2019 PSE Stinger Extreme Level 1 Package Mossy Oak Country

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Bow Package includes loaded bow, Stage 2 setup with draw length adjustments, paper tuning, bow performance report, arrows, release and more...
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 2019 PSE Stinger Extreme

The 2019 PSE Stinger Extreme is one of the premier entry level adult bows that is sure to please! Our Stage 1 Package includes a great line up of accesosires to get you started plus our personalized services included in each bow!

What Your Stage 2 Fit and Tune Includes

  • Measure your draw length and fit the length to the bow or set bow to your specified draw length
  • Adjust the draw weight your prefered weight
  • Install all accessories, set dropaway timing, install peep, set nock height and center shot
  • Use computer assisted spine program to determine proper spine and arrow 
  • Full Paper Tune Process to ensure proper arrow flight from the start
  • Sight in at 20yds indoors 

What Your Package Includes:

  • Apex Tundra 3 Pin Sight
  • Capture Arrow Rest
  • Truglo 4 Arrow Quiver 
  • Peep & D Loop
  • 4 Gold Tip Warrior Arrows w/100gr Points
  • Truglo Speed Shot Release
  • Stage 2 Paper Tune, DL & DW Adjustments, Fully Tuned (Can specify Stage 3 Broadhead Tune in Options)
  • Includes Owners Manual and Decal

Bow Specs:

  • IBO 316fps
  • ATA 32 1/2"
  • Brace Height 7 1/8"
  • Letoff 75%
  • Draw Length Range 21-30"
  • Draw Weight Range 28-70lb

Personalized Help

Have questions our website does not answer? New to the sport and would like more in depth help in deciding which bow and options suite your needs best? Simply give us a call at 870-475-3337 (M-F 12-8pm CST) and we will be happy to help! No used car salesman tactics here, we want you to be 100% satisfied with your bow package in the end and build each package specially for each and every customer. We will go through the entire process, each and every step, to ensure you are getting exactly what you need to be successful in archery. 

    What Separates Our Package from Others:

    Every single package we sell is subject to a full battery of tuning tests to ensure proper broadhead flight and reliability. We do not let any bow leave before it is completely tuned so there will be no cut corners or a box full of parts and a note saying good luck! We believe that whether you walk into our store or order from 1000 miles away, you receive the same attention to detail and the same quality of service!

    NOTE* Please allow 2-3 Business Days for Setup & Tuning Before Shipment

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