Axcel Achieve Known 45 Target Sight Package

Axcel Achieve Known 45 Target Sight Package

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Our Axcel Known 45 Target Sight Package includes everything you need to start tournament archery or to upgrade to Professional Grade equipment for competition. All of our Target Sight Packages come with the 1st, 2nd and 3rd axis set for the sight to be ready to bolt on to start shooting right out of the box! Scroll down for our recommendations on deciding which options to select for your order or hit the Contact Us and send us a message for personalized service from our expert staff. Allow 2-4 weeks for shipping in some cases. All packages are customized to your exact specifications. 

Our Known 45 Sight Package Includes:

Axcel Achieve Sight Base with 6in Aluminum Sight Bar (Includes Axcel sight tape kit, mounting hardware and hard case, standard color is black)

Axcel AV41 Plus Scope or AV31 Plus Scope (Includes rear torque ring, Rheostat Cover, Optional Crosshair and Lens Retainer Rings, standard color is black)

Axcel .10 Ring Pin with Green or Blue Fiber 

Optional Accessories Include:

Feather Vision Original Claro Plus Lens 2 Power or 4 Power +$74.99

Feather Vision Verde Plus Lens 2 Power, 4 Power or 6 Power +$149.99

Axcel Sight Tape Magnifier +$39.99(A MUST have to see sight tape marks much easier)

Axcel Front Sunshade +$29.99 (Highly recommended to prevent glare on lens)

Axcel XL Scope Cover +$17.99(Great for transport, if it rains on the course and for protection of the scope)

Our Recommendations:

After ten years of Target Archery experience, we have a few recommendations to take some of the guess work out of getting started or how to improve your equipment to become more competitive!

Target Sight Base: In most all cases we recommend the 6in sight bar. This length gives you options to move your sight closer or farther away to best match your peep size. A note is the farther the sight is from the bow, the more pin movement you will have

Target Scope: We recommend to use the larger AV41 with a 1/8in or larger peep at draw length over 28.5in. The AV31 is best suite to 28in and under with a 1/8in or larger peep. For 3D, we prefer to shoot a larger peep such as an 1/8 or larger rather than using a peep 3/32 or smaller if possible. 

Choosing Pin Color: Green is best if you wish to shoot without a light outdoors but we recommend a light for indoors however the Green can be hard to see on very bright targets. We prefer to use the Blue Pin where we flare both ends of the fiber and route it for max brightness but you WILL need a light to shoot the blue outdoors and indoors, it is the brightest possible color for most shooters. 

Choosing Magnification: This is very dependent on your eye sight. We prefer the 4 Power lens for most 3D however you will experience greater pin movement if you have never shot a lens before. For the majority of shooters you will also have to use a peep that allows the use of a clarifier. The clarifier clears the lens up in the scope for the majority of archers. This is very dependent on eye sight as well. We typically recommend to use the Hamskea In Sight Peep System with the A Clarifier for a 4 Power Lens setup.