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Hey everybody,

We are bringing you guys a fresh new video on how to determine which PSE bow that the youth archery in your family needs! In this video, we discuss eye dominance, draw length, draw weight and bow selection for the beginning archer! This information can be used from the novice to the veteran bowhunter! We feature PSE bows in this video such as the 2017 PSE Stinger X, 2017 PSE Infinity as well as the 2017 PSE Mini Burner XT. All models are available in a Ready to Hunt package, fully tuned and setup by us! 



Hey guys, it's Dalton Vaughn with Better Outdoors here and in this video, we're gonna help you guys and gals out there out on getting selecting the right bow for Christmas this season your nephew, son, daughter, niece, anybody in the family that you're looking to buy a bow for, this video is for you. So, we're gonna bring in Aaron in and we're gonna do the eye dominance test, we're gonna measure draw length and this is going to help us fit a bow better. So Aaron, come on with it. We're going to show you one of the best methods we found for eye dominance.

Now Aaron, hold your hands out and make a small circle that you can see through your hands and focus on an object across the room and bring your arms and hands back to your face to whichever eye it's most clear in. Now sometimes you'll get a little bit of an odd reading. So your right eye? So you're right-eye dominant.

Now with that said guys, you'll see a lot of people that come in - and we do for sure - is they're left-handed, right-eye dominant or right-handed, left-eye dominant. And they're left-eye dominant trying to shoot a right-hand bow.

Now my advice and something we've learned from doing this for so long is if you're left-eye dominant, shoot a left-hand bow. It's better to be able to see the target better than just draw more weight. Sometimes it is a little bit of a learning curve especially for somebody who's shot before to change sides like that but I think this will help you a ton. But now, let's go see about some draw length.

Now with our eye dominance figured out for Aaron in which we've come to figure out that he's right-eye dominant, so we're gonna shot a right-hand bow, that's gonna make things a lot simpler in the long run. The next thing we're going to do however is check the draw length using the wingspan method and a tape measure.

So Aaron, hold your arms out for your wingspan. Bring that over to the very end. You want to go to the farthest point you can, the middle finger typically, and bring it to the end. We're right around 70 inches, right at it.

So 70 inches divided by 2.5 is going to put us at a 28-inch draw. Now what we have learned however guys is this keeps you within a half to an inch of what draw length they're gonna actually shoot so that'll get you on on paper to get you started and that's what you need to tell us when you call to order a bow.

That way when they pull it out of the box, they won't be trying to pull it behind their head or they'll have it really short and they can hardly shoot it, so that'll get you a little bit ahead of the game there just as much.

But before we can do any shooting however, we've got to determine what kind of draw weight we can handle and here's a few little tips in regards to age range of what kind of draw weight they can handle.

What I've learned is a seven to ten-year-old can typically shoot 10 to 15 pounds, a ten to fourteen-year-old can shoot 20 to 30 pounds and and over 14 they can usually handle 35 to 45 pounds. And what we've learned a lot of is that as these young archers shoot, they gain a lot of draw weight really quick. You'll be turning their bow up very often and that's something that we can teach you to do at home really easily or bring it to us and we can adjust it as well.

But of course now we've got our eye dominance sorted out, we've got our draw length figured out and Aaron's been shootin' a while so he can handle 45 pounds to 50 pounds without much problem. Now we're gonna shoot a new 2017 PSE Infinity which is highly recommended for a fourteen to sixteen-year-old shooter starting out and show you what the correct draw length looks like.

Now before we have Aaron shoot the new PSE infinity, we'll discuss a few other bows and a few other options that to kind of give you an idea of what in the world they offer out there.

Now to start off, for the five to eight-year-olds, I'll be honest. For a lot of them at this age and I guess I'm still the same way in areas too, it's all about the mystical flight of the arrow so we're not too concerned about having perfect form, perfect release, the highest end bow, we just want them to shoot arrows and that said, some of these bows are well under a hundred bucks and come with everything the kids need to start out, and you can upgrade a few things as you go, are fantastic ways to start out for the kids.

We're really happy with those bows but I know a few that want to upgrade quite a bit from that and you can actually do that without spending a ton of money. This is the new 2017, and it's been around a few years, PSE Mini Burner XT. Now this bow retails for $299 ready to shoot which is extremely affordable, you can adjust it from 12 to 28 inches of draw length and you can adjust - in particular models - 5 to 40 pounds and they also offer a 20, a 29 pound, 40 pound and 50 pound max bows but I tend to like to 40 pound for that 5 to 8 range and they're a full grown bow, there's nothing real child-like about them but they're nice and light so they work out great.

Another bow however for the next age group, the 8 to 12 year-old we're moving on up the the new PSE Stinger X. We've sold tons of these bows, they're fantastic, they've got a huge weight range, huge adjustment range, you're looking at a 21 to 30-inch draw length range so this bow can grow with the shooter for a lot of years and it's really a nice single cam bow, we've got some reviews out on it as well, and tons of other info and experience with these and in my opinion I would probably go with the 60-pound model because it will turn down to around 25 pounds at its very shortest setting and you can actually adjust it a little lower than that.

The Stinger X is a great option at $399.99 ready to shoot and we also offer out own ready to shoot package that includes a release, arrows and a broadhead so you can actually take this straight to the woods and tune it, for a lot of kids this is a great way to go and for a lot of adults, hey, I wouldn't look past this one too hard, this is a fantastic setup especially for the money. And it'll stay with them of course for years to come.

Now to move on up however to the next stage, we've got Aaron with the new 2017 PSE Infinity. We've got this bow set to his draw length, we've got a right-hand bow, we're set around 50 pounds and we're drawing right at 28-inch draw with this bow. So, this Infinity however is $499 ready to shoot and it comes loaded with everything you need. All you need to do is add release and arrows which of course we can make a package.

So Aaron, why don't you do the honors here and we'll give you what to look for when we first get the kids shooting, get their draw length right, kind of a few thing to look for and maybe help your own form out a little bit.

There's a few things that really make a difference. You want to try to draw on target, best you can and when you anchor off, nose on the string, arrow on the corner of the mouth, right on the middle of the eyeball actually, left arm straight, loose on the grip so his form's really good. So Aaron, go ahead.

So guys, I hope this video cleared up a lot of gray area that you see and helped a lot of kids get into archery the right way with a properly fitted bow or at least one that's gonna fit them easily without having to do a lot of adjustment or even change models.

There's a lot more to archery than people realize just off the street and that's what we're here for and what a lot of other pro shops around the country are here for, is to provide archery on a grand scale and introduce people to it and keep them in it. The thing that we think is the toughest is to keep the kids involved. However, there's a lot more you can do with your bow than shoot in the backyard.

We personally do a weekly indoor tournament, we do 3D shoots during the spring and summer shooting 3D animal targets score and it's a lot of fun. There's even a little bit of money to be had, there's of course a ton of fun and really good fellowship and a lot of the people you meet out there are just second to none.

I absolutely love it and would suggest taking the kids to a local shoot and go try. It's not a big scary thing, it's just hanging out, shooting bows and at animal targets in the woods, it's awesome. As well, of course you can hunt with your bow which is probably why a lot of people are into archery these days, I love to bowhunt as well but there's also a little bit of bowfishing which we've got the PSE Mud Dog which makes a fantastic gift as well and for the Mud Dog fishing bow retails at $439.99 ready to with the AMS package which is what I also recommend and all we need to know for that is what size the archer we're gettin' into and which eye dominance they are so we can pick the right side bow and then they're ready to go shoot fish which is a ton of fun, you can do it all spring and summer long, really good activity.

We hope of course this video has cleared up a lot of the gray area however because the worst thing we've seen is for a child to give up on archery, and even adults too, because their bow don't fit 'em, it's not the right one, it's the wrong hand, they're just not comfortable so hopefully we've fixed that. Here at Better Outdoors, we try to do our best on that part, bring you guys some cool information.

Speaking of information, visit our website at You can check out everything we offer there. Find us on Facebook at Better Outdoors Archery and Bowhunting, and find us on Instagram @betteroutdoorsarchery. We have a lot of cool live things coming up from time to time, pictures, latest stuff going on at the shop, we've got some pretty big news coming out here pretty soon and also you can give us a call at (870) 475-3337 and we can discuss what your child or the person you're buying a gift for needs in a bow or even what you're looking for in your own bow because I know getting your own self a Christmas present is really nice sometimes.

I'm Dalton Vaughn, we're Better Outdoors and we appreciate y'all watching. Thanks, everybody.


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  • Really enjoyed your article! I address the youth archer needs on my website along with offering the products that you list. This article relates some of the many areas that should be covered when determining the correct bow for your son or daughter!

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