hunting or Target Bow Tune

Regular price $ 135.00

Our Stage 2 Tune is our standard of bow fit and tune to ensure performance which comes included with many of our bow packages. This tune typically takes 1 to 2 hours to fully complete. 

Stage 2 Tune Includes

  • Paper Tune which can cover adjusting yokes, adjusting nock height, adjusting center shot, cam timing, arrow rest timing, computer arrow spine check, form changes and many more tricks of the trade.
  • Walk Back Line Tuning to further perfect center shot
  • Includes 1hr Free Range time to sight back in

*Setup Fee is included in price for all bows that have not previously been sold, tuned or restrung previously by us. This allows us to set the bow back to stock specs then adjust your bow to a base line of tune to begin our Full Stage 3 Process.  If we have previously tuned, setup or strung your bow, you will pay a special discounted rate.

Setup Fee Includes:

  • Install new nock point and d loop
  • Reinstall peep to your current peep height then tie in after confirming height
  • Adjust center shot to correct setting
  • Set draw length and weight to specified settings
  • Set cam timing and cam lean where applicable

Additional Information

*Free install and setup of accessories purchased in store, additional fee's apply for other accessories.

*Price does not include bow disassembly and reassembly. Some bow models require this to tune properly. +$20 for this service if needed.

*Optional upgrade to NEW PLUS option which includes 1 hour of Personalized Shot Coaching with our Level 2 USA Archery certified staff to make your form Better, your shot Better and to make your archery itself Better! +$30.00 for this upgrade