In Store ABB Premium String Set + Stage 2 Tune

In Store ABB Premium String Set + Stage 2 Tune

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Maximum performance at a reasonable price, the Americas Best Bowstrings Premium series was the original standard for custom strings and remains to be to this day. It is a personal favorite of our staff for all hunting applications on all bows. 

Why Premium Series Compound Bowstrings?

  • The ORIGINAL string series

  • Compound strings made exclusively with BCY material 

  • New for 2018 Ultra End Loops for a better fit

  • Power Grip Center Serving for unmatched durability

  • 1 Year Hassle Free Warranty against peep rotation, creep, and serving separation

  • Factory Specific Speed Nocks Installed at No Extra Charge

  • Improved bow performance

  • Total Stability

  • Virtually no shoot in time

We recommend this string for all performance bows with an IBO up to 370fps.

Whats Included

ABB Premium String (Your color choice)

Stage 2 Tune

  • Set draw length and weight to specified settings
  • Set cam timing and cam lean where applicable
  • Install new nock point and d loop
  • Reinstall peep to your current peep height then tie in after confirming height
  • Adjust center shot to correct setting
  • Paper Tune which can cover adjusting yokes, adjusting nock height, adjusting center shot, cam timing, arrow rest timing, computer arrow spine check, form changes and many more tricks of the trade.
  • Walk Back Line Tuning to further perfect center shot
  • Includes 1hr Free Range time with assistance from our staff to sight back in up to 20yds