Mail-In Tuning, Upgrades & Repair

Mail In Tuning, Upgrades & Repair

Here at Better Outdoors, over the past 7 years of business, we have had many a customer call that has no local shop to repair or tune their bow, they are not satisfied with the knowledge or ability of their local shop, are needing repairs or strings replaced as well as those that wish to upgrade their accessories and need a full setup and tune!

Need Strings? Need Tuning?

No problem!! We offer only the finest bowstrings on the market from America's Best Bowstrings for those bows that require a full string and cable replacement. Whether a bow is in for a new string, warranty parts, new accessories or just a tune up, we offer 2 levels of services that leave no stone unturned! We check for any worn parts, an incorrect arrow combination, cam lean issues, cam timing issues, arrow flight issues via paper tuning and broadhead tuning as well as a plethora of other methods to ensure when your bow leaves our shop, it is in 100% tip top shape and set to the specifications you ask for. Each bow will include a full tune chart documenting its performance and its results.


Ordering Process

If you have decided to send your bow in for service, first contact us via email, "contact us" links or by phone at 870-475-3337. From there we will discuss what issues you are having and discuss the best course of action as well as pricing.

The next step is you will box your bow up in either a bow box or your bowcase and mail it to us. We ask all customers to fully insure their bow before shipment. Please contact us with the tracking information at shipment.

Once your bow arrives at our shop, it will get tagged and work begins immediately! We will go through the process discussed, all testing will be done and complete. We typically have a 2-3 day turnaround for all bows that do not require parts to be ordered. On new strings, we typically have a 5-7 day turnaround as all strings are custom ordered and made by ABB to fit your exact specs. For bows that require new cams, limbs or other manufacturer parts, we will contact you with an update on the time frame.

From there, we will contact you for payment, an update on how it tuned as well as any other important information. Then the bow is boxed up or cased up, shipped with full insurance and with tracking sent to you. 

Just open up the box and start shooting!