2017 PSE Stinger X Review

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Hey everybody, it's Dalton Vaughn with Better Outdoors, and we've got the 2017 PSE Stinger X for this review. 

Now this bow is a fantastic entry-level bow and I really like the fact that anybody can shoot this bow but it's not a kid's bow, it's not a youth bow, it's not any of that. It's not like a lot of these other bows on the market that'll do that. This one shoots well, you've got a good letoff, good backwall, plenty of speed, it's a really nice setup.

But what drives this bow is the Stinger X SX cam and it's got a grow-with-you setting and a performance setting. Your performance setting will act like a normal PSE, the 20-lb weight range adjustment and it's gonna shoot a little better, a little faster, the draw lengths will run a little more true. But on the grow-with-you setting, that's where you get to access the full weight range potential of this bow.

Now this particular model, now this is a 60-lb limb bow and on the grow-with-you setting at the shortest draw you can turn it down to 25 lb. Now that said on the same deal with the performance however, it's only going to go to 40 lb, so you keep that in mind when you set one of these up. I like to start out with these on the grow-with-you setting for somebody and run until you max it all the way out and then change over to performance setting and a lot of the time then back down to where it needs to be. Cause it is a little easier to shoot in the grow-with-you setting. 

It's also got the rotating module of course for draw length so it's just like all the other PSE bows, nothing's changed there so we've got a video on how to adjust all this grow-with-you performance and draw length on YouTube as well that you guys can check out. 

It's got a cast aluminum riser, not a lot of frills there, pretty basic riser which makes it light, and light's good especially in this category, it's lighter than a lot of its competitors that can perform this well anyway. 

It's also got 13-turn polymer limb pockets which is where you get all that weight adjustment from. Some of these bows are coming with different limb graphics and others, we've got some that have said "experience performance" and we have some that would show just "Stinger X." I personally like the ones that show Stinger X but either one looks good.

We've also got the same string stop as last year, no changes there. We've got a different stabilizer, a few little odds and ends we're going to get to but for the most part this bow remains the same from 2016. We've still got the same strings as we had which are fairly good strings, I've not got a lot of problems with them honestly. You get a little bit of peep twist before you shoot em in, but once they're shot in and tuned, we tend to have good luck out of them and they'll last quite a while til they'll need changed out, just like all these bows will. 

This bow is of course made in USA. Unfortunately a lot of your accessories aren't, but at this price point I don't know of any bows that have anything American made on em besides the bow itself, so you can keep that in mind. Not a major issue there, but I do like mine made in USA.

But now, on to the specs.

2017 Stinger X Specs

Now moving on to the specs on this bow, there's quite a bit to cover here. You've got a 7 1/8-inch brace height, so we've got a pretty good brace height. 32.5-inch axle-to-axle which I like that it's kind of a mid-range bow now, so it's a little comfier to shoot. A 308-316 IBO so it's not too slow either and we've got 75% letoff which is a touch less than some of the other options in this category but shooting wise I think it does help.

This bow bare bows weighs on the scale real light, 3.7 lb and a ready-to-shoot package like this one with the quiver on it weighs 4.6 lb. 

You've got a draw length range that is really accessible, 21-30-inches. And you can go with 20-50 lb limbs, 25-60 lb limbs, or 30-70 lb limbs, so we've got a lot of adjustment there to play with and these are available in right and left hand, which some bows aren't believe it or not. 

Now out-of-the-box specs, we always set these to a 29-inch setting on the module to test em. This one was measuring 29.5 actual draw length right out of the box. So 1/2-inch long on draw length and on draw weight we're at 59.7 lb so pretty much right at 60. These are 60 lb limbs so it's peaked out so we're going to shoot it just like this.

Now these bows are going to run bare at $299.99. The standard RTS package like this one is $399.99 and the really nice RTS Pro package is going to run at $489.99. Now your standard package is going to include a Gemini 3-pin sight, a Whisker Biscuit rest, the FX stabilizer, a Hunter LT Quiver, a Tube Peeper, and a D-Loop which I feel like is a pretty good package. I actually like this little stabilizer better, it seems like it can do a little bit more than the other ones would and looks better. 

Now your Pro RTS which is only going to come in Country Camo and Muddy Girl Camo, do keep that in mind. These are going to come with a Phantom Dropaway rest, an Amp Micro sight with a light, Spire stabilizer, a Raven quiver that matches the bow, a Tube Peep and a D-Loop, so this is a pretty big upgrade for $50 more. Quite a bit of an upgrade, especially if you're going to go with a Muddy Girl Camo for a lady to shoot, fantastic package, especially for stock.

Now these bows do of course come in a bare or ready-to-shoot package. You can get black, SkullWorks 2, and Country Camo as well as the regular stellitto in the regular RTS package or bare bow. So of course the Pro RTS is just for the Camo and Muddy Girl, have a lot of mix up there on the phone. But pretty cool for offering two levels of this bow. Now the rest of our specs prior to this on our let off to come back around we were holding 13.9 lbs which gives us though an effective let off of 77% so it's actually got a little bit more than when they claim it at 75%. So now with all that said it's time to go shoot the Stinger X and we're going to shoot it on a variety of draw lengths and settings too. Here we go. 

Stinger X Shooting Test

Hey guys it's time for our shooting test. Now we've got this Stinger X set on 29.5 inches of draw, 59.7 lbs. we're going to go through the grip, through the draw cycle the valley let off the back wall, how it feels after the shot, the feed back, all the pertinent information to shooting this bow. So go a head and hook up the T.R.U. ball blade release. Now the first thing of course we come to as always is the grip. And the grip on this bow is smaller than a lot of the other bows. it's not too terribly small however but it is definitely good for smaller hands, youth archers, lady archers, things like that they'll really appreciate this. But just a little bit of grip tape on it you can build it up to the size you wish anyways. So really nice there. It's got a nice spot to put your thumb, and that to me is big just having somewhere to put your thumb in here, pretty comfortable grip the way they've got it set up. So, let's try.

 A nice easy draw cycle, it doesn't stack weight at the end, it doesn't really change it's smooth, it's about safe to say like most of the PSE's are. String angle, I do like the string angle. It's not hard to get an anchor. At the shot it wants to fall back a touch which as with most of these single cam bows are real stabilizer, so take care of that.  It doesn't have hardly really any feedback at the shot, it's fairly dead in the hands as it is, so that's a really big plus to me. Especially for a hunting bow it doesn't seem to terribly loud either, fairly quiet actually. So let's draw again. Let's see ok we've got weight here and here and here and here it starts to roll off, rolling off and rolls on back to the back wall. Which the back wall, something I love about these bows, is very solid. That;s something in this category that there's not many of them that are just really solid especially bows that adjust as much, but this one is. And that I feel like will help you shoot a lot better. That's nice. But that will help for sure. But it still doesn't seem to have much feed back at the shot, and that's a big deal for a lot of you guys. I think this is gonna be a really good shooting bow for a lot of people and it has been for a few years now. 

Now for the let off and the valley. Let off here. Let's see we have got around an inch and a half of valley there but once you roll out of the valley it starts to wanna go on ya but this is a little bit faster bow than some of the others in this category too. But it's still not hard to shoot and it's not harsh to draw the shoot either. So this bow definitely appeals to those who are just starting out, getting into archery and things like that. And it'll get you into archery with a fairly high performance bow honestly. The way this one shoots and performs with the x tech limbs, and SX single cam so pretty nice. 

Now, for the get lazy test. Draw here and get comfortable, get lazy. You can't go as far as you can with some of the other bows, but still not too bad. Yep not too bad at all. I'll just shoot this thing. 

When it does fire you can feel it push back towards you but it's not really a vibration it's more of a push so I think that you guys are going to be impressed with how this bow shoots especially with this configuration. Now for a little bonus we've got some more of these set up. We've got one set up on a shorter draw and one set up at the very minimum setting. So let's go get those bows and test them out. 

Now this is the Stinger X the Muddy Girl Pro Package bow and it's going to be set at 40 lbs with a 25 inch draw. So let's check that draw cycle out. Nice and easy, falls into the valley. it feels like it's got about as much valley as we had. And in fact you can cheat the system a little bit and more your draw stop one notch farther back for a little added let off and it really doesn't compromise anything. It's still pretty good. It seems to still have plenty of punch too. I'll shoot one more time. The string angle of this draw length is going to be really good especially the shorter draw this axle to axle and this draw length combination go together well. Very little fish back if any at this length and it's really quiet too. Very cool. 

Now onto the minimum draw length and weight one. To really show the versatility of the stinger X this one is set as 20 lbs with a 21 inch draw. So you can see that this bow can fit just about anybody. And it feels like it has plenty of let off here and it's not jumpy on the cam or any of that. This is actually to the grow-with-you setting so  for a child this is going to be great. You've got a good back wall seal, but of course not as tight back walled as the higher pound ones. But with this turned all the way down its not bad. So lets shoot. You can definitely tell the speed difference however fun. Shooting wise for a kid starting out of any kind, really going to be one of the bows I would put on the list. Definitely cool but we can adjust the bow for them to be able to shoot a full grown bow but that they can grow into and shoot when they're adult. Very nice shooting little bow. 

Stinger X Sound Test

So now with all of that set it's time to go bring our camo bow back and go to the sound test. Hey guys moving onto the sound test for the Stinger X. And of course we've got the decibel meter five feet away from us. We're going to shoot three 450 grain arrows and the compile our results in the end of the video. So let's get started. 

Now with our sound test complete it's time to move onto the speed test. Hey guys it's onto the speed test. Now this is really gonna show what kind of metal this thing is made out of. So we better shoot a 350 grain arrow a 400 grain arrow and a 450 grain arrow to get a good gage on what kind of speed numbers the Stinger X is gonna put out. Now we're 57.7 lbs and 29.5 inch draw so lets kick things off with a 350 grain arrow.  277 feet per second. Wow that's rolling. So now let's shoot 400 grain arrow. 261 feet per second with a 400 grain arrow, that's not too shabby at all. Now for the 450 grain arrow. 247 feet per second. So not bad speeds out of the Stinger X it is actually pretty quick. So now guys it's time to compile all of our data and move onto my final thoughts on the Stinger X.

Stinger X Final Thoughts 

Well guys I'm thoroughly impressed with the performance and shoot-ability and adjust-ability of the Stinger X. Now before testing we had a 29.5 inch draw with 59.7 lbs. After our testing was complete we're still at 29.5 inch draw but we're off to 58.4 lbs we've lost about a pound there but nothing major. Most of the bows we test typically do lose a pound throughout the testing. Now our speed test I was very impressed with. Our 350 grain arrow shot 277, 400 grain at 261 and 450 grain 247. So all of those numbers are very respectable. Now this IBO calculated out in the real world to 308 IBO. 

Now if you're in the mood to pursue a little more speed you can pull the biscuit off change the peep style and gain a few more there. So this bow is meeting expectations in my opinion even if it's low end, but of course it could have a few things holding it back like the biscuit. 

Not to move onto our sound test results. this bow is a bit louder than some of the other ones, but then again it's a little bit faster. You can do a little bit to quiet this bow down as well. Some limb bands would help, a better stabilizer just some small thing would greatly help all of this bow. But our first shot was 81.3 our second was 79.1 and our third was 79.7 so this put out very consistent sound level. But of course you can quieten it down, it's not a major concern there. 

But to round back, this bow is definitely one I would put on my list if you're trying to get somebody into the game that can't maybe draw the weight just yet. Maybe they need a bow that fits and will be a little bit more adjustable for when they're growing too. Men, women, children whoever can shoot this bow. And I thought, its kind of in a league of it's own because you can adjust so much and it shoots so good. It's light and it feels really good to shoot, and being this kind of axle to axle course could make a target bow for a really short draw person. So there's definitely some really good points about this bow. Love the grow-with-you setting, that's nice to have performance to grow with you both in the cam. So we've got kids from 8 years old up to retired individuals 80 years old shooting these bows and shooting them well. We've got a huge following for these bows. I'd say this is probably PSE's #1 seller. It's definitely high on our list anyway. the package on it's good. I like the fit and finish, its really clean. All of the colors look high def. Just like what we've come to expect from PSE and being all made in America all the bows definitely good too. 

So we do offer however our own ready to shoot packages on our website at betteroutdoors.net and what we're going to do there is we're going to get your specs and we're going to tune the bow to those specs. Build arrows, go paper tune, broad head tune and get this bow ready so when it gets to your door it's ready to rock and roll. If you're interested in that go visit our website at betteroutdoors.net or give us a call and we can take care of you from there. Now if you want to follow us on social media you can follow us on Facebook at Better Outdoors Archery & Bow Hunting or on Instagram at Better Outdoors Archery. We've got a lot of cool stuff that comes up on there that's spur of the moment. Some deals, some specials, some speed tests and some smaller content that you won't normally find on our YouTube channel. But speaking of YouTube if you want to follow our cool videos and full length reviews, and coming up on a lot of other really exciting topics to cover, make sure you subscribe to our channel and then share it to a friend. We'd greatly appreciate it. And as always guys, if you've got any questions maybe give us a call our phone number is 870-475-3337. But we appreciate you guys watching, we always appreciate the support with all you guys out there watching and liking and sharing our videos and posts, it keeps us going it keeps us rolling. And you guys that order bows from us and take care of us on that end and come see us, we appreciate y'all too. So as always guys, thank y'all for watching. I'm Dalton Vaughn and we're Better Outdoors. 


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