Ordering Help Page

Ordering Help Page

We have lots of questions we always get from new customers on how to operate our website to order their new bow. We are always using your feedback to find solutions to make the bow ordering process from us even easier! Let us know how we are doing and how we can improve! 

Note, if you are to leave a field blank, the bow will not add to cart so make sure that all blanks are filled. Stock options are included and noted and do not add cost to the package. 

For more help ordering or deciding what to order, hit the contact us to send a message or give us a call directly at 870-475-3337!


To start, with each bow you will determine dexterity using our guide, or from your previous bow once that is decided, you will go to the main Better Hunting Package page and find the right or left hand bow you need. Click on that bow.

Limb Weight Range & Color

This is the first step after selecting the correct bow. Here you will decide what weight range and color. My recommendation is get the limb weight range that is closest to the weight you wish to order. I personally recommend a 60lb max bow. The closer the bow is set to the peak weight of the limbs, the faster it will be, quieter, draw cycle will be improved and it will feel better overall to shoot. Now select your bow color. Don't see the combination you wish to order? Give us a call or send us a message, our inventory is ever changing and sometimes our system cannot keep up! We very well may have that bow in stock despite our website showing otherwise. 

Draw Length & Weight

Now you will determine what draw length and draw weight you require using our guide or from your previous bow. Select from the drop down list. This will determine where we setup your bow initially however being that virtually all bows we sell are adjustable by the end user for this, you can adjust the weight and draw length at home!

As we scroll down, we now get into the exciting parts, which accessories you would like on the bow as well as for your release, broadheads, case and more!


Starting with arrows, determine if you would like the entry level Warrior arrows, either 6 or a dozen or upgrade to the Hunter arrow both in 6pk or dozen or the Velocity in 6pk or a dozen. All arrows come factory fletched and with a field point. We use the arrows that are sent with the bow in our tuning process. When you select an upgrade arrow, it replaces the Warrior 6pk the package comes with stock with the new ones. You are only charged the difference between them!


Next is the release which is also a pivotal part of the archery experience. Like a fine handgun or rifle, the trigger makes the bow! Thankfully we offer only the highest quality Truball releases from a variety of price levels but all the same quality level. They features little to zero travel, adjustable from light to heavy triggers (I recommend heavy!) and adjustable straps as well as a hand held option. The Better Hunting Package comes with the Truball Shooter. Select your release then move on to the next box

Arrow Rest

Now we are selecting an arrow rest, most packages come stock with either the Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit or the PSE Phantom dropaway. We also offer QAD Ultra Rest's as upgrade options. Select the rest you prefer.


Select your stabilizer next, you can choose the stock stabilizer or our variety of B-Stinger upgrade stabilizers. You will find to have much greater stability and balance with the B-Stinger. 


Sight selection can be as easy or complicated as you wish to make it. To select the stock sight, click it and continue. We offer a full line of Copper John and Axcel sights which have a variety of features, price points and more! 

Peep Sight & Peep Height

Peep selection is quite simple, we like it that way! You can go with the stock size peep or you can select a proven Fletcher peep in which we will select the best size to form a proper sight pictures with your sight as well as still usable in low light conditions hunting. As for peep height, we recommend the 5in from d loop height. The great thing is you can always move the peep slightly at home. If you have a low anchor, select the 5.5, if you have a high anchor on your face, select the lower. 


Our package includes an economy soft bow case in which styles may vary but will never be a case without a separate arrow pocket! You can also select a much more feature laden soft case or go to a Plano hardcase of your choosing. Select the case that suites you needs


Ah yes, broadheads, one of the most debated subjects in archery! We'll save the debate for another page however and discuss how to order. For this section, your Better Hunting Package includes a 3pk of Grim Reaper broadheads. However we understand many of our customers have their own heads, want to use a different brand than we offer or are not quite ready for broadheads yet so you can substitute the package of broadheads for additional arrows. Select the option you wish from there.


We make the quiver selection simple and offer only the stock quiver at this time. Select the stock quiver.

Now we have all fields filled in, all selections made and are ready to add to cart! It will now take you to the next stage. From here recheck your options to make sure everything is what you had selected in the previous page. You will see the updated price if upgrade options are selected as well as special instructions for us at the bottom if you have something you want adjusted or changed specifically. 

From here, select check out, enter your information then continue to shipping method. Make the selection and then place your order! We will then receive your order, pull the bow and accessories from our inventory and begin the tuning process. Once that is complete, we will contact you personally with pictures of the tuning results and tracking information. When it arrives, open the box, go to a suitable shooting location with a quality target and begin enjoying archery! Please do not draw without an arrow when it comes out of the box. We are have a drawer full of damaged cams and limbs due to accidental dry fire!

We appreciate the opportunity to earn your business and hope this guide helps! For more information, always hit contact us to message us direct or give us a call at 870-475-3337.