Black Eagle Arrows Deep Impact .003 Custom Shop Fletched Arrow

Black Eagle Arrows Deep Impact .003 Custom Shop Fletched Arrow

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Black Eagle Arrows Deep Impact

Each arrow comes fully assembled with nock, vanes and insert installed with arrow cut to Carbon to Carbon length. Our custom arrows are always fletched in house for that personal touch. We use the finest equipment to ensure your custom arrows are ready to shoot! For help ordering, check our How to Order at the bottom of the page.


The name says it all. This incredibly light and strong micro-diameter shaft was developed using cutting-edge carbon manufacturing techniques. This shaft uses fine-tuned spine-to- weight ratios to maximize speed, kinetic energy, penetration, and also to provide the flattest trajectory possible. 


Component Weights:

 Component Weight
Standard Nock 8gr
Standard Insert 42gr
AAE Hybrid 26 Vane 9gr/ea
Bohning Blazer Vane  5gr/ea


300 .165" .248" 11
350 .165" .240" 9.6
400 .165" .233" 8.6
500 .165" .228" 7.6

How To Order:

Step 1: Select Your Fletching Type & Configuration

-Select between the Better Outdoors Signature AAE Hybrid 26 vane (quietest in flight) or Bohning Blazer Vane (standard size vane) and between 4 fletch (Dalton's favorite) or 3 fletch (most popular) as well as left offset or right offset (Dalton prefer's left offset for most setups)

Step 2: Let Us Determine Spine & Arrow Length for Maximum Performance?

-If you wish to have us determine your proper arrow length and spine option, check YES. If you are happy with your setup and need more at a certain length, check NO or if you are a current customer and ordering more using your included complementary tune chart with your bow.

If you check YES, enter your current bow model, draw length and draw weight for us to factor on to determine the proper arrow spine combination.

If you check NO, select your spine and carbon to carbon length arrow you need. You can use your complementary tune chart data to enter to order more arrows.

Step 3: Select your fletching colors for your Cock vane (the odd color vane on a 3 fletch or the top 2 odd vanes on a 4 fletch) and your Hen vane (the 2 alike colors on a 3 fletch or bottom 2 vanes on a 4 fletch).