Better Outdoors News Update 10/8/17

Better Outdoors News Update 10/8/17

Hey guys! Dalton with Better Outdoors here! We hope everyone has been safe and has been able to make it to the woods a few times already. We have been hammering out 12 hour days 6 days a week to keep up with setting up and fitting your new bows, restringing and servicing your current ones and preparing for the 2018 products!


Bringing You Up to Speed

Since announcing our partnership with Mathews Inc in August, we have made so many new customers and met so many new friends! The great all inclusive PSE lineup paired with the Mathews/Mission lineup gives our awesome customers out there plenty of options to find a bow that can do everything they wish!

Don't worry guys, we are still going to bring you the best PSE knowledge, service and setups!!


Important News:

1.) Out with the old, in with the new!
If you are looking to save some bucks to drop some bucks, we have some great deals on 2017 PSE and Bear bow packages! Just visit our new Sale and Closeout bows section! We will be updating our website as it is possible for the 2018 PSE line for the models you can purchase through our online store.

2.) No PSE Pro Series Online Sales
For 2018, PSE will NOT be allowing any dealers including us to ship the Pro Series line of bows unlike years past. This came as a shock to us and an even bigger shock to our customers that have inquired already about bows such as the Xpedite and React. We will have the full Main Line series of Front Door to Field Fully Setup Packages available as soon as our new inventory arrives! We will be carrying the 2018 Pro Series PSE bows in store where you can come test drive and then buy!

3.) 2018 Bow and Accessory Reviews
We will be continuing our in depth reviews on many models from PSE and now Mathews/Mission! We will be rolling out a condensed format for certain bow models while other bows will be receiving the full reviews everyone has come to love. We also be doing some minor reviews on certain accessories which can be purchased from our website as well as in store as soon as the website is updated. Make sure to follow us on social media as we will have some smaller scale videos on bows, tuning and accessories as the mood strikes!

4.) Target Tuesday is Back!
For our local customers, we are back having our weekly Target Tuesday 2 man random draw team event each week. Our weekly shoot is growing every week from your support! We are growing our youth archers leagues as well!
We shoot each Tuesday at 7pm, it is 20yds indoors, all you need is 3 arrows. $10 to enter and pays 75% Back!

We want to send a thanks to all of our loyal customers, followers and friends out there! We look forward to what 2018 holds! Come visit us at our Pro Shop at 226 Greenwood Ave in Lepanto, AR 72354! We are open 12 to 8 Monday through Friday and 11 to 3 Saturday.

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