Axcel Accuview Scope Review

Hey everybody it's Dalton Vaughn with Better Outdoors and we have got something for you today. We have got the new Axcel Accuview Scope. Accuview is something that I've been wanting to see for a while. The AX series was a fantastic scope but I've been wanting to see something just a little bit better than the AX series, because the AX could do a lot of things but it couldn't do quite what I wanted. Well the AV Accuview can.

Control Pin Brightness  

The first step of this, the main feature and I feel like it's a huge advantage is the rheostat cover that allows you to control your pin brightness by using the sunlight basically. Now of course it won't make it any brighter than it possibly can be in the light obviously it’s going to make it brighter however this isn't what this is for. This is for when the pin is entirely too bright and the target is entirely too dark.

All you have to do is move your cover over the pin by the amount of light you want to take away from the sight so that it makes the pin dimmer. And I know for 3D this has been a huge issue I've had this year and would really have liked to have had something to address it sooner and we looked at a few solutions in the back yard but this really takes care of the problem, makes it look good and does well doing it. So I'm really happy with this set up.

I think this is going to be fantastic next year shooting 3D I wished I would have already had it for this past 3D season but we are going to get out in the yard and do some practicing with it on the range and see how it works, see how it acts, and see how big of an advantage it really will be. But I have a feeling it's gonna be maybe not a game changer but it might gain you a 12 or two that you might otherwise wouldn't have got cause your pin was just too bright.

Adjust Peep Size

Moving on from that we've got the torque indicator ring on the back now this I feel like it’s gonna be like something that's gonna add a little bit to this scope that nobody else thought about. But rather you'll have two different sets of reference marks to line up on when you draw back and look through your peep so I know that on a darker course not deathly dark of course like you would have hunting something like that, but we're talking 3D at the moment.

A lot of the time in the darker course your peep’s obviously gonna be the same size regardless but it's gonna appear that it's bigger than what it is so you'll have a little bit of air around your scope that you're seein through the side picture. And that bugs the mess outa me. I don't know about y'all but it bugs me.

So you have to adjust your peep size there at the shoot to get it right, some people just go ahead and shoot I've done both it's not that big of a deal but it does bug me. But, what this will allow you to do is maybe run a little bit smaller peep size so that you can line up good in the lower light conditions with the outside ring and when it's really bright it makes your peep look tiny you can line up on the inside ring, now I feel like that's gonna be a little bit of a difference.

Now there's a few little changes I would make if I was building this thing, or if I was building an attachment for it like some of the competitors have done and that's to add three rings or two rings adjustable for size on the back so you always have reference marks with your peep. Some people like that some don't, I can see the advantages but with this set up already I feel like this is a huge step in the right direction.

I think this is really gonna solve probably a lot of the issues that I’m having and probably a lot of you guys' issues too. The sight picture on the 3D course.

Standard Model vs. Plus Model

Something else that's neat about this is it comes on the plus model, it does not come on the standard model, the standard model is just black and you line up the inside kind of a little odd quib but it'll work which I mean if I was buying I would skip straight past the standard and get the plus model, you'll be a lot happier just for these two features we've already discussed.

Sight Picture

Something else that's huge to me if you compare this to the AX series is the level is up in the sight picture where on the AX it's below the pin and just about out of the scope.

Actually it kinda gets in the way lining up peep with your center torque ring on the back.

So I really like that fact, I think that's gonna help a lot shooting up hills and down hills for 3D or field type shoots something like that.

That's something that I've been wanting to see as well because it was bothering me to draw back, have to open both eyes, look at my level, get it level then close one and go back to the shooting and go for the shot because you could not see the level through the shot. Well now you can, so that's gonna be a big deal. I really think that's gonna help me a lot, probably help a lot of you guys just like a lot of this stuff does.

Rear Sunshade (Optional)

Another neat feature that I really like to see is this rear sunshade which this is optional it's like $30 for sale at your local dealer, it's an add-on piece really simple to install. It'll help of course shade the scope some keep a little glare off and provide more of a tunnel effect kinda like you're looking through a rifle scope. And that's something else I would like to see on one of these models was a full-length front and rear sunshade that you could put scope shades on like the Butler Creek rifle scope cover so hide the pin from the elements or rather the lens from the elements a little bit better, things like that. But that's a very very minor deal. But that's something I would like to see, but this I feel like is gonna be a big help already.

Crosshair Attachment

Next part of this is something I know everybody is going crazy over is the crosshair attachment for the Accuview. Now this is a standard on the 41+ and they're going to be coming out with it for the 31 but standard in the 41+ model not the standard but this is more of a hunting set up. Potentially you could use it on dots I have not tested this experiment or experimented with this yet but that's in the cards to try that out.

But for hunting I could see where this could be useful. It would kind of help you low light to find where your pin is, where the centre of the scope is and be able to shoot potentially or another idea is maybe paint the crosshairs with something reflective or some glow in the dark paint something like that. I'll let you guys figure out just what all you can do with this thing because there's quite a bit a guy could do with this that I'm not seeing just yet, but a lot of good ideas here.

Scope Sizing

I really like this Accuview setup. Instead of the yoke style, the Y connector it's more of a T connector which I mean that's not a big deal. I kinda like the T better, it's a little less material there probably a little lighter I'm sure, but that's a little bit of a difference.

Now they're offered in a 41mm a 31mm and a 25mm. The 25mm would be really sweet on spots as small as it is or on field where you need more range things like that.

We also have a black one, I've got a black one and a blue one, you've got a red one and orange one a green one and a purple one so you can match it to your bow and the price is just the same for any colour and they're anodised aluminum so they're tough, they look good. It's really a cool little option there a little extra.

It also uses the standard AX series pin, lens, lens retainer, hooded sunshade, torque rings, the frame for the lens from the 41 and the 31 of course obviously you’re going to need the 41 for the 41 and the 31 for the 31. And it is also the same thread on the end of the yoke to put in the stock light from Axcel or to put in aftermarket LP, a Zbros things like that. So that really helps out quite a bit.

Now the next segment we're going to show you taking one of these dudes down and putting all of your accessories and parts from your AX series into the scope.


Alright guys we've got our new Accuview 41 in the box. Also got the new sunshade for the rear and we've got our existing AX 41 scope. Now we're gonna pull this new guy out of the box, start setting this up and putting it all together. It comes with the instructions, a little product guide to tell you what it comes with and oh yea here's the most important part made in the USA, alright!

Now open this dude up take it out of the box. It comes with the #10-32 rod like I said before you can use this with any scope or pretty much any sight on the market. Just pull the T connector out pull these two bolts and you're done. Just put that in there, tighten it up and go on with your life. But anyway, so we've got this AV41 right out of the box.

We're gonna pull the front off of this, the front regular lens retainer and then we're gonna find our torque indicator rings, our crosshair, get all this outta there, lens frame, get all these parts.

Now, set that dude aside, we're gonna pull our AX41 apart. I've got my lens, lens frame, torque indicator ring and my pin. So now we're gonna put all that right over in here into the brand new AV 41. I've been waitin for this. That in there, that little guy, lens frame first of course, that little guy, alright. Now we're gonna put our hooded sunshade back on from my AX41 and we're ready to rock and roll on this end.

Of course you can adjust your pin brightness now right off the bat no big deal there. Pretty cool. And now we're gonna take this off, the torque indicator ring off the back and gonna install our hooded sunshade for the rear. Set it in place, kinda hang out right there it falls into a little bit of a groove. Keep it all together. put your new torque indicator ring on the back, make sure that your sunshade is levelled up where you want it of course. Look at that dude sit on the back.

Now we've got this AV41 ready to go. On our yoke where our AX series scope was previously, let’s put that away, take this part make sure you've got it set the right way. Put it on there as far as we had the other one, which is pretty close on mine. Tighten it up. Of course we're gonna check it in just one moment for level left or right or around there. Get it installed back on our Carbon Achieve, looks like we need to move our scope down a hair, let’s loosen this guy up, not much there. Get it pretty much levelled out, looks good! I like it!

I hope you've enjoyed our video over the Accuview 41 the new scope from Axcel. Now to close this off the standard model AV series scope in basically any size is gonna run you $76.99 and then the plus model is $118.99 and the hood extra sunshade of course is $30. So you can use all of the existing parts you already had so all you have to do is slide them in there like I show and you're ready to rock and roll.

But I can't wait to get this to the range, can't wait to start getting these out in the field for guys to hunt with and tell me how they are. And I hope y'all tune back in we've got some more videos coming up on some more products just like this, releases, sights other hunting sights, stabilizers things like that.

So stay tuned for all that, and of course the new bow reviews will be out just as soon as I see new bows. So I appreciate you all watching stop by and check us out or find us on Facebook at Better Outdoors Archery and Bow Hunting. We appreciate y'all watching, thanks everybody.


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