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The Gold Tip Hunter Pro arrow is one of the high quality, highest performance arrows on the market! With 100% carbon construction, these arrows do not have fillers or other materials made into them which results in a more consistent spine arrows that is far more durable than anything else out there! We fletch, cut and ship arrows made how you need them for optimal performance. The Pro Hunter is the flagship hunting arrow from Gold Tip that uses all of the best technology and testing to bring spine consistency, weight consistency and straightness to the forefront. This shaft is the best hunting arrow for those that require the ultimate in arrow technology that can serve equally as well on the 3D course. 
Arrow Specs:
Size / Straightness Weight GR/IN Weight@29'' Spine Length O.D. I.D.
300 Black .001 9.2 266.8 gr. .300" 32" .302" .246"
3555 Black .001 7.4 214.6 gr. .500" 30" .291" .246"
5575 Black .001 8.2 237.8 gr. .400" 32" .295" .246"
7595 Black .001 8.9 258.1 gr. .340" 32" .300" .246"

Arrow Ordering Notes
Spine & Length
On a custom bow packages, we use our computer assisted spine selection technology to build custom arrows. We can also do this for your existing bow. Please send us an email for information or use this Gold Tip spine chart to select the proper spine and length. We advise to stay on the stiffer side of spine for optimal performance from todays high performance bows. Also keep in mind your arrow length as to not create an arrow too short for your arrow rest. We use the carbon to carbon length for cutting arrows only. This allows for less margin for error in creating arrows. We also abide by the 5grs/Pound of Draw Weight Rule. 
Fletching Configuration:
3 Fletch is the standard option and most popular. This type will work with virtually all arrow rests. 
4 Fletch however is a house favorite but this configuration will NOT work with a Full Capture Rest, we ask these to only be used with Drop Away style Rests and Blade Target Rests.