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Hey everybody, it's Dalton Vaughn with Better Outdoors and in this video we've got something you've all been wanting to see. The new 2017 PSE Evolve 31. Now this bow as soon as you pick it up just looks good. It looks really complete it's got a lot of great features and great technology.

And the fit and finish on this bow just looks fantastic. Something new from PSE really is we have PSE engraved on the back and a really nice medallion on there. The limb graphics are fantastic lookin' in my opinion. You've got a lot of spots where it shows PSE emblems and medallions, things like that throughout the bow and it just really looks complete if that makes sense. It really feels like it's a well thought out, well put together package and something I would expect from PSE. And especially in the price point this bow is which is pretty much top of the line.

I do believe this bow is gonna be one of the best ones to play with and try out this season and for good reason. What PSE set out to do with the evolve, they spent around three years of R&D on this bow to build the best high let off, comfortable shooting bow with good speeds because that's what PSE is known for is the speed. And be able to tune it and be able to shoot it really well and in my opinion, guys, they really did it. I hate to brag on a bow too much in our videos but honestly, this bow is very, very impressive in my opinion.

Now the cam system is really wild. It is a 4 track binary cam which binary is nothing new nor is the hybrid cam they're known for but binary is nothing new which is a great cam system the inherent flaw is the cam length issue sometimes especially tuning that allow you a lot of options.

Well, this bow does allow a few options and it kinda corrects itself if you wanna put it that way and the reason it does is it's got a floating yoke right here which if we remember floating yoke they were a bit problematic back in the day. But that was on a different cam system.

Nowadays you've got the floating yoke but the real trick here is this cable wraps from the widest point on the cam and as you draw it, it wraps to the narrowest point in the very center. So when this bow comes back, it's gonna pull from the very center of the cam, the floating yoke is gonna correct your cam lane, keeps from having any issues there. Even with a really bad grip, you can watch this bow pretty well work.

When you draw back it's really neat there. But what that does is when you fire, centrifugal force allows this cam to stabilize and the limb to stabilize so when it shoots, you've got a dead level cam from start to finish. Which I gotta say, guys, it really does tune really well. Now if you do have tuning issues which we saw a lot of these and tuned a lot of these, even with super stiff target arrows which are notoriously tough to tune. But what we've learned is you pretty much don't have to move anything. Move the rest, go shoot, really neat there. So they really did great on the cam system, I'm really impressed with that. You can shoot a variety of spines through this bow and they'll shoot just dead on though paper it's almost unreal, really and honestly.

But anyway, it also has dead level knock travel, being a binary cam that is one positive attribute of the binary cam for those that are really into that side of things. You've got a really solid wall that's just one step under a limb stop which is what we're gonna show you later with dual cable stops and the draw length of course is adjustable in the cam as is the let off and we'll show that later too.

Now it comes from the factory with the 80, 85, 90 percent module and you can get an additional 60, 70, 75 percent module from PSE. Now I will note, guys, that the draw length does change slightly between let off settings is it does just change the position of the cam more than anything. But anyway, really, really impressed with this Evolve cam system. And you're gonna find this cam system on of course the Evolve 31, 35, Carbon Air 32 and 34s. Really nice, really nice. But, the cams are awesome, but let's move on to the rest of the features of the evolve.

Now to move on to the rest of the features of the Evolve, the riser is very high tech, very sharp looking. Got a lot of the same details as a lot of the Target models did last year, the Super and the Beast in particular. It really carries that theme and you'll see that theme on a lot of the other bows. And the grip as well is worth noting. It's just about the same as the Epix and the Brute Force Lite and the Infinity which I really like that grip. It might be a hair bit wider and in my opinion it is but it does match good with the Target models which I prefer this grip over any of them I've ever had on any bow. Really comfortable.

Now of course you can tell really quick, we've showed it before, it's got the wide-track limbs which we've seen last year with the Target models as well. A lot of the tech that was coming to the hunting models started with the Target line last year which is a good place to start. But the wide limbs help spread out the load, a little more efficient there, a little quieter, things like that. It really looks cool too being so wide and if you notice a lot of companies are going to the wide limb setup for their flagship model bows.

You also have the wedge lock limb pockets. This is actually a speed pocket what this one's particularly called. And the wedge lock just pushes the limbs apart the same width in the front as they do back here with the cams out with the spacers so that helps eliminate a little noise, keeps the limb pocket a little more square. Really nice setup keeping the limbs square there. And we've of course that on the Target models too. See a theme here?

But as well it does have ten turn bolts on these and the anchor in here pivots so when you turn this bow down, the bolt stays square with the limb pocket as you turn it up or turn it down wherever you want to leave it. So that also helps on vibration and helps efficiency there some to that's a really neat mover there from PSE. We see that on some of the cheaper bows in the lineup like the Epix and the Brute Force and the Infinity especially. Really cool.

Now it also has this riser is a 70, 75 machine riser which is one the stiffest PSE has put out for a hunting model bow. Really sweet and extremely strong of course and it resists torque, resists vibration, resists noise some just by being stiffer. That really helps out.

Now it also comes in with ABB Platinum string set which I've been an ABB fan for a while. Been extremely happy with the strings on these. We've got a demo bow we're gonna show you later that's been shot some. And when you see this bow you can tell it's been shot just a touch but over a thousand shots, still not have any wear that you would notice, anything like that. It's been shot here in the store. And it has stayed pretty well dead on. I think we've added two twists to each cable. Maybe one more to get the timing back dead on. Really happy there, that was something I was concerned with personally.

As well, it can use the two-piece, wanted to make note of that and you've also got a hole in the back of the riser for a back bar bar bracket if you wish to use that as well. That's a nice little feature.

Now to come back around however to the tuning part of this, we've still got a few a few options with these bows before you do anything drastic in that you can adjust the flex draw, the flex slide, and it's got the new roller glide on it. Really the roller glide, it helps on string life a ton and cable life a ton. Really sweet there.

But to get a little deeper, if you need to tune any deeper or you just wanna experiment, you can still adjust the configuration on these bows, move them around, whichever way you wanna go and you can also move your spacers on each end if you wish to shim the cam one way or another. So they still left you options on this bow which I do like but we saw quite a few of these, not had to do any of that on any of them. So really sweet, really sweet setup. Really eliminates a lot of issues.

And another great feature is these yoke connectors there, metal so you don't have to worry about those being plastic. Really, there's no plastic on this bow. It does have a carbon rod string stop and it's also got the back stop for a string stopper. You've got the riser dumbbell, shock mods and you can change the color of the riser dumbbells and the shock mods if you wish to. As well as the black stop, that's all in the color kit from PSE. But you can really make this bow look sweet. A little color, a little new string, that sort of thing. But anyway. Well now, guys, it's time to move on to the specs of this bow.

2017 PSE Evolve 31s Specs

Now to move on to the specs of the Evolve 31, of course it's a 31 inch axle to axle bow, with a 6 and 1/4 inch brace height. And this is what's neat, we've touched on it before, you've got 80, 85 and 90 percent let off which is a adjustable in the cam. The bare bow weight is 4.4 pounds real world for this bow. So a little bit heavier than some of the others but with the bows it's competing against, it's right in their wheelhouse. A 24.5 to 30 inch draw so you get a good range to play with on draw length and your draw weight range is 46 to 60 pounds and 51.5 to 70 pounds. So still got a huge range there to play with probably more than a lot of bows out there.

Now some more interesting features or notes rather, are pre-review specs for 21.5 inches with a 29 setting on the cam so drawing 1/4 to 1/2 inch this one's a half inch longer. And we're drawing 59.5 pounds. Now to bring you some more info. This is on 80 percent let off, we're holding 11.4 pounds, we're drawing the 29.5 at 85 percent let off. We're drawing 29 and 11/16 on draw length and we're holding 8.69 pounds on 90 percent let off however this is crazy. 29 and 3/4 inch draw, 6.5 pounds of holding weight. So this bow pretty much would hold itself back with just a few accessories the way I would shoot it, draw it on the scale it would hang. Really, really wild feature. And of course being adjustable in the cam, if you don't like that, move it to 80 percent, keep rollin'.

This bow is $949.99 bare bow. Flagship model bow, that's nothing new there. And it comes in Mossy Oak Country which is super sharp on these bows. You can also get it in black which we've seen a ton of black ones and the skull works too which is my favorite. But I'm sure a lot of you guys would agree this a really sharp color. And also we can offer this bow as a ready to shoot package over on betteroutdoors.net and we'll talk about that later too. But now however, guys, it is time to go shoot the new Evolve because I know that's what you've all been waiting to see. So, let's do it.

2017 PSE Evolve 31 Shooting Test

Now guys it's time for the part that you've all been waiting for and that's how this thing shoots. So, we've got it set at 59.5 pounds, a 29 inch draw and we're set at 90 percent let off. So, let's give it a draw and see where we're at. Oh man, it's almost like drawing a kid bow. There's almost nothing there. That is sweet. Hit right where I was wanting too, crazy. Really sweet drawing bow.

You hold weight, I actually measured this out earlier. You hold weight right at halfway through the draw cycle. Just about dead on and then it just falls off pretty quick. Really transitions nicely. We've got peak weight right about there and it starts to roll and transitions really well. You do roll into the stops kinda hard, a little bit harder than what I like but for 90 percent let off I think that's to be expected.

Not hardly any vibration I can tell any feedback you do know the bow went off but that's about all you know when you shoot this bow. And these are just standard hunting arrows too from Gold Tip. This bow is really, really impressive.

The grip too, like I've noted before, really good, I really like how you can put your hand in there and it feels like you're in the right spot every time you pick it up. And it's got a really nice shelf up here on the thumb pad for your thumb to rest on which to me makes a big difference. Let's give it another shot.

Very nice drawing. And even though it looks like it's building up weight at the end, let it down, it's definitely not. It start easy, easy, weight and then there's nothing. It's really easy all the way back. That's the best part about this Evolve cam and I've been playing with these for a while and everybody that's come in and shot these bows can attest that this is a super, super smooth drawing bow. And for the speeds it puts out, it's pretty unreal in my opinion. Really beats even my favorite the Bow Madness series cams and the drive cams by a pretty good margin.

Now, let's see what kind of let off we have and the valley. Of course 90 percent I can just bring this over to you right through the computer it seems like. Now, let's get lazy with it. Well, I can not get lazy enough to let it do down without pushing it. Now to make it go down, I've literally got to push to make it go down.

Now it does have a huge valley, there's huge let off but the valley is not nearly as huge as what you would think and that's a good thing. Reason being, you've got a huge let off, got a valley about like a Bowmadness cam bow and if it was any longer however though, you would lose a lot of speed, a lot of time, a lot of your launch time would get eat up, some of your speed would get eat up, and that all translates to getting the arrow out of the bow faster. So they really did their homework on that aspect.

But that said, like I said, you definitely have a around as much as the Bow Madness. Let's see, we've got probably an inch and an half there to play with and that's on 90 percent let off. String angle too, wanted to note that. Neutral position, anchor off, can get into a pretty neutral, pretty comfortable anchor position with this bow. Of course the draw length is a hair long for me but really comfortable there. I'm really happy with that and that's something that these big evolve cams and what everybody else is doing on the market is really going to.

Right on the same spot. Amazing. But shooting this bow is definitely something you guys need to go do if you've liked some of the Halons and some of the Hoyts, things like that. And of course being a PSE fan, this bow is gonna really surprise you. Really surprised that PSE's got a bow this comfortable to shoot. Let's shoot it one more time on 90 percent. And then, right on camera, we're gonna adjust the let off down to 85 and 80 percent to show you what it's like there. Just rips right back, it's one of the bows that definitely does not feel like you're drawing what you're drawing. This bow does not feel like 59 pounds, it feels like about 50, honestly.

Now, coolest trick in the book right here. I'm gonna take my torque set wrench, get the bow down here where I can work on it, gonna loosen up our draw stop, gonna move it to the middle position at 85 percent. They do have this little piece of rubber on the ends of these too. Move this one to 85 percent. Now that's all it took to adjust the let off on this bow. Nothing else to really change. The draw length is just gonna be a touch shorter. And that's all. Let's give it a shot at 85 percent. Same draw cycle, transitions even more nice into the back wall and into the stops. And the back wall, on 90 percent, is just the same as that 85 surprisingly which is an extremely good back wall. I really like the back wall on this bow.

Now I'm actually really glad they didn't include a limb stop on this bow because I feel like this cable stop setup is just a little bit more forgiving and it takes up a little bit of the bump and change especially shooting up hills and down hill that sometimes you have. Let's shoot one more time. Now, let's anchor off and get lazy with it. Still not trying to take it away from me. None at all, it's not even budged. It actually let it down, this is how much let off we have still. Just about have to push it down. And our valley is still just about the same and I can still hold it all out there and just about pass it to somebody at full draw. Unreal. Let's shoot it again. Uh oh. Gotta quit doing that.

But now, let's go down to 80 percent which is more where I personally would like this bow, 75 to 80 percent let off. Pretty neat, we can adjust this on the fly when you're outside. That one's adjusted, flip it over. This one's adjusted. Check the top one, make sure it's tight. Make sure we're in the 80 percent let off position. Now we're at 80 percent let off on both ends, made that small adjustment. Now, let's shoot a few arrows through it on 80 percent.

Just the same draw cycle, feels just the same as it did. However, it transitions even better. It's just about perfect on 80 percent for. Even at 85 and 90, not much change. I can still hold this bow back no problem. It's getting a little tougher to hold as you can tell but we went from about 8 pounds of holding weight to around 11 so that's a lot of that. Our valley wise, let's get lazy with it, just about when I get the most lazy I can get with it, it wants to ease up some. Right at an inch of valley so your valley of course is gonna get a little shorter with the lower let off which is expected but this bow still is super easy to draw, super easy hold, super easy to shoot. So, really impressed with the draw cycle, how this bow shoots, how it feels. Now, let's go see how loud this bow is or how quiet it is. Here we go!

2017 PSE Evolve 31 Sound Test

Now for our sound test of our Evolve 31, we're shooting with the decimeter 5 feet away with three 450 grain arrows to get us an average. So, let's see what the Evolve sounds like. Now with our sound test complete, let's move on and see what kind of speeds the Evolve is gonna show us on this one. I hope they're good.

2017 PSE Evolve 31 Chronograph Test

Now it's time for our speed test and this speed test is gonna be a hair bit different because we're gonna shoot 90 percent, 85 percent and 80 percent let offs. But first, we're gonna start at 80 percent let off, 350 grain arrow, 29.5 inch draw and 59.5 pounds. So, here we go. 80 percent, 350 grain arrow. 308 feet per second with a 350 grain arrow at 80 percent let off. Now before we change let off, we're gonna go ahead and shoot our 400 and 450 grain arrows. Here we go with our 400 grain arrow. 296 feet per second. I can dig those numbers real well. Now for our 450 arrow. 275 feet per second. That's at 80 percent let off. Now, it's time for 85 percent.

Now we're gonna shoot a 350 grain arrow through here  with an 85 percent let off setting. Still, we're drawing 29 and 11/16 on draw now. Still now 59.5 pounds. 306 feet per second at 85 percent let off. Now, let's move up to 90 percent. Now we're set up at 90 percent, still a 350 grain arrow and we're still set at 29 and 3/4 inch draw now, still 59.5 pounds. 307 feet per second. So, not a lot of change, the draw length increase does help slightly of course with speed numbers between your let off settings. But, all that said, really impressed with the speeds this bow is putting out. This 31 is right on track with the IBO right there with it. So now, it's time to move on to my final thoughts.

Well guys, my final thoughts on the Evolve 31 is if you're needing a really easy to shoot bow that's really got some great speed, that's very high quality, it's definitely gonna be high on that list. It really blows everything else I've shot recently out of the water including some flagships from some other brands. And not trying to be favorist here but this bow was legitimately awesome. Really good draw cycle, really good let off and valley. Especially the let off and being adjustable and it looks extremely good it's put together well. The speed's good, the sound levels are plenty good in my opinion, right there as quiet as the rest of them and it actually seems a little quieter than that shooting outside. But to come back around however, it's gonna come back to our results from our testing.

Our pre-review specs were 29.5 inches of draw length, 59.5 pounds. Well, we've not changed a single bit on that so these things are staying pretty well right and we've seen that over time with our demo ones. Like I said we've only had to add one twist, one and a half twists there abouts to our demo bows to bring the timing back in after being shot around a thousand times. So that's plenty acceptable to me, I'm really happy there.

The strings have held up really well on those, I think you guys will be very happy with that. Now our speed test, we had some really good results there. 308, 29.5 inches of draw, 59.5 pounds on 80 percent let off, our 400 grain was at 296, and our 450 grain was 275 all at the same let off and draw length. Now when we bumped up to 85 percent let off, we went down to 306 feet per second which was very little of a loss and at 90 percent we were at 307 and that's due to the draw length gaining just a little bit more. So playing with the let off on these bows, you're not gonna lose much speed in fact with a lower let off, you should be able to gain some speed there as well.

Now our sound test was good as well. We had a 73.7, a 73.9, and a fluke 85.5. So this bow is right there as quiet as the rest of the lineup but like I said, outside shooting these bows, they seem quieter than the rest of the line. The 35 is the same way and the Carbon Air is even that way as well. But you guys will not be disappointed with this bow, you might be disappointed with the speed, the fit and finish, just the shootability of this bow, that's an easy word to say and same with forgiveness but PSE really took the binary cam system and made it really, really nice. They made it really great in the way that they set this up and the way that they've made it where you can tune it so easy. Hopefully we'll have some video later out on the tuning methods with this bow or lack thereof more so. You guys will be very impressed, I'm really happy with the evolve, the 35 is gonna be a fantastic bow too in the lineup. Just like this 31 is, I can't wait to shoot that one some more. But this 31, I'm really blown away for a short hunting bow to shoot this good and feel this good is pretty amazing.

But anyway guys, don't forget, we also offer our Better Outdoors packages over on betteroutdoors.net where you can get anything you'd like on these bow just about and we kit it out and send right to your door, ready to shoot. And of course, find us on some social media as well. We're Better Outdoors Archery and Bowhunting on Facebook, betteroutdoorsarchery on Instagram and don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel. We've got a lot of cool stuff coming up, got a huge announcement coming up as well and if you've got any more questions or want to call in or order, anything like that, got your own Evolve in and just not real happy with it or maybe you are and just wanna tell us how it is and give us some feedback on how we're doing with our videos and training these bows as honest as possible, give us a call at (870) 475-3337. You'll get to talk to me, we'll be able to make something happen from there.

But I'm Dalton Vaughn, we're Better Outdoors and we appreciate y'all watching. Thanks, everybody.


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