Better Archery Program Classes

Better Archery Program Mission: Provide a time, place and help to youth archers of all skill levels by teaching how to shoot safely, properly as well as fit their bow to their needs and most importantly, how to have fun with archery!

Class Details: $20/Person For shooters 16 and under, we require a Parent or Guardian to be present. (We also encourage those to bring their own bow to shoot too!) Classes last 1 hour, 6:30 to 7:30pm Bows can be rented on site Rental Fee: $15

What We Will Do In Class -Make setup changes to bows to fit shooter better -Adjust sights and other aspects to further improve shooter -Assist and demostrate proper form and safe operation of bows -Shoot a variety of targets and target styles to show fun things to do with archery

Teachers: Dalton Vaughn – USA Archery Level 2 Certfied Instructor Jeff Vaughn – Arkansas Game and Fish Certified Hunters Education Instructor 

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