Section 5 How To Order and Shipping

Section 5: How To Order

Bow Buying...Made Simple!

We believe that you shouldn't have to hunt and search just to order your bow package. We make it extremely easy in this guide and through our website to order.

For example, we are looking at the PSE Stinger X Better Novice Package so now let's get started ordering your new package!

1. A 12 Step Process

Step 1. Determine your Eye Dominance, Draw Length and Draw Weight.

How to Determine Eye Dominance

How to Determine Draw Length

How to Determine Draw Weight

For this example, we are right handed with a 28in draw length and can shoot 50lbs comfortably.

Step 2. Select Your Bow Specs

-This menu is simple, you have the dexterity (RH or LH), the color of your bow and the draw weight range (20-50lb, 25-60lb or 30-70lb). Select the bow that applies to you.  

We will use a RH, Black 25-60lb model for example.

Step 3. Draw Length and Draw Weight

Since we have figured out our draw length (28in) and draw weight (50lbs), we will 

Set Draw Length At: 28in

Set Draw Weight At: 50lbs

This means your package will be set to 28in of draw length and 50lbs of draw weight when we set it up

Step 4. Select Your Custom Bow Matched Arrows

This is easy as well, you can select INCLUDED w/Pkg 6 GT Warriors w/points or you can opt to order 12 GT Warriors w/points as an upgrade or upgrade arrows completely with either 6 or 12 GT Hunters w/points. We will determine the arrow spine and length during the setup phase.

Step 5: Select Your Package

Here you will select which package and options you would like, opt for the Novice Package with Stage 2 Setup and Tuning if you do not wish to order broadheads or if you do wish to order broadheads and Stage 3 Setup & Tuning, select this option to make your package a Better Hunting Package.

Step 6: Select Your Peep Sight and Peep Height

This option is a bit more advanced but if you are new. We recommend to go with the stock peep set at the standard height. For those that are a bit more advanced, you can select the high option or the upgrade Fletcher peep. 

Step 7: OPTIONAL: Select Your Bow Case

A bowcase is a great accessory but if you do not wish to order one, it is not a requirement! Select No Thanks if you do not need a bow case. 

Step 8: Add to Cart

Click Add to Cart

Step 9: Cart

Review your options, make sure everything is as you wish. If you have any specific concerns, setup notes or any other information that may be useful for us, leave it in the Special Instructions box. Once satisfied, click Checkout

Step 9: Shipping Information

Enter your shipping information and contact information here so your bow makes it to the right place. You can also login with your Paypal account.

Step 10: Shipping Method

We offer a standard fee for all shipping. For Arkansas residents, sales tax is figured into the now total price. 

Step 11: Payment Method

Enter your credit card or paypal information. Once this is done, review your shipping address and bow options. Now check the appropriate box for your billing address. 

Step 12: Complete Order

Press Complete Order to place your order, from there we receive your order and begin filling it within 1 business day. 

2. Lead Times & Shipping

We believe in a lightning fast turnaround on all order whenever possible! We begin the tuning process the day we fill your order and being the setup that your bow was specified to have. As soon as the process is complete, we will contact you with shipping information, tuning notes and tuning pictures of your brand new package. Allow 4 to 5 days for delivery. All bows we sell are new with full factory backed warranty.

NOTE: If item is found to be out of stock after order, you will be notified of this so that we can make adjustments and get your bow out to you!

NOTE: If you wish to order a bow that is not in current inventory, please contact us directly to place your order via the Contact Us, Phone at 870-475-3337 M-F 9-6pm CST or email at