Detailed Upgrade Accessory Information Guide

Detailed Upgrade Accessory Information Guide

At Better Outdoors, we believe that each and every bow should be personalized for your needs. To take the compound bow purchasing process to a new level, we offer fully optional packages with a variety of upgrade and custom tailored accessories that come right on your new PSE, Obsession or Bear bow that are setup and tuned just for you! In this guide, you will be given detailed descriptions of many of our popular options!


Gold Tip Warrior Arrows (Included with Better Hunting packages)

This arrow is just one step down from the Gold Tip Hunter but still a solid, reliable performer. These arrows are perfect for the beginner! 

Gold Tip Hunter/XT/Pro

The Hunter arrow is the most popular of the Gold Tip models. They are made more consistently than the Warrior for even more accuracy, consistency and toughness! Available in 3 levels of straightness, weight & spine tolerance, Hunter, XT & Pro.


The first step in our guide is selecting the proper release. 

 Truball Shooter ($39.99, Included in Most Better Hunting Packages)

This release is a hot seller! It is offered in a variety of colors as well as strap sizes from Small (for women/youth wrist sizes), Large (the standard size strap) and XL (for those with bigger wrists). It features an adjustable length rope style connection that allows for less torque on the shot as well as a buckle strap to be able to put it on the same way each time. This release comes at a reasonable price while offering the quality of Truball as well as a nice trigger that easier defeats other releases in this price point!

Truball Predator ($59.99)

The Predator is one of our favorite release in the mid range price point. With an adjustable solid connection, the Predator will provide for a stable and reliable option. It also features an adjustable trigger to further fine tune the tension for your shooting style. We also use this style release for our exclusive tuning process. Also features the same strap as all Truball releases in a variety of sizes.

Truball Fang GS & RC ($99.99)

Now the Fang is our favorite wrist strap style release! They are loaded with a variety of features such as 2 trigger posts to suite your finger best, 3 different weight trigger springs that are easily changed, adjustable trigger travel as well as the same buckle strap offered by Truball. Available with an adjustable solid connection or rope connection. 

Truball Fang 3 and 4 ($139.99)


The Fang head design was so successful, it has been adapted into one of the best handheld releases without breaking the bank nor having an inferior product. It features 2 adjustable trigger springs, adjustable trigger travel, adjustable thumb peg as well as the ability to hang onto your d-loop while sitting on the stand. One of our staff's favorites!

Arrow Rests:

Trophy Ridge Quick Shot Whisker Biscuit (Included in most Better Hunting packages, $49.99)

The Whisker Biscuit has been the standard in the archery industry for nearly 2 decades at this point! It offers full containment, reliable fail proof design. The only negatives to this setup are having to replace the whisker disc over time from wear as well as the arrow having to ride along the rest the entire time the arrow is being propelled by the string. Also has been shown to cost bows 3-5fps over drop-away style rest. We sell hundreds of these yearly!

PSE Phantom Drop-Away (Includes in some Better Hunting packages, $79.99)

The PSE Phantom is a dead nuts simple dropaway design that has been on the market for quite a long time! With basically nothing to fail, the Phantom was a great additon by PSE to the new RTS Pro Package. Includes small riser pad for arrow to rest on as the bow is draw. This rest comes up when draw and falls when let down or shot. Fantastic for the price!

QAD LD ($114.99)

The QAD LD dropaway is one of our favorites for a fair price on a premium item. It has features such as Lockdown at the shot to prevent bounce back, Full Containment to keep the arrow on the launcher at all times and provides total arrow clearance. Another feature is if drawn and the bow let back down, the launcher stays up which is of great importance hunting! No need in making noise to alert your game that you are near if the shot isn't there after you draw. 

QAD HDx ($139.99-164.99)

The QAD HDx is our shop favorite and hottest selling dropaway. It features everything the LD has plus a nicer case, a better fit to a variety of risers and cable guard designs. Also has vibration dampening built in as well as being even more reliable! I have been shooting the same HDx since the release of the HDx throughout dozens of bows with no failure! Also available in the custom PSE version to specially fit PSE bows.


Stock PSE/Bear Stabilizers (Included in base RTS & RTH Packages)

This is more of a vibration dampener and holds the wrist sling. Honestly, not much of a stabilizer but is a great starting point!

B-Stinger Sport Hunter 6, 8 & 10in ($49.99-84.99)



Now we are talking about settling a bow down! The key things for any stabilizer are to have a long, light weight rigid carbon tube with weight at the end. B-Stinger uses some of the finest carbon to be stiff and rigid while stacking the inside of their bars with Limbsaver NAVCOM material that eats vibration and noise up! I recommend the 8 or 10in for most setups to gain the most advantage however if your hunting needs require a 6in, they also do make a difference. Adjustable weight on the end (additional weights sold seperately). Includes 3 1oz weights that screw on front. Also available in a variety of colors.

B-Stinger 8.6/10.8 Kit


While a front stabilizer helps stability, having a rear facing side rod will further enhance your accuracy capability and stability. The reason for this is to offset weight from sights, rest, quiver etc as well as bringing the bow center of gravity closer to the grip. The rear bar fights vertical movement while the front bar fights horizontal movement. Combine these two and you will be surprised at the results! I personally shoot the 10.8 kit or some combination of the front and rear bar setup. 

B-Stinger Counter Slide 

The B-Stinger Counter Slide new from B-Stinger this year. It is a side bar setup that mounts in the stabilizer hole and offsets the weight of the opposite side of your bow. It is adjustable moving the bar front and back to find the right balance of front to rear weight. It is great for the hunter that wants a bit more stability than a front bar but doesn't want the added cost and weight of the 8.6/10/8 kits! 


Stock PSE/Bear Sight (Included in entry level RTS/RTH packages) 


These sights are typically polymer or a combination of polymer/aluminum. Some feature lights, others do not. These are a great start however they are no where near the quality or reliablity nor brightness of the finer sights on the market!

PSE AMP & AMP Micro Sight (Included in most PSE Better Hunting packages)


These sights are a jump up from the stock sights, they feature 5 pins, protected pin fibers with a longer length of fiber optic for superior brightness, an adjustable light as well as tool less adjustments. Micro adjustable version on some bow models. Very nice start for a RTS package!

Copper John Sights

Mark 1 (Included in Flagship Better Hunting Packages)

The Mark 1 is an above entry level sight that is loaded with features. It includes a sight light, has the Micro Dot pins which make the .19 pins much finer than regular .19 pins, 3rd axis adjustments, bubble level and aluminum frame with a composite pin guard.

Mark 3


The Mark 3 is a mid range sight that I personally like. It comes with or without the dovetail extension. It features a sight light, micro adjustable windage and elevation, all aluminum construction, also can use a 2x, 4x or 6x lens. Features micro dot pin technology and 3rd axis adjustments. 

Mark 4 Single Pin

The Mark 4 single pin is a fantastic entry level option! Single pins are more complex thus cost is typically higher however at a great price point ($109.99), the Mark 4 will do everything in the woods you may need! Has micro dot pin technology, all aluminum, has 3rd axis adjustment, can use a lens and includes stock sight tapes.

Axcel Sights

The Axcel sights are my personal and our staffs personal favorite sight maker! Axcel is also used by the US Olympic team!

Axcel Armortech & Pro ($199-299.99)


The Armortech is Axcel's fixed pin sight. It features 2nd & 3rd axis leveling, fully protected pin fibers, the absolute finest micro adjust on the market, super bright pins, a lifetime warranty, Made in USA. Also can accept 2x, 4x and 6x lense. Pro version features an adjustable length sight bar. A benefit of the Pro version is the farther away from the bow the fixed pins are, the great the gap, the easier to shoot fixed pins without them bluring together! Axcel & Truball are under the same banner. They are expensive but they also are the finest, most advanced, most reliable sights on the market!

Axcel Accutouch & Carbon Pro ($219.99-374.99)


The Accutouch is one of the best single pin hunting sights on the market today. Features included 1st, 2nd & 3rd axis adjustments, fully protected pin fiber, removeable pin rings (allows you to keep a spare pin incase one we're to break hunting or if you would like to change size or color on the fly, love this feature!), Accuclicks that do away with having to have a printed sight tape (also includes printed sight tapes however), Carbon Pro features carbon fiber dovetail bar to adjustable sight radius & scope size to match peep closer to perfect. Plus version has the 41mm Accuview scope with adjustable rheostat for pin brightness, optional crosshair reticle, optional front and rear sunshades, also can use 2x, 4x and 6x lense. I personally use both the Accutouch Plus Carbon Pro & Armortech Pro!