2017 PSE Lineup Review Preview


Hey guys, it's Dalton Vaughn with Better Outdoors and I wanted to bring y'all a little update ahead of the new reviews for the 2017 line and let you know where we're at on that project. And of course as they've just released, it's going to take a few weeks to get them all in. We have the Evolve behind me, the Carbon Air 34, Epix, the Infinity, as well as the Stinger X Stiletto Muddy Girl edition, and the Drive R Pro package. 

So we've got those bows in stock, we've got reviews coming on those, but however I don't want to rush out with reviews. Y'all know me, I wanna give y'all the most honest, real opinion of these bows I can regardless of if we sell them them all the time or not. I want to make sure y'all know what you're getting. That's a big thing here with my videos and my reviews is to tell these bows exactly as they are. It might take a little bit, but I want to shoot all these bows that customers shoot, get a general opinion of how they are, and then we'll let them out there on the reviews for you guys to sample and see what's going on ahead of going to the shops and shooting them or calling us and placing your order.

Now speaking of taking orders, we are accepting pre-orders on the new bows. They've got some really cool stuff this year. One of my favorites besides the Evolve, which surprisingly is really, really sweet, but something else I'm really liking this year is the Vendetta VX. That's a Bow Madness 34 with the new riser. We're really excited to get mine in. I'm going to have one of those to hunt with for sure, no doubt. 

We have our website updated with all the new bows. We've got some more options to come, some more edits to make and things like that. But for the most part you guys can get on there, place your orders, all that, and see what we have to offer this year. We're hoping to have all the bows in late October/early November. That's what we've been told from PSE. I'm sure everybody's local dealer is pretty much the same way. There's not a whole lot of these bows out there, so if you buy any of the ones that anybody has on a preview pack, which we have two preview pack sets here, then you'll be able to get ahead of the game. 

Find us on Facebook at Better Outdoors Archery & Bowhunting, find us on our website at betteroutdoors.net, or give me a call. I'll personally talk to you, you can ask me any questions about the bows because we have shot them, we have been playing with them, but like I said I don't want to release a review until I test these bows enough to know that you're getting a quality product that we've always expected from PSE.

Our phone number is 870-475-DEER. We appreciate y'all watching, we appreciate y'all out there shouting out for us on Facebook, on social media, on Archery Talk, things like that. Appreciate all y'all's support, we couldn't do it without you, but I really can't wait for this year's review videos. We've got something really cool cooked up. But I can't say much else about what we've got cooked up here at Better Outdoors, without letting the cat out of the bag. 

Stay tuned, stay watching our videos, and get ready for the new ones because it's going to be awesome.

Thanks, everybody!

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