PSE Mudd Dawg EXCLUSIVE AMS Bowfishing Bow Package
PSE Mudd Dawg EXCLUSIVE AMS Bowfishing Bow Package

PSE Mudd Dawg EXCLUSIVE AMS Bowfishing Bow Package

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2019 PSE Mudd Dawg EXCLUSIVE AMS Bowfishing Package

PSE has built a long standing reputation for awesome bowfishing bows that continues with the 2019 PSE Mudd Dawg bow! For 2019, we have decided that we would take creating our own AMS Package for the Mudd Dawg into our hands. The Mudd Dawg features a 25-40lb weight range, a super fast constant draw dual cam system and stainless steel hardware that combines to make a perfect bowfishing bow. We recommend this bow for shorter draw archers or those that prefer a shorter axle to axle bow. Available in DK'd Aquatic White, Orange and Blue colors. 

      Bow Specs:

      • IBO : Fast Enough to Slay Fish!
      • ATA 32.25in
      • Brace Height 6in
      • Letoff 0%
      • Draw Length Range Constant Draw, Shoot Anywhere, Up to 30in 
      • Draw Weight Range 25-40lb
      • Mass Weight Bare 3.6lb

      Exclusive Better Outdoors/AMS Package Includes:

      • AMS Pro Retriever with 200lb Line
      • AMS Tidal Wave Rest
      • 2 AMS Chaos FX Fiberglass Arrow
      • AMS String Things Finger Savers

      Personalized Help

      Have questions our website does not answer? New to the sport and would like more in depth help in deciding which bow and options suite your needs best? Simply give us a call at 870-475-3337 (M-F 12-8pm CST) and we will be happy to help! No used car salesman tactics here, we want you to be 100% satisfied with your bow package in the end and build each package specially for each and every customer. We will go through the entire process, each and every step, to ensure you are getting exactly what you need to be successful in archery.