• 2017 PSE Stinger X
  • 2017 PSE Stinger X
  • 2016 PSE Stinger X Right Hand - Better Outdoors Archery - 1
  • 2016 PSE Stinger X Right Hand - Better Outdoors Archery - 2
  • 2016 PSE Stinger X Right Hand - Better Outdoors Archery - 3
  • 2016 PSE Stinger X Right Hand - Better Outdoors Archery - 4

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2017 PSE Stinger X

Regular price $ 299.99

2017 PSE Stinger X:

The PSE Stinger X has returned for 2016! As one of the most adjustable, highest performance entry level bows on the market, its not hard to see why! We are especially pleased by these bows as they offer real letoff, real valley and a real backwall that all make for an easy to shoot bow that will provide years of reliable accuracy. From 21 to 30in draw and adjustments made right in the cam, this bow can fit absolutely anyone. With draw weight options of 20-50lbs, 25-60lbs and 30-70lbs, an even wider range of shooters can shoot this bow! However, don't let the wide adjustability put this bow in the same category of other brands adjustable bows, this bow is a real deal bow! We have customers from 8 to 80 shooting them, man, woman and child alike!

Need Help Ordering?

Give us a call at 870-475-3337 and we will be here to answer any questions and to help with the ordering process!

What We Do To Ensure Performance:

We start with a fresh, out of the box bow. We then adjust the draw length and weight to the specified specs, install all accessories and begin shooting to settle the string set in. From there we recheck the specs and make any adjustments before starting tuning. Then the arrow spine and length is determined, arrows are cut and inserts glued. The next step is to paper tune. This process involves shooting from point blank range out to 8 yards to ensure clean, straight arrow flight. After completing the paper tune, we take bow tuning to the next level and make it BETTER! We start the broadhead tuning process with both a Fixed Blade head and a Mechanical head at 20yds to further perfect your arrow flight. From there, we then sight in each bow at 20yds so when you open the box on your new bow, you will only have to make minor sight adjustments to be ready to go! Before boxing each bow up, we measure all specs on the bow, shoot through the chronograph for speed and give the bow a final inspection to make sure it passes our thorough testing. All numbers are recorded in an enclosed tune sheet that is included with every bow.

Helpful Information:

Unsure of your Draw Length? Not sure of what Draw Weight will suite you? Questions about Eye Dominance?

Visit our New Bow Buyers Guide for everything you need to know before ordering to better fit the bow to you before it even ships!

Give us a call at 870-475-DEER or send us an email at betteroutdoorsarchery@gmail.com to further help fit the bow to you and your specific needs!




316-308 fps.


Left, Right

Brace Height


Axle to Axle




draw length


draw weight

70#, 60#, 50#

Draw Length Range

21″ to 30″

Mass Weight

3.5 lbs.

Max. Limb Bolt Turns



Black, Country, Skullworks 2, Blue, Desert Tan, Red


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