• 2017 PSE Evolve 31 Premium Better Hunting Package
  • 2017 PSE Evolve 31 Premium Better Hunting Package

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2017 PSE Evolve 31 Premium Better Hunting Package

Regular price $ 1,264.99

2017 PSE Evolve 31

Evolve your hunt with the 2017 PSE Evolve®! Engineered from the ground up to be the most comfortable hunting bow we’ve ever made, we started with our amazing new EVOLVE® Cam System (ECS), which gives this hunting bow an unbelievable 90% let-off and the smoothest shot on the market.

But PSE wasn’t done yet…we paired the ECS with our all-new ultra stiff forged riser design for amazing rigidity and shot stability, our Wide-Track Limb System and Wedge Lock™ Speed Pocket for deadeye accuracy and 346 fps of shooting power, and topped it all off with our new RollerGlide® cable guard system to eliminate friction. We also added built-in riser stabilization ports to deliver a bow that is pure shooting nirvana!

What Your Package Includes:


Copper John Mark 1 5 Pin .19 Pins

Arrow Rest: QAD Hunter Dropaway
Stabilizer B-Stinger 6in Black
Quiver Raven Quiver
Peep & D Loop Stock D Loop & Fletching Peep to Match Sight
Arrows 6 Gold Tip Hunter Arrows w/field points
Release Truball Shooter Release
Broadheads 3pk Grim Reaper Old Glory Broadheads 100gr
Included Tuning Service Stage 3 Setup/Tuning ($75.00 Value!)
Wrist Sling LOCz Stiffy Sling Custom Better Outdoors Edition


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Kevin Eide reviewed Better Outdoors Archery & Bowhunting — 5 star  "I am military serving in Germany. I stumbled across Better Outdoors Archery & Bowhunting online. I/we serving overseas don't have the luxury of heading to your local Sporting Goods store to shop. I have now personally purchased 3 bows from Dalton and so far two of my fellow service members have picked Dalton to buy from as well. Shipping is lightning fast, every bow sent is tuned perfectly, shoots groups with arrows touching and minimal fine sight tuning (expected). Also, I won't get into the details but had a self-induced mishap with my bow, I sent it back to Dalton, he fixed it sent it back for a VERY reasonable price! I can't say enough about the expert advice he gave helping us pick out the correct bows and unparalleled customer service. We are often thanked for our service....this time we say thanks to your service Dalton. Great job Better Outdoors!!!"

What Separates Our Package from Others:

Every single package we sell is subject to a full battery of tuning tests to ensure proper broadhead flight and reliability. We do not let any bow leave before it is completely tuned so there will be no cut corners or a box full of parts and a note saying good luck! We believe that whether you walk into our store or order from 1000 miles away, you receive the same attention to detail and the same quality of service!


 ATA Speed ATA Length Brace Height Letoff Draw Length Draw Weight Mass Weight
346-338fps 31" 6.25"
80, 85, 90% 24.5-30" 45-60lb, 55-70lb 4.3lbs