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Hey everybody, Dalton Vaughn with Better Outdoors here and we've got the new 2017 PSE Infinity for y'all's viewing pleasure today. Now this is a really cool bow at a really cool price and it can do a ton but let's get into the specs before we ruin the whole surprise.

Now this bow is a 7 height, 30 inch axle-to-axle bow, a 317 to 325 IBO range, as well as weighing in at 5.6 pounds with the RPS package that's not bare bow. The catalog advertises 3.8 bare bow. However we like to measure real life, the RTS package this bow comes with is 5.6 pounds. So a pretty light bow it's around the same weight as the Brute Force Lite which by looking at it already you should know why but we'll get into that too.

It's got a really adjustable single cam and it's 20.5 to 30.5 inch draw length range so for a bow in the $499 category, that's where this one ranks in at, it's $499 ready to shoot, you get up to a 30 inch, 30.5 inch draw so pretty good little addition there. Limb weight options of 32.5 to 50, 40 to 60 pound and 45.5 to 70 pound so you get a really range to play with and it's really good for a lot of different people due to that and you can do this bow in a right or left hand option. We have both.

Now it does come RTS package only, you can't order this one bare through PSE or most of your retailers, they're gonna be ready-to-shoot only packages and you can only get them in the SkullWorks 2 and the Mossy Oak Country Camo, they don't offer a black. And all of that plus a few other things that come into play are why they can keep this at a really nice $499 price point which is really tough to do but PSE's accomplished it and I don't feel that it's cheaply made anywhere.

Moving on from there though, you get a really good RTS package in my opinion for that kind of money and it is better than what the Stinger X comes with and it's gonna have an Amp 5 pin sight which is all metal, really nice sight with a light, Whisker Biscuit Rest, Spire Stabilizer, Raven 5 Arrow Quiver, PSE Neoprene sling, Tube Peep, and a D Loop.

So a really solid package to start out with, there's a few changes I would make personally if I was gonna hunt with one of these but if I had to take it out in the woods like this I think I'd be fine with it. Of course you had a lot of questions, we do offer our own packages on with arrows, case, release, and you can even build your own package which is a little bit different.

But anyway getting back to the bow, we're starting this review out, just pulled this one out of the box, 29 and 3/8” draw at 58.5 pounds. So we're gonna move on to our features and show you just what this new Infinity packs.

At this price point, this bow does come with quite a few features and quite a few that you've seen on some other bows as well like the Brute Force Lite but with all that said it does share the Brute Force Lite riser. which is a cast aluminum riser and looks really good.

It's got the clamp system for the cable rod, it's got the new carbon rod string stop like we've seen on some of the other bows that I've been happy with so far and do note that you can't use last year's string stopper on these bows because the rod is smaller so that's a little bit of a difference.

Comes with Vibracheck limb bands and of course you get X-Force limb technology and the Infinity cam which is a single cam obviously, it's more of an up-sized version of the Stinger X cam and it's similar to the Bowmadness 30 cam but it does draw a lot better in my opinion than the Bowmadness 30 did. And it still gives you that huge adjustment range for draw length.

Now it of course doesn't have a "grow with you" setting to be compared to the Stinger X width but that still doesn't affect it a whole lot 'cause you can adjust it so far just like all of PSE's bows but it's got a real nice range here. It has the universal style grip that we've seen on the Epix and the Brute Force and those bows, they're trying to go to a similar profile grip and they may not be all perfectly the same but trying to go with a similar profile across quite a few of the bows so they're more natural to shoot and easier to transition to if you're going to change bow or just test drive a bunch of them. That way you get something familiar.

It's got the new streamlined pockets, limb pockets and they're polymer, 15 turn so that's how you get your adjustment range and I've really not had issues with the polymer pockets, I've not ever heard of really an issue with them so for me personally I'm good with it, I'm happy with it, not got any problems there.

Something else I thought was really nice about this bow it it's got a steel anchor for the limb bolt that pivots so when you when you turn this bow all the way down, you won't strip out the riser over time shooting it turned all the way down we have heard of that happening before though not on any of our bows but turned all the way 15 turns down it's not going to end up stripping the riser and then it has to go back to the factory. When it's set up like this if that were to ever be a possibility you could change that out but but that said, the steel anchor takes care of any of those problems and it also pivots.

Now this is probably the coolest thing and you're actually gonna see that on the Evolve as well is the limb anchor is going to allow that limb bolt to stay flat on that limb pocket and after you turn it down how many turns down you wanna go so what that's gonna do is it's gonna keep from scratching this limb pocket and cup up because we did have that happen on quite a few last year's bows. But that also is gonna help it stay a little bit quieter and keep stuff from moving around as bad because it's gonna be square on there. Kind of a nice little side feature there.

It's got the new LiveWire strings which we've shot these on some of the other models that we've had in and sold and played with and I've been really happy with them so far. They've shot really well, they shoot in really quick and for a stock string they really are a step above anything else I've seen. And we deal with every brand of bow basically on a daily basis coming in for service or other things so we know a thing or two about what to look for and honestly the stock strings on these bows is really good. Really impressed by that.

But a really nice bow overall, I think it's time to step over, pull some arrows out, shoot a few through the Infinity and let you know  how this thing's gonna act. So, let's get on it.

2017 PSE Infinity Shooting Test

Let's take some shot through this new Infinity and get an idea of the draw size, of the grip, the let-off, things like that just how it is to actually shoot this bow. So, let's load it up and get into it. First thing you notice of course and I already have with this bow is the grip on it in my opinion is really comfortable. It's just a little bit narrower really than the Bowmadness Vendetta grip from last year and of course the Vendetta this year, but it really fits in nicely with the universal grip plans which is the pretty much the same as the Epix and obviously the Brute Force is gonna be the same as this one.

But really good grip, the only thing I would really do to is being that it's gonna be a little bit cold in the winter due to being just bare aluminum which grip which I do like the bare aluminum grip is I would cover it with maybe a little grip tape like a lot of the pros already do or put the small PSE neoprene grip cover on it. And that would help quite a bit on that but other than that I think you'll be pleased with the grip. It's got a nice spot for your thumb. So with the grip out of the way, let's see how the draw cycle is. We're set at a 29 and 3/8 inch draw and we're set at 58.5 pounds right now.

Here we go. Comfortable draw back. Nice, it doesn't stack weight or doesn't have weight on the draw cycle like a lot of single cams used to. Draws really good. Anchor off here. Peep sight could be a little bit bigger, it's a little too small. But I would change that anyway. Let's see it holds on target with that much effort. You can tell it is a light bow so it's gonna move some. A little bit of weight would help me.

Really feels good in the hand, it seems to be decently quiet, the only big noise we have is when it hits the target so that's nothing new. Very little vibration it seems, very little feedback.

Let's shoot it again and we'll get that a little further. Draw cycle is good for a single cam. I'm usually not a fan but this one's really sweet. Just a touch of feedback and wants to roll back to you some but as we've always said with these bows, hold the quiver off, change that off possibly or roll with the real stabilizer instead of just a vibration dampener like they come with and you would solve a lot of those shortcomings on that particular aspect.

Now let’s see where we're at with the let-off and the valley. Comfortable, I was getting lazy with it now. It has about an inch, inch and a half at least. Probably more closer to an inch and a half of draw length actually creeping move with and when it does try to take it away from you, when you do get at the end of the valley, it really does almost want to rip you down so that's really nice. And of course we're around 80 percent let-off with this bow. So it's not like we're running 70, 75. It's 80 percent, really nice especially to hunt with.

It's really got a good draw cycle that it could let off good valley, the worst noting is the back wall which is surprisingly really good but too, the draw stop has a lot of leverage on the cable due to having the draw stop so far out on the cam on the very edge. That helps a lot with your back roll on a lot of bows.

So now let's check that back roll out a little more. Pulling into it pretty hard. Just got just enough give to make it comfortable. Especially to shoot at a hinge or to shoot back tensions correctly really with. Really feels good. It's probably a notch under a limb stop of course. That's about where I want to be.

Just a notch under a limb stop is a really nice place to be especially in my opinion it really gives you a little bit of give and it's just not a solid stop. I feel like a solid stop you can't stay dynamic in your shot as well. And that doesn't make a difference for me personally.

But really impressed with the draw cycle on this bow. It doesn't really feel like you're drawing really what it's on. It does feel like it's drawing a little bit easier than that.

I think for a lot of you guys with bad shoulders this is gonna be a really nice contender in that category for not a lot of money which is really nice as well.

Holds weight about halfway through. Let's see. We start to get weight there, weight, weight, starts to slide, rolls off, it transitions really nicely. Which most of your PSE bows, they do transition really, really nicely. And have for a while now, a lot of the new bows really transition well and they don't really fall off into it or anything like that which really is nice. That helps a lot.

The way I like to shoot, I've found that when they transition nicely especially in the woods or when you're trying to draw slow on an animal. It doesn't come back and do all the shaking, it just comes back and sets there. Less movement is always better. But that all said, I'm really happy with this bow so far. It really shoots good, I'm really liking it so far of course.

But feel is only a small portion of this game and let’s get into what kind of sound levels we're having with the Infinity, as well, let's see what kind of speeds. So, let's bring out the decibel meter and see what we got.

Sound Test

Now for sound tests, which is new this year, we're gonna shoot tree 450 grain arrows, five feet away and get a good average and be a little bit on the heavier side of your hunting arrows, to better replicate what it would be like when you have string silencers, things like that on this bow. So we'll make it a little bit more fair and they'll all weigh the same. So, let's get into it. Now with the results of our sound test complete, it's time to pull the chronograph out, see what kind of numbers the Infinity can show us. We'll see.

Now for our speed test with the Infinity, we're gonna shoot three arrows at thirty feet deep, 450 grain arrows out of this bow. We're set at a 29 and 3/8 inch draw and just checked after all of our shooting on the rest of the test we're 58 pounds even from 58.5. So, 58 pounds, 29 and 3/8 inch draw, let's see what kinds of numbers we can show this do. We've got a 350 grain arrow to start out with. So, here we go. 278 feet per second to kick things off. A little bit slower than what I'm used to but that said, got a few things in play with this bow that make it a little bit slower out the box, than it probably should be.

Now let's shoot the 400 grain arrow. 259 feet per second. So just pretty much on the bottom end of what I would shoot to hunt with, me personally at this kind of draw weight. but we're on 58 pounds so not too bad.

Now for the 450. 250 feet per second with a 450 grain arrow. Now, that all said, I'm not gonna sit here and defend this bow but I will say this to make things fair. The tube peep does slow it down, 2 to 3 feet a second typically as does the whisker biscuit, 4 to 5 feet per second we saw.

So, those two little things right there knock your speed down a bit but all that said, still impressed with the speed, I'm still happy. It's right on the bottom end of its IBO this particular one. And these are, like always, out of the box nothing done to them, completely stock, literally the only thing I've done is took it out of the box, put everything on it and brought it over here for a video. So, that's your real-world speeds from this particular bow. We've seen a little faster out of some other ones. But for all intents and purposes, there's your numbers.

So the Infinity is definitely gonna be a contender this year in that $499 price point which is a really tough market, there's so many options there. But there's very few that are really high quality and really just feel like a well made bow. And honestly out of all of my favorites this year, I feel like the Infinity is one of them that's gonna be on the higher end of that list.

Not saying it's perfect in any way, but on the higher end of that list, it feels like it's really well made and it really shoots good. But to get back to some of our results however, get on that. With a 350 grain arrow, we shot 278, 400 grain was at 259, and a 450 was at 250 feet per second.

So it is a little on the slow side of the IBO, however the tube peep adds weight to the string and holds it back some over a standard peep as well as the whisker biscuit holding it back so it is gonna be a bit on the slower side of that due to all the loaded strings and things like that. But with a standard peep you're probably gonna be a little bit closer into the middle range of their IBO which wasn't terribly, terribly far off really. So I'm pretty good with the speed, I understand that at this price point, it's a really tough market anyway.

Now something else to touch on of course is our sound test. At a 7.4 decibel, 84.4 and a 76.6 so we had a little bit of a range there. The 84 one I would say is kind of a scrap one but the 71 and the 76 is probably more accurate obviously. But I would say that's a pretty good range and once again the tube peep does throw a little bit off some and skews those results because it gives it a little bit of a whip sound when it's shot. We've noticed that over the years as well that they do make them louder. Shooting it outside though it seems like it's just as quiet as the Brute Force Lite and the Epix so I've really not got any big complaints there. It's still a very quiet bow.

But overall, you know you get pretty good speed out of it for this kind of a bow and as good as it draws, it's really not a deal-breaker. It's a really smooth drawing bow, really easy drawing bow. It's super adjustable, being able to move your draw length in the cam, you don't even need wrenches, you can do it just with one wrench obviously but at home you can move the draw length if need be. That's a pretty cool feature.

The RTS package I'm happy with it. You know you've got a lot, the five pin slot, whisker biscuit never fails, nice quiver of course and you've got the spiral stabilizer which does look nice but it's more of a vibration dampener, sling. Pretty good package, I think you'll be happy with that especially at $499 as well as it's a nice lightweight at 5.6 pounds, it's not real heavy. It's right about basically the same weight as the Brute Force Lite. And it's in a really short package.

Now that said, it's hard to say, well this is the best bow on the market or that one is and that's how reviews are, to give you the honest opinion. And I think for the market this is targeting, and the perfect market for this would be people that are beginning archery, now male or female doesn't matter, teenagers that are just big enough to shoot a real bow and hold it up but aren't quite big enough to go to a full grown Brute Force or Epix or something like a dual cam bow, but wanna stay with a single that they can grow with a little bit further than what the Stinger seems to be and which draws so much better in a variety of draw lengths but the Stinger doesn't draw quite as well the further you draw it out. You could take this bow on 28 inches (18:49) inches, but it on 45, 50 pounds and that would be perfect for a teenager.

And too, some of you guys out there with Stinger Xs or wanna upgrade but no maybe go crazy with it, go way up on the scale, this would be a heck of a good upgrade in my opinion and you could stay with a single cam. I know a lot of guys are single cam faithful and PSE is continuing that this year surprisingly.

I've been pretty happy with strings to those results. We stayed with the 29 and 3/8 inch draw throughout our whole testing, we shot this bow like usual, about 100 times. And then our pre-review draw weight was 58.5 and now to this point we're 58 even so the strings have stretched and changed.

And being a single cam, we have seen that more often than not because the string is so long it's gonna have to change with the stop string but I'm not gonna sit here and defend it once more, that's just how it acted right out of the box. Really didn't see a ton of peak turn issue, at little bit but that's expected of course with a single cam. That's nothing new. I think they're gonna hold up really well, they have so far on some of our dual cam bows, on our Vendettas and Stings so happy there, that's for sure.

But overall guys, gotta say, I would recommend this bow. Its target market, you've got starting out teenagers, things like that, they're gonna be really really impressed with it. And if you've got a little bit of a bum shoulder, it'll help you out too. It does draw really well, really smooth and it'll keep you in the game a lot longer especially being able to adjust the weight so far.

But, if you'd like to order your own, send us a little message or ask us some questions about this bow, stop over at and we offer stock RTS package, custom RTS packages and as well, we let you build your own package with whatever parts you'd like out of our approved list and out of parts we trust.

And we add a little bit of a custom flare to your Infinity or any of the rest of the PSE or Besar line. Or give us a call at (870)-475-3337. Give us a call there and ask us some questions, things like that, we take a lot of orders over the phone. We do a lot of discussion, figure out which bow is right for you. Also find us on Facebook at Better Outdoors Archery and Bowhunting. You'll stay up with all of our live feeds, pictures, specials, running for different things and a lot of other cool stuff and same with Instagram, you can find us there @betteroutdoorsarchery, got a lot cool stuff there too.

But, don't forget to subscribe to our channel here on YouTube so you can stay up to date with the latest there just as much, we've got a lot of cool stuff that comes out. Right now we're on bow reviews but a lot of cool technical things to come. Things like huge announcements coming up real soon as well.

But as always, guys, I'm Dalton Vaughn, we're Better Outdoors, we appreciate y'all watching. Thanks everybody.


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