2017 PSE Full Throttle Bare Bow

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Bow Package includes loaded bow, Stage 2 setup with draw length adjustments, paper tuning, bow performance report, arrows, release and more...
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Product Description

The fastest, most powerful bow on the market has gotten an upgrade for 2016! The PSE Full Throttle™ is a true feat of precision bow engineering, shooting at a lightning fast 370 fps with deadly accuracy. Engineered with PSE’s patented X-Technology, shooting the Full Throttle also means not having to pull as many pounds to get the high speeds you’re looking for, and with our pre-loaded, parallel limbs you get a clean, forgiving shot out of a bow with only a 5 ¼” brace height. This year, PSE has made the Full Throttle even better by adding our new FlexSlide™ 2, Backstop™ 4, and SHOCK MODZ™ Limb Dampers.

The bow also comes with a new look, including premium medallions and enhanced graphics, making the bow look as good as it is fast!

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 ATA Speed ATA Length Brace Height Letoff Draw Length Draw Weight Mass Weight
370-362fps 33" 5.25"
70% 26.5-30" 45-60lb, 55-70lb 4.2lbs