What is a Better Hunting Package and How We Tune Your Bow

What is a Better Hunting Package?

A question we get often is "What is your package and what does it include?" as well as "What is your process to setup and tune my bow?". 

We have those answers! If your specific question isn't answered here, visit our other guides or contact us at 870-475-3337 or send us a message directly through our contact us form.

Better Hunting Package

Our Better Hunting Package is a fully outfitted package that will get you started shooting as well as hunting. Lets use the 2017 PSE Brute Force Lite RTS bow as an example. The Brute Force Lite has the PSE RTS Pro package installed on it, this includes the following:

- AMP Micro Adjust 5 Pin Sight w/Light

- PSE Phantom Drop Away Rest

- 1/4 Aluminum Peep Sight

- D Loop

- Raven 5 Arrow Quiver

- Spire Stabilizer

- PSE Neoprene Wrist Sling

The package from PSE covers everything the bow itself needs with a very nice package that is more feature heavy than other custom packages. We prefer the PSE packages as they are well made, well thought out and can be covered under PSE's warranty under certain circumstances.

Now from there, we add the parts of the package that make this truly ready to hunt!

-Truball Shooter Release

- 6 Gold Tip Warriors Arrows w/100gr Field Points

- 3pk Grim Reaper Broadheads

- Economy Soft Bow Case

Over the years, we have determined that most customers purchased their bows with a basic release and a few arrows. We decided that to offer the best value and the best performance without having bottom of the barrel accessories, we would offer our own package with a very nice entry level release, Gold Tip arrows, Grim Reaper broadheads and a entry level soft case to top it off! The beauty of our package is that we can offer a full line of upgrade accessories that are truly an upgrade, not just another entry level option! 

"What is your process to setup and tune my bow?"

A common question! We believe that if we are going to sell a bow, we are going to take the time and care to make sure it is fitted, properly setup and then fully tuned using multiple methods. You will receive pictures before shipment of the tuning results to confirm you are satisfied with the performance.

We start with a fresh, out of the box bow. We then adjust the draw length and weight to the specified specs, install all accessories and begin shooting to settle the string set in. From there we recheck the specs and make any adjustments before starting tuning.

Then the arrow spine and length is determined, arrows are cut and inserts glued. The next step is to paper tune. This process involves shooting from point blank range out to 8 yards to ensure clean, straight arrow flight.

After completing the paper tune, we take bow tuning to the next level and make it BETTER! We start the broadhead tuning process with both a Fixed Blade head and a Mechanical head at 20yds to further perfect your arrow flight.

From there, we then sight in each bow at 20yds so when you open the box on your new bow, you will only have to make minor sight adjustments to be ready to go!

Before boxing each bow up, we measure all specs on the bow, shoot through the chronograph for speed and give the bow a final inspection to make sure it passes our thorough testing. All numbers are recorded in an enclosed tune sheet that is included with every bow.

Thanks for visiting our guide, we look forward to earning your business!