2017 PSE Fang LT Review

Hi I'm Dalton Vaughn from Better Outdoors. And I wanted to bring y'all a quick video of the new 2017 PSE Fang LT ahead of our full review coming out later on this year. This is a fantastic bow they let out and I was really excited when I seen it.

Cause they're taking more or less the proven design from the Fang set up and cam set up and they're applying it to a much smaller package. Last year they had the Vector 310 which I really liked, a really short and really light bow, but it was a little bit pricier than even their entry level Fang 350.

So that was kind of an odd situation but considering this year you're taking the same Fang set up, making it smaller, this bow is 32 inches from stirrups to stock length and that's a fantastic length. It's got a short length of pull which I do like that in a crossbow because once you get all of your clothes on that it would hold up for sure. Really helps out on shooting.

And of course another benefit to that is youth, women, anybody with shorter arms, shorter stature can shoot this bow comfortably and hold it up and be able to hunt with it and shoot it free hand, and that's something I really like too. With the quiver scope and all it comes in at 8lbs right at it. So that's not too terribly heavy, that's lighter than a lot of them. And you're getting a quality crossbow for that kind of weight too, that's the only difference. There's a lot of lighter crossbows that aren't quite the quality. I'm really happy with this one, we shot one of these quite a bit staying together well.

Comes with three arrows that are 400 grains. Comes with a fiber quiver, a 4x32 scope that's got the drop reticles in it which are triangles, I really like that, or at least to shoot with. Of course you always have your crank/cocking device and we would recommend to use that as well. So at $299 this bow is a lot of bow for the money.

The best part is that they're each one at 330 speed rating, and it'll do it, that's what’s awesome. But really happy with this bow, but now it's time to head to the chronograph and show ya’ll some numbers real fast.

Now we are going to check the speed real fast, shoot one shot through here. Of course this is a completely stock Fang LT we have not changed anything anything, we are using the stock arrows. I will make a note too this bow is adjustable from 145 to 165lbs range so if you've got somebody who can't quite cock it even with the cocking rope device, turning the weight down would help some and something else too.

I wanna show ya’ll is the new PSE speed loader. This is just a crank cocker device and our full video will have more details on that, but that retails around $100. But it makes it really easy to cock that way, just crank it back. But anyway, all that said, shoot this to the chronograph to see what kind of speeds we have. *shoot* 327 feet per second. I think that's pretty good for a $299 cross bow that looks this good and feels this good to shoot.

So, really nice crossbow I think you guys are gonna be happy with the Fang LT once you start getting these out in the world and shooting them at everything. I'm real happy with it already, I like a really light small crossbow because man you know how the carrying em through the woods is. It's long this way and long this way and it drags on everything.

But this won't be quite that bad, but of course we will have a full review later on like I said before on this bow so it's just a quick overview. But if you'd like to know more you can visit our website at betteroutdoors.net you can also find us on Facebook at Better Outdoors Archery and Bow Hunting as well as Instagram at Better Outdoors Archery.

Don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel. We have a lot of cool videos coming up, we always do. and A huge announcement coming up as well, but for now however I hope you guys have enjoyed the Fang LT overview.

I think this is going to make a great Christmas present, birthday gift something like that for somebody, but I'd recommend this crossbow pretty much to anybody wanting to go deer hunting or even just to shoot one in the back yard and see if they like it. But anyways guys hope y’all enjoyed it and we appreciate you watching as always. I'm Dalton Vaughn for Better Outdoors. Thanks everybody!



  • Tom

    Dalton, I follow you closely on Youtube. Have you had an opportunity to test 350XTT on the chrono graph? If so what kind of speeds did you record? Your videos are awesome because you represent tome honest videos and respect that coming from a retailer. I wish had a dealer like you nearby where I live.

  • Richard

    I bought the PSE Fang LT about a week ago and didn’t have a chance to sight it in until yesterday after cocking about twenty times it now has a real bad squeak while cocking it and can’t figure out what it is. I’m lubing it after every three to four pulls (string and rail) but doesn’t seem to help. Also PSE advertises it with rubber on the stirrup, in pics, in the instructions and written in all their media and when I contacted the seller ( on eBay ) he checked and they told him it was a mistake that it does not come with the rubber. That’s on the 350 XT.

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