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Hey everybody! It's Dalton Vaughn with Better Outdoors here. We've got the new 2017 PSE Vendetta VX in hand. This is a bow that is really sweet, no doubt. You know I loved the Bowmadness 34 last year. It's the right length, the right speed, the right draw cycle. Just a really sweet spot in the bow business and the Vendetta is no different.

It's got the same specs that we've come to know on the Bowmadness 34, so not a lot of difference there but we'll get into it.

We've got a 334-344 IBO range. We've also got 6" brace height, 34 3/8" axle-to-axle, and we're running 80% letoff. So not a lot of changes there. The specs are still just awesome from last year and that really suits me as far as spec-wise goes. That's a area I like to be in is that 34" bow and roll with a 6" brace height. I'm good with that with the PSE, especially with their XForce technology. 

To expand on that, we've also got the super adjustable cams, we've got the 24.5" to 30.5" draw length adjustment range which is really big, especially for a bow of this length. A really short draw guy could turn this into a heck of an indoor 3D bow and still get some of the speed back, so that helps out quite a bit. 

You can do this on a 35-50 lb. limb bow, a 40-60 lb. limb, or a 47-70 lb. limb. I know quite a few older guys that are shooting the 50 lb. max one of these turned all the way up or turned down a couple turns and it's really a sweet spot especially on worn-out shoulders. But the 60 lb. turndown is just the same way. So, pretty cool.

However, the coolest thing about the Vendetta this year is the price tag. Super affordable. $599.99 bare bow which is quite a steal because last year the Bowmadness 34 was a $699 bare bow. So dropped a little cost, which they did change a few things which helped out on cost as well, but that said it shoots better in a few ways than the Bowmadness 34 did but it's definitely not a downgrade. It's pretty nice. 

Unfortunately, guys, it is a right-hand only bow, oddly enough. I was told from that from last year that it's a cost-cutting measure, they don't have to make two moulds for left and right hands which cuts down on cost, which works out good for us consumers, unless you happen to be left handed. That's my only knock again this bow. But that said, it's about the only thing bad I really have to say about it. 

Something else of note, and we'll touch on this later of course, is the draw length on these bow is around 1/2" to 3/4" longer than what the module shows. Tested this over the three bows behind me, they were all running right around that 3/4" mark, my own just running just a hair shorter. So factor that into your draw length especially when you get to looking at these bows. It's gonna hurt some of the short drawer guys, but for a guy that's shooting 30.5" already, that gives you a little room to play with honestly. We'll turn a negative into a positive. Like always, I'm not going to sit here and defend it but it does shoot good and for all intents and purposes it's fantastic. 

But now let's move onto the features of the 2017 Vendetta VX.


2017 PSE Vendetta VX Features

To get into the features on the Vendetta VX, it's got a few things that differentiate it from the Bowmadness 34, but not in a drastic way. Now something that will make you feel good is it's still got the Bowmadness cams from last year on it, which are now called a Vendetta Drive cam, and it's also got the same riser geometry and grip as the Bowmadness 34. So there's been a few little changes outside of that but the general design, the general geometry of this bow hasn't changed so it still shoots just as good but actually a little bit better. 

Something that really you will notice as soon as you pick it up is the riser's got a few new cutouts in it and it's actually a little bit stiffer due to that. It's still a machined, forged aluminum riser. It's still extremely well designed, but it has gained a little structural integrity from changing the cutouts up a little bit, so that helped out some. 

It's also a pro line bow this year, instead of a main line, which was a pretty big difference. It's got the new shock mod limb dampers in the limbs, which we found those on the higher-end bows last year, the Decrees had them, Full Throttle had them, stuff like that. They make a little bit of difference, look a little cleaner, that's for sure. 

We've also got the carbon rod string stop. It's got a small clamp that holds it in, a bolt that clamps it on the side. Speaking of clamps, the cable rod is actually the clamp style from the Drive R last year, so that's a pretty cool little design feature there. I've really not had issues out of this style cable rod system. Just as soon as you pull it out of the box from brand new straight from PSE, give it a little tightening up there, a little Torx head wrench a little bit and it won't ever move. After the fact when we send them out, we torque that down so that's not an issue. 

Something else of note like I touched on earlier, we've got polymer limb pockets and they're 13-turn which gives us that big weight adjustment range. The polymer limb pockets, I feel a lot of guys aren't a huge fan of the polymer limb pockets but honestly we haven't had any issues out of them, haven't seen any issues out of them, so kind of a null point there. 

It's also got the same sight mount holes, you've got various options there which as we've talked about better that really helps out for shooting single pin or a low anchor point, something kind of odd you have options there. So that's really a nice change there but that's not a big difference from anything PSE's built but a lot of companies don't offer that. To me I like that, and that's been on everything from PSE for a long time now. 

Now we'll also get into the colour and the finish, which the finish on it is really good. Only places that aren't filled in with the camo coating and the dip is inside the actual holes where they hold it in the jig to build the bow. 

Other than that it looks fantastic and you can do the SkullWorks, you can do the black, or you can do the Mossy Oak Country Camo. They all look good. I prefer the SkullWorks, personally, but that's just me. I think it really looks good, really good contrast on the limbs. Also it's got a new little PSE medallions inside which look cool. Of course, they had to change the name obviously so they changed the riser decal and the sight window and they changed of course the limb decals as well. That's a pretty cool little change there, looks a little bit sharper.

Now one of the main things that makes this better than the Bowmadness 34 last year is if you're comparing stock to stock is the string. They come out of the box, the new PSE LiveWire strings, which is PSE's proprietary process to built strings and cables. They use a C&C style machine except adapted to run and build strings and cables and stretch them so it's a little bit more consistent than the human hand. That's a pretty neat difference there. 

In shooting mine, I've shot mine quite a bit and hunted with it some. Not seen any major wear, not anything different than we've seen before. And actually it stayed exactly in time, exactly on spec from when I got it out of the box until now. I'm really happy with the LiveWire strings for factory strings. Even the cable slide isn't trying to eat up the strings like they used to. 

Now something I will recommend, and I recommend this for all the bows in the PSE lineup is the new roller glide system they're offering with the Evolve. You can get that separately for $39.99, which is a really good upgrade. 

Now this bow is available bare bow only, that's the only way it comes, however if you give us a call, shoot us a message, or jump on our website, we do offer this bow as a ready-to-shoot package that we let you custom configure with whatever parts you'd like on your new Vendetta.

All that's fine and good, specs are cool. Let's take this Bowmadness cam Vendetta, shoot some arrows on the chronograph, shoot them through the decibel meter to see what kind of test results we get, and have our final thoughts in a bit. So first, however, let's go shoot the new Vendetta. Here we go: 


Vendetta VX Shooting Test

Alright guys, so now we've got the Vendetta here with some arrows. We're going to shoot it, do our normal draw cycle test, show you how it draws, how it aims, the draw cycle, valley, let off, you know the drill. So, here we go.

Now the first thing, of course, as soon as you grip it, always like to touch on it first, is the grip. The grip is the same as the Bowmadness 34 so I'm very comfortable with it and very happy with it. It's just a little bit wider than some of the other ones from last year, but this year it's actually a hair bit narrower than the grip the Epix and the Brute Force have got. Being a little wider helps me out a bit, and I actually like to cover mine with some grip tape of some type to make it warmer, or the neoprene PSE grip cover. 

Anyway, grip is good, you've got a nice place for your thumb to rest. It's actually sculpted in there really well, it's really comfortable. Now let's get into shooting this thing. 

It draws really smooth and when I say smooth it doesn't build weight at the back, anything like that. It just transitions well and really obviously you can tell you're easing into the letoff but it doesn't just change abruptly. It just eases, eases, and you hit the backwall and you're there. Now I've held this quite a while, but at 80% let off, that helps. 

At the shot, you've got a touch of feedback, it's not bad at all. In fact it's probably just a hair bit more than the Epix which was just about dead in the hand from our other video. Really happy there, which it's no different than the Bowmadness last year and my Vendetta with everything on it, my new Bee Stingers and all that on it, it really eats up all the vibration. So that's not a major area for concern.

So let's load up another of our gold tip arrows and take another shot. 

Let's do our draw test. Peak weight, peak weight, slacking off, slacking off. So you really just draw peak weight about half the draw cycle. But after you get halfway it pretty much rolls over and gets into the valley and the letoff really well. It's got a really good backwall too. It's really solid, it's pretty much there. 

I would say it's a little stiffer than probably the Epix, it's probably about a notch under a limb stop, that's how good the backwall is on these bows. Really, really nice. 

At the shot, it really doesn't feel like it wants to go forward or back real bad. It seems to be really balanced. But while we're discussing that, let's go ahead and shoot it and check it out, just real fast. 

It rocks a little forward, then a little back, then pretty much stops. I would say it's a really neutral feel when you shoot it. I'm actually running the Bee Stingers on mine, the front and back bar bow so that takes up any of that issue and I can balance it the way I want. So that's really nice. 

Now to get into the letoff and the valley on this Vendetta which of course as we've seen is really good so far. To get into the letoff and the valley, let's anchor off, get comfortable, now as always let's get lazy. Let's see what kind of valley we actually have. About 1.5-2" is about as far as you can go before it wants to go down with you. So that's quite a bit, really. That's more than the Epix has and the Brute Force Lite has. So it's a really comfortable bow. It's not going to try to take it from you when you're shooting. I know a lot of guys with bad shoulders really can't handle that. This bow it'll solve that problem for you. Let's shoot this.

That really solves the problem there as far as the bow trying to take off with you, I'm not a big fan of bows like that other than my target bows, and really they're a different kind of takeoff on you than snappy speed bows are by far.

Now another area that I want to look at this bow is going to be the string angle and that's something that's important to me. I've shot these bows a while so I'm already happy with the string angle but we'll show you what we've got. 

Anchor off normally. I'm not going to move my head any just like always. Right to my anchor point, under my jaw with my thumb release. Nose on the string, it's there. Shoot right through. 

Gotta say guys, as far as the shooting test is concerned, it passes my test. I'm really happy with it, I know y'all guys will be too. Everybody that gave us a holler last year that had got a Bowmadness 34 said "man, it's been fantastic just like you said." The Vendetta is gonna be the same way this year. It shoots really good, obviously. 

Let's see what sound levels we can put out with the Vendetta, and then get some speed.


Vendetta VX Sound Test

So now we're moving on to our sound test. We've got some 450 grain arrows we're gonna shoot through this bow at 5 ft. away into the decibel meter and see what kind of noise output we have with the Vendetta. I'm expecting to be around as quiet, maybe a hair louder than the Epix, so we're thinking 70-75 area. So here we go. 

Now we have our results from our sound output test. So now with that said, let's go to the chronograph and see what kind of speeds we're looking at on the Vendetta.


Vendetta VX Speed Test

Now as always, we're going to shoot at 350, 400, and 450 grain arrow out of this Vendetta. We're set at 29 3/4" draw on the cam. We're set at the 29" setting, however these bows like I've noted before are running a little long, so we're going to factor that in as well. We're set at 59.3 lb. and have been for this whole video. So now let's break out some arrows, see what kind of speed we're getting through the chrono. 

Start out with a 350 grain arrow. Shoot through the ProChrono, see what kind of speeds we're getting. Man, this bow does draw good. Got to say that. 311 fps with a 350 grain arrow. Nice!

Now for our 400 grain arrow. 287 fps with a 400 grain arrow. Liking those numbers.

Now for the 450 grain arrow. 275 fps out of the 450 grain arrow. 

So that's our speed test. Pretty impressed with the speeds of course, which I know that we're running probably about 5-6 fps faster than what we know they'd shoot on the correct draw length measured out, but that said, still I'm not beat up about the speeds at all.

That said, let's move on to my final thoughts on the Vendetta. 


Vendetta VX Final Thoughts

The Vendetta VX is definitely going to be one of my picks this year for my personal collection, of course I've already got my own that I've already been shooting that I'm really happy with thus far. That all said, the VX is definitely going to be a sweet bow this year. It's definitely marketed toward the longer draw guy that needs a longer axle bow to be a little comfier, which I fall in that category myself. The axle-to-axle is good, the speed is pretty good. 

Now do remember with our review, and it's been shown a few times throughout, we're at a 29 3/4" draw and we're drawing 59.5 lb. So throughout our testing, none of that's changed. We've shot this bow probably about 100-150 shots by the time this video was over, took me a while to complete. 

It's pretty much how it's going to be after you get it. The timing's stayed the same, it's been a really nice bow, and mine of course has been the same way. I'm happy. 

Our speed test, getting back to that though, at 350 grain arrow we had 311, 400 grain arrow we had 287, 450 we had 277 speed. Good speed there, which they are about 5-6 fps too hot, compared to what they should be due to the draw length difference. So if we set one of these up or you call us just let us know the draw length and we'll make sure the bow is actually drawing the length that you need rather than the module letter. That helps out a lot.

Now going back to some of our other test results, with our sound test, we were at 84.4 decibels on one shot, which I consider that probably a little bit off kilter. The other shot was 74.6 and the next one was 78.8. 

So this bow's a hair on the loud side, however it's not really a fair fight with some of the other bows in the lineup right now because (and this bow's not going to be any different than the rest under scrutiny). However this bow was bare, the only thing it had on it was an arrow rest and straight out of the box. Of course the rest of them were straight out of the box, but had everything on them which eats up some noise.

That said, I tested my own Vendetta, I'm running around 65-70 decibel range, depending on how I test it, what arrows, things like that. They're definitely obviously going to be quieter than what that was. Not going to defend it, just going to show you the honest truth about that. 

That's what we're here for in our videos, to show you the honest truth and not try to say this is the greatest bow ever, because let's get real guys, there are so many of us out there archers shooting different length bows, different size bows, shape bows, different draw lengths, our hands are made different, there's so much variable out there that it's hard to say which bow is the best one. 

For my needs, and I'm sure some of you guys around my draw length will concur, for my needs and the way I hunt this is definitely one of the very top bows on my list. 

It's got a good axle-to-axle, it's quiet, it's plenty fast enough to get the job done. Easy to draw, which is probably the big thing. Don't know a lot of you guys out there with bad shoulders who want to still be in archery but not able to find the bow that's real easy on them. Got to say, Vendetta is going to be pretty easy on you. 

I hope that you guys go out there and shoot 'em some and see about that. Make sure, because always we want to portray these bows as honestly and accurately as possible.

All that said, Vendetta's cool. Definitely cool. 

If you want some information or would like to place your own order for a Vendetta VX and we offer on Better Outdoors ready-to-shoot package, you can find us at betteroutdoors.net, give us a call at 870-475-3337, we'll answer the phone, do a little discussion on the bow, and figure out which bow fits your needs. And also find us on Facebook at Better Outdoors Archery & Bowhunting. That's where you can stay up-to-date with our live feeds, our latest pictures, where we're at with our new reviews and products, cool stuff coming in and changes we're making, and we've got a big change coming. 

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As always everybody, I'm Dalton Vaughn for Better Outdoors, we appreciate y'all watching!


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