2017 PSE Decree HD

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Product Description

With its 35” Axle-to-axle and a 6 ½” brace height, the Decree® ti HD is built for the hunt or for the target range. Its special 3D structural riser is designed to increase rigidity and stability, while the HD Cam gives it a buttery smooth draw and 80% let-off, all while reaching speeds up to 342 fps. New for 2016, the Decree ti HD® comes standard with PSE’s all-new accessories: FlexSlide™ 2, Backstop™ 4, SHOCK MODZ™ limb dampers, and ships from the factory with ABB Platinum Strings and genuine titanium pocket hardware . The bow also comes with a new look, including premium medallions and enhanced graphics. Choose from two camo finishes and three target finishes.

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What We Do To Ensure Performance:

We start with a fresh, out of the box bow. We then adjust the draw length and weight to the specified specs, install all accessories and begin shooting to settle the string set in. From there we recheck the specs and make any adjustments before starting tuning. Then the arrow spine and length is determined, arrows are cut and inserts glued. The next step is to paper tune. This process involves shooting from point blank range out to 8 yards to ensure clean, straight arrow flight. After completing the paper tune, we take bow tuning to the next level and make it BETTER! We start the broadhead tuning process with both a Fixed Blade head and a Mechanical head at 20yds to further perfect your arrow flight. From there, we then sight in each bow at 20yds so when you open the box on your new bow, you will only have to make minor sight adjustments to be ready to go! Before boxing each bow up, we measure all specs on the bow, shoot through the chronograph for speed and give the bow a final inspection to make sure it passes our thorough testing. All numbers are recorded in an enclosed tune sheet that is included with every bow.

Note: This bow is a special order item, allow 2-3 weeks for delivery for all custom packages. We will contact you with a delivery date upon order




Brace Height


Axle to Axle:



342-334 fps



Mass Weight

4.1 lbs.

Draw Length Range

25-1/2 – 31-1/2” (Shipped in 29″)

Draw Weights (lbs.)

50, 60, 70

Max. Limb Bolt Turns From Bottom

7 Turns


Black, Country, Skullworks 2