Section 4 What Does Your Package Consist Of and How Do We Setup & Tune Your Package

Section 4 - How We Setup & Tune Your Bow

We get lots of questions on what is our Better Outdoors package and how do we setup & tune your bow. This guide is here to help answer those questions so that you can buy with confidence!

Table of Contents

1. What is A Better Outdoors Package?
2. Tuning Levels
3. Our Setup Process

1. What Does My Package Consist Of?


While some online stores and box stores advertise a "Ready to Shoot" or "Ready to Hunt" package bow, you will more than likely be disappointed in that they are not adjusted for your needs, not tune and typically do not have accessories or even a d loop installed. We solve all of that with our Better Outdoors package system! We offer 3 different versions of our Better Outdoors Packages that come out of the box 100 percent ready to shoot!

Front Door to Field Package - This package was determined after years of introducing new archers to the sport! It includes the bow of your choice, sight, arrow rest, stabilizer, peep, d loop and quiver as well as 6 Gold Tip Warrior bow matched arrows and Truball Shooter release. It includes our Stage 2 Setup & Tuning.

Hunt Ready Packages - This package has been the bread and butter of our store. For those that are looking to get into a ready to shoot hunting bow, these include the bow of your choice, sight, arrow rest, stabilizer, peep, d loop and quiver as well as 6 Gold Tip Warrior bow matched arrows, Allen Wrenches and Grim Reaper Old Glory broadheads. It includes our Stage 3 Setup & Tuning which includes BROADHEAD TUNING (This is an exclusive that only we offer!) 

Better Hunting Package - This package is an in store exclusive package for those that hunt and shoot hard and want a bow setup to allow them to perform their best! These packages include the bow of your choice, sight, arrow rest, stabilizer, peep, d loop and quiver that are all higher end accessories. This also includes 6 Gold Tip Hunter bow matched arrows, Truball Shooter release and Grim Reaper broadheads. These bows include our Stage 3 Setup & Tuning which includes BROADHEAD TUNING. These packages are fully customizable and offered on every PSE and Mathews bow we offer in store!

2. Tuning Levels

We offer 3 levels of bow tuning before shipment

Stage 1 - Basic Setup, Install D Loop, Determine Center shot, Check cam lean, Check Timing, Adjust Draw Length, Draw Weight, Tiller, Final Quality Check and Include a Spec chart showing all measured specs including draw length, draw weight and speed.

- This stage is found on our Bare Bow/DIY Packages as well as Bowfishing package

Stage 2 - Advanced Setup, all from Stage 1 plus we will shim cams if needed, adjust string stops, adjust limb configuration on bow, install peep to correct height, check for peep rotation, use computer assisted spine calculating software to ensure the proper arrow for your bow package, Paper tune (method to ensuring proper tuning) to bullet hole. We do a vertical line test to ensure the proper center shot. To top it off, we set your top pin for 20 yards so that very minor adjustments are needed if any when your bow arrives! Includes a spec chart showing all measured specs including draw length, draw weight and speed.

Stage 3 - Master Setup, all from Stage 1 and Stage 2 plus we check sight axis's and my personal favorite, broadhead tune. During broadhead tuning we use a variety of methods to ensure that your choice of broadhead and field point will group together at 20 yards. We will attach picture of results for your records. This is the pinnacle of tuning for a hunting bow. 


3. Our Setup Process

Our Stage 2 Process

Step 1

We start by pulling your new bow out of the box and giving it a check before we begin tuning to ensure it is in tip top shape. We also adjust your draw length and draw weight at this time to your specifications. 

Step 2 

We then install all accessories, install the peep sight, set the center shot of the arrow rest, check all fasteners, check cam timing, cam lean, limb deflections and set arrow rest timing if needed.

Step 3

We measure your draw length and draw weight and take your information to our computer assisted spine program to determine the correct arrow. We then pull your arrows and build them to that spec.

Step 4 

This is where it gets exciting! We take your bow to our indoor range and begin paper tuning to determine what changes need made to correctly tune your package. This can include but not limited to adjusting center shot, adjusting nock height, yoke tuning, arrow spine changes, shimming cams, reconfiguring limb combination plus some other tricks to ensure proper paper tuning results. Some bows will tune on the first shot, some need further adjustment to make them perfect. We do not stop until it is perfect because if we aren't satisfied with it, we know you won't be either! Some bows spend up to 2 hours or more to perfect them. Your satisfaction and your bows performance are key to us!

Step 5

Once we are happy with the tune of the bow, we check the center shot with the horizontal line method. This ensures that our tuning is where we are satisfied! 

Step 6 

Now we move to 20 yards indoors to start Group Tuning your bow. We do not stop shooting and adjusting until the top pin is set for 20 yards and the group size is no bigger than a 2 inch circle. We understand that no two people shoot the same so minor sight adjustments may be needed. That is covered in our exclusive After the Sale section.

Step 7

With all tuning and shooting done, we check all fasteners, check all timing, cam lean and ensure that we are 100 percent satisfied with how your package is setup overall.

Step 8 

We record all of your specs on our Tune Chart so that you will always know where you started out when your bow was brand new. This is handy to have especially for when you get ready to mail it to us years down the road for a brand new set of strings!

Step 9

We package your bow up in its box, prepare shipping and send you an email confirmation on the tuning results, shipping information and any other information you may need.