New Bear Wild and PSE Stinger X Reviews!

Posted by Dalton Vaughn on

We have new reviews released on 2 great entry level bows!!!

The first bow we have is the new 2017 Bear Wild. This bow comes in at the $399.99 ready to shoot price point. This bow is more of a traditional compound bow that Bear is known for. With great draw length adjustability and a very easy draw cycle, this bow is a sure contender!  

We offer the Bear Wild is out Better Hunting Package here:


The next bow we have is the new 2017 PSE Stinger X. This bow also comes in at just $399.99 ready to shoot. It features even further draw length adjustability as well as a huge weight adjustment range. The PSE Stinger X can fit archers of all sizes while delivering great speed, a solid back wall and good valley. This is one of our best selling bows!

We offer the Stinger X is our full Better Hunting Package here:


About Our Package:

Every single package we sell is subject to a full battery of tuning tests to ensure proper broadhead flight and reliability. We do not let any bow leave before it is completely tuned so there will be no cut corners or a box full of parts and a note saying good luck! We believe that whether you walk into our store or order from 1000 miles away, you receive the same attention to detail and the same quality of service!



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