Section 3: Understanding Arrows

Section 3: 

Understanding Arrows

Having the correct arrow for your bow is not only crucial to performance but also to safety. 

Table of Contents 

1. Components of the Arrow
2. Arrow Terminology


1. Components of the Arrow:


Field Point: - This is the business end of the arrow. Field points are used for target purposes. Hunting arrows will typically have Broadheads (hotlink)

Insert: - The insert is where the field point or broadhead will screw in. This allows you to change the point out with ease for different uses.

Shaft: - The shaft is the main part of the arrow. Modern arrows are made of carbon, fiberglass/carbon or even fiberglass. Most higher grade arrows are 100% carbon. They will not bend like aluminum arrows of years past.

Nock: - The nock is a plastic notch that fits into the shaft so the string can channel its energy to propel the arrow. There are many types such as a Lighted Nock that lights up at the shot like a tracer, a metal bushing or collar is sometimes found on the nock end of certain arrows for target shooting purposes.

Fletchings: - Plastic vanes have taken place of actual bird feathers on modern bows however some archers choose to shoot feathers. Most arrows are 3 fletched while others are 4 fletched. 

2. Arrow Terminology 

(Image of arrow spine numbers on arrow)

Spine - The arrow spine is the stiffness of the arrow which is dictated by your draw length, draw weight and arrow length. It is measured at 28in carbon to carbon length by hanging a 2lbs weight from it with a dial indicator on top to measure how far the arrow flexes from the weight. The distance is the arrow spine. 

(Insert gold tip spine chart)

As you can see, Gold Tip offers a variety of arrow spines in their spine chart. This part of the process is one part that separates us from the competition but you will find out how on the next page. 

Arrow Weight - Arrow weight is simply the mass weight of the complete arrow. It begins however by the GPI or Grains Per Inch of the arrow shaft. The higher GPI, the heavier the arrow. The GPI and overall weight is a function of the stiffness of that arrow. The stiffer the spine, the heavier the arrow. The first rule of safety is to have an arrow that is at least 5 grains per pound of draw weight.

Arrow Length - Arrow length is another factory that goes into the choice of arrow as well of safety. As the arrow increases in length, it also decreases in stiffness however it will increase in weight. Clear as mud right? The main thing is never shoot an arrow shorter or weaker than what you already have.

How All of This Relates To You:

To shoot properly and safely, you must have the correct length arrow, correct weight and correct weight arrow. Thankfully, with every package we sell, we ensure the arrows with the package are the best arrow for your setup in all categories!

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