• 2017 PSE Vendetta VX
  • 2017 PSE Vendetta VX
  • 2016 PSE Bowmadness 34 Right Hand - Better Outdoors Archery

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2017 PSE Vendetta VX

Regular price $ 599.99

2017 Vendetta VX

I don’t like the Bowmadness 34 – I LOVE it. It’s my favorite bow I have ever shot! Just when I thought they couldn't make it any better, for 2017 they did! Don’t just take my word for it, many of our customers agree wholeheartedly. This is a beaut of a bow and one I can’t recommend highly enough to anyone looking for a smooth, fast, forgiving, powerful bow. It’s got the best features of a hybrid cam (performance) with the best of a single cam (adjustability). In the end you’ve got power, precision, and high-performance at a great value price.

It doesn’t matter if you’re aiming at fur or foam, this bow is comfortable and powerful in all settings. At 34 inches axle-to-axle, this bad boy is quite forgiving and it weighs in at a light 4.1 lbs. It’s got 80% letoff, a sweet 25” to 30.5” draw length range, and it’s available in draw weights of 50#, 60#, and 70#. It’s got a 6” brace height, but don’t let that fool you. The Bowmadness features X Force technology to deliver a superior Dynamic Brace Height. The specs on this bow boast IBO speeds of 342 fps, but we have personally recorded blazing fast real world IBO speeds of up to 345 fps!

Better Outdoors Ready-to-Shoot Package

We’ve got everything you need to shoot fur or foam with our Bowmadness 34 RTS package. It includes 5 pin Strider sight, 6 arrow Raven quiver, Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit, Spire Stabilizer, PSE Neoprene Wrist Sling, Aluminum Peep, D Loop, Plano Hardbow Case, 6 Gold Tip arrows, and a PSE Release. This RTS package has got you perfectly set up from day one.

When you’re ready to place your order, select your draw length, draw weight, and color (this bow comes in black, Country Camo, and Skullworks 2). You have the option to select custom-made Gold Tip arrows or upgrade the case, release, broadheads, or any of the accessories. The RTS package as it is really sweet, but we definitely believe that you deserve a custom-fitted bow designed to your exact needs and specifications. It’s the best way to ensure optimal comfort and performance.

Need Help Ordering?

If any questions pop up or there’s anything you need to know, just pick up the phone and call us at 870-475-3337. We’re standing by to answer any questions and guide you through the ordering process.

What We Do To Ensure Performance:


Each and every bow we sell, we follow a rigorous and detailed preparation to get your box from new to next-level.

We begin with a bow fresh out of the box. We adjust the draw length and weight to match the specs you selected when you first ordered the bow. Next we install all accessories that come standard with the RTS package, or install any upgraded components that you selected. We shoot to settle the string set in. We recheck the specs and make any adjustments that are needed. We calculate the arrow spine and length, and then cut the arrows and glue the inserts.

Now it’s time to paper tune. To test for a clean, straight arrow flight, we shoot from point blank range to about 8 yards.

Once the paper tune is done, we amp it up and make it BETTER! We initiate the broadhead tuning process (fixed blade head and mechanical head) at 20 yards out. This process will further perfect your arrow flight.

Almost done! We sight in each bow at 20 yds. Then we remeasure each and every spec on the bow. To test for speed, we shoot it through the chronograph. We give the bow a final thorough inspect to make sure it is perfect in every single aspect. We record all the numbers on a tune sheet that we’ll package up with your bow.

When you open the box on your brand new box, there are only minor sight adjustments needed and you’re all set. 

Helpful Information:

Do you know your correct draw length? Do you have questions about what draw weight is best for you? Are you unsure of your eye dominance?

We've got you covered. Everything you need to know before ordering is discussed in our New Bow Buyers GuideThis ensures the best possible fit before your bow even ships.

Give us a ring at 870-475-DEER or get in touch at betteroutdoorsarchery@gmail.com for any help, questions, concerns, or feedback.






Black, Country, Skullworks 2

Draw Weight

50#, 60#, 70#

Draw Length Range

25 – 30 1/2″

Brace Height

Axle To Axle






Mass Weight

4.1 lbs.


Max. Limb Bolt Turns