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Hey guys it's Dalton Vaughn with Better Outdoors Archery & Bowfishing and today we've got you a cool video. We're gonna show you how to go from start to finish to setup your bowfishing bow. 

I know a lot of guys wanna do this stuff at home and kinda curious about what goes into it, so today I'm gonna take my new custom Tidal Wave I just got in today in the White H2O Reaper Camo. 

I'm gonna setup it up, we're using all AMS products. We've got the AMS Tournament Reel, really big fan of that. We've got the Long Bottle, 40 yards of 640-lb. line. We've got the new AMS Tiger Shark Anchor Arrow and we're gonna run a Lumenok with that. 

We've also got Finger Savers, going to show you how to put those on, and we've also got the Spec Ops flashlight kit from AMS, so we're gonna put all this on there, show you how it all works, and give you a few tips and tricks to help you out there in the field bowfishing.

The first step of the process is we're gonna take these factory red finger savers off and replace them with blue ones and we're gonna replace 'em with the larger finger slits from AMS. I really like to shoot those and they shoot three under, so let's take this dude apart and put those on. 

Now what I'd like do to at this part, we're fixing to put the new finger savers on there, is to take some wax, put it on the end of the string, make sure you got all your strings through your carter pin here. I like to put some wax on here, it makes it a lot easier to put the new finger savers on because they're a little bit tighter, seems like, than the ones that come off of it. So we're going to put these AMS ones on here, they're a lot bigger, a lot nicer, and a lot comfier. So here we go.

Now we've got the finger savers installed, we're gonna make sure our cables and strings all the way back around our cams like they should be - and they are - so we're gonna pull this out of here, make sure our cable's on our slide, we're gonna pull this out of here and now we're gonna install the nocking point arrow rest. 

Now we've got our Tidal Wave setup and our bow vice, we've got it levelled and squared off with the vice. So now we're gonna put this PSE Snapshot rest on there. It's a full containment rest, I'm really a big fan of these. I've been using the AMS Tidal Wave, which we sell both, and both of them are very good. This arrow rest actually comes factory with these Tidal Waves and Discovery package bows, so that's a really nice value, $45 retail by itself. So that makes the Ready-to-Fish a lot more affordable. 

We're gonna install this, we're gonna install our nocking point, set our center shot square. And then we'll be ready to put a retriever on here. 

We're gonna install our brass nocking point and usually I put one of these on here but I usually put two and we will later on this bow but for now we're gonna put one to get started. The reason I like to run two is in case it loosens up or the serving wears or anything out there fishing, I've had it happen and your arrow rest is really nocked high and you're wondering why you're missing, that's a really good possibility, so watch that as you fish.

To crimp the brass knocks on, you're really going to want to have a set of nocking pliers. Regular pliers will work, but be careful, sometimes you can squeeze it too tight, tear your string up, we don't wanna have any of that happen, so use nocking pliers. 

But now we're gonna set our center shot, make sure it's square left to right. We're good left to right, we're good on our elevation. Gonna tighten up our arrow rest, give it a good couple turns there, make sure it's nice and tight, that's good. Make sure our rest itself is tight. And it is, so now we're ready to move on to putting the retriever on, the light on, and show you a few little other tips and tricks we've got from working on these every day.

OK guys, now we're gonna move on and we're gonna put our tournament reel on there. We're also gonna put our bottle with our 640-lb line on there, we're also gonna install our AMS Spec Ops light kit on there as well, the entire air model. So here we go.

Now we've got our retriever out. Pull our duck tail bracket off, pull that off, gonna pull the bottle that comes with it off, tie that slide or cut it off, either one. Another little pro tip is to reel in all your slack from your original bottle. That way when you pull it off, it's pretty much all contained right here. Then, if you ever do need it in a pinch on the boat or on the bank, either one, all you have to do is run your tail end back through your retriever, tie an arrow on, and keep shooting.

Place that out of the frame. Now, take our bottle of line. We've got 40 yards of 640-lb AMS line here, this was left over from another one of my bows. We're gonna put that in this retriever. Another little pro tip on that is go ahead when you're putting this in there new from the spool is to run the line through the retriever, through the bottle, and then reel it in from the spool so all you have to do is just reel it in and keep going.

Gonna run this back through our retriever now that we've got it all out. Run it up here, tighten it up, the bottle to the retriever, and now we've got our retriever ready. 

Now we're gonna mount our mounting block for our retriever with our AMS Spec Ops light racket, that's what we attach our flashlight with which comes with this kit. We've also already got that all out and ready to go on. 

So bring your bow up, we're gonna install our retriever. Now your mounting block, spacer bracket, put it behind our mounting block, and then put our flashlight bracket behind that so it's the very back part of it. 

Now with this you're gonna need your long screws to put in there. Run those through all of this. That one in there. 


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