Target Tuesday Weekly Indoor Event

Come on out for our Target Tuesday event every Tuesday at Better Outdoors!! Bring your bow, 3 arrows and $10 and be ready to take part in some friendly competition that not only will give you something more to do with that nice hunting bow but will tune your skills to be more successful in the field! We get rounds started up every Tuesday at 7:00 so arrive early!!

NEW!!!! NEW!!!!
Novelty shot, random shape drawn on a piece of cardboard then turned around to hide the shape, shooter gets 2 shots at it for $5 dollars. The person that gets closest to the shape wins the pot! We've had it over 60 dollars already!

20 yards
3 arrows required
Shooting Vegas 3 spot targets
2 Man Random Draw Teams
Any equipment legal
$10 Entry Fee
75% Payout
14 shooters or less first place payout only, 16 -18 shooters, first and second place payout, 20+ shooters, first, second and third place payouts
4-6 rounds + Bonus depending on number of shooters

An event usually lasts 2-3 hours, we have snacks and drinks in shop. Bring a friend and come shoot with us!! You don't have to be a Pro to have a great time and even win!! We are located on Main Street Lepanto and encourage shooters to arrive at least 30 mins in advance to have a warm up round and get ready to shoot. Give us a call at 870-475-3337 for more details or stop by our store.