Bee Stinger Sport Hunter Extreme 8in

Bee Stinger

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We have shot just about every stabilizer on the market and have came to the conclusion that Bee Stinger makes the most effective stabilizer as well as the best in vibration dampening! The Sport Hunter Extreme series features a 8in carbon fiber tube with Sims/Limbsaver NAVCOM material inside the carbon to provide vibration and noise dampening. To further reduce noise, a NAVCOM deresonator is at the end of each stabilizer. The solid carbon construction provides one of the stiffest stabilizers on the market which means your bow will settle in faster at the draw and provide more leverage for the stabilizer to hold the bow steady at full draw as well as at the shot while the arrow is still in the bow. Each stabilizer is measured from end to end without weights. Comes with deresonator and 3 1oz weights. Available in a wide variety of colors and camo! Also offered with our custom ready to shoot bow packages as an option!