2017 PSE Stinger X Stilleto CLEARANCE PACKAGE

PSE Archery

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2017 PSE Stinger X:

The PSE Stinger X has returned for 2017! As one of the most adjustable, highest performance entry level bows on the market, its not hard to see why! We are especially pleased by these bows as they offer real letoff, real valley and a real backwall that all make for an easy to shoot bow that will provide years of reliable accuracy. From 21 to 30in draw and adjustments made right in the cam, this bow can fit absolutely anyone. With draw weight options of 20-50lbs, 25-60lbs and 30-70lbs, an even wider range of shooters can shoot this bow! However, don't let the wide adjustability put this bow in the same category of other brands adjustable bows, this bow is a real deal bow! We have customers from 8 to 80 shooting them, man, woman and child alike!

What Your Bow Package Includes:

Gemini 3 Pin Whisker Biscuit Rest
Flextech Stabilizer

Hunter LT Quiver

Wheel Peep & D Loop

Stage 2 Setup & Tune (A $49.99 Value!)

Amy Grimes reviewed Better Outdoors Archery & Bowhunting — 5 star ·  "Need a bow? Go to Better Outdoors in Lepanto! Dalton and his dad are awesome! They spent an hour and a half with my boys getting the right bow and setup. Even staying after their closing time. Can't thank them enough for their time, insights, and general love of the sport."



ATA/IBO Speed 316-308 fps.
Brace Height 7-1/8″
Axle to Axle 32-1/2″
Letoff 75%
draw weight 20-50, 25-60, 30-70
Draw Length Range 21″ to 30″
Mass Weight 3.5 lbs.
Max. Limb Bolt Turns 12