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Hey everybody, it's Dalton Vaughn with Better Outdoors. I've got something just a little bit different for you today. This is the new 2017 Obsession Turmoil. Now I've held off on doing a review on these bows for a few reasons we'll get into later.  

When you first pick up this bow it looks really complete. At this kind of a price point bow I didn't expect it to look quite this good from Obsession. Not that they make a bad bow on that aspect by any means, but a higher end manufacturer building a mid-range bow, I expected them to have some concessions to the finish and indeed this one does not have any concessions to that. 

The limb pockets look really sharp, the machining and the tooling on the riser and the cams is really good. It looks really high quality. The finish on it is really tough that we've found so far and we've had a few of these out in the wild. Some of the Obsession staff here locally shooting and they still look brand new. The finish on them is pretty tough, I'm happy with that. 

This one features of course the hybrid cam system which is a real big change for Obsession, which is known to do all binary cam bows pretty much. But I like this hybrid cam setup. It's a little easier to tune, it's a little easier to get your lateral nock travel right, so it's got a few advantages in my opinion and it's still pretty quick. And it's got a good letoff and valley which is probably the biggest thing to take away, but we'll get into that later as well. 

It's got anti-rust coated hardware throughout the whole bow, so in outdoor conditions you're going to have a little bit better luck without having any rusting or any issues like that. It does take draw modules which is kind of a little drag against it, but I am used to a lot of the other bows on the market that can adjust right in the cam for the draw length but this one does take modules. Modules do make these bows a bit more efficient, that's the technical side of that, but I prefer to move it in the cam, that's just me. 

You have dual limb stops, which is similar to the rest of the Obsession line and you can shoot it without the limb stops, but it really doesn't shoot very good that way. The backwall is very mushy, but again this wasn't designed to be shot that way like a cable stop bow. This was designed to be shot as a limb stop. As a limb stop bow it feels really good on the backwall, and it helps you get that locked in feeling. So pretty nice.

Another benefit to having the adjustable draw stops for the limbs rather is you can play with your letoff, you can run on the high letoff setting or for target, 3D, something like that, you can turn the leftoff down yourself just by moving the draw stop. So very similar to a lot of other binary cam bows right now. 

It has split limbs, which I like split limbs a lot. They offer some more tuning options. You can move one limb to another side or top to bottom, move 'em around to get the bows to tune the way you want 'em. That's something that we've learned with every brand, most all of them have an option for that, especially the PSE bows. 

But I did have to do quite a bit of adjusting to this bow to get it to tear a good hole out of the box. I swapped the limbs from top to bottom, that improved it. I had a pretty bad left tear with this inner shot dead center and with the correct spine arrow for this setup. What I had to do to finally make it tune right was I had to shim the top cam over to the left. So I just switched the shims on each side of the cam, flipped 'em, and it tuned up very good after that. Broadhead tune and everything. You may run into that, but if you order from us we'll take care of that before it even leaves.

There's a few things that I did kind of pick this bow apart which I do most of 'em. To be honest with you guys, there was a few things that I've seen on this bow that felt like could be better and probably will be going into the next year. 

There's no timing marks on the cams, so timing these is a little bit of a chore. The very best way to do it is by getting your cable stops lined up and doing it that way. Pre-tuning these bows would probably greatly benefit with that just due to the lack of timing marks. You can use a draw board to check the nock travel, that's one way to get the timing on it as well. Then again, I really would have like to just have timing marks really simple to see and understand and be easy to do. Hopefully we'll see those in 2018, I really hope so myself.

The only other complaint I really had is the string setup on it isn't quite up to par. It's exhibited some wear. This bow probably has about 400 shots through it by now, but it has exhibited some wear down in the bottom cam where it rolls over and we've got just a touch of wear where it runs through - and it's really cool, I really like this slide setup - but just a touch of wear there, nothing major. But this slide setup is cool, it flexes in as you'll see later, but and it doesn't have any roll or anything, it's just a Teflon-style slide that's physically on it. It doesn't move in, it doesn't move back, pretty neat.

But the other thing I notice with the string set and of course a lot of these things would be alleviated with the aftermarket string set was the bus cable isn't served here. I would prefer it to be served here, I just feel better about that I'm not a real big fan of having it set up like this. I remember the older bow used to be that way as a cost-cutting measure and I suppose this is the same way.

But a good string set, a real premium string set from any of the high-end manufacturers I think you'll be real impressed in that regard. 

But now, with all that out of the way on this very cool entry-level, high-end bow let's move onto the specs for the Turmoil.

2017 Obsession Turmoil Specs

Something I notice right off as soon as I seen it at the ATA was the specs on this bow were really good especially for this price point. You've got a 6.5" brace height, which I thought was pretty good for this kind of a speed setup, with a 33" axle-to-axle. That makes for a really good all-around bow to hunt with, shoot 3D, play in the backyard, all those kind of categories of this bow and it can pretty much do everything in that regard and I'm glad they went that direction. I think that was a good move.

It's got a 350 IBO which is a bit lofty but we're going to check it out obviously in the real world as we always do to calculate that out and just see where it's at. It has 80% letoff, which actually this particular one has 82% letoff and we've seen 85% out of these bows so that's what's really nice about this bow compared to its other competitors is it's got more letoff than the rest of them and more valley. So that might be a big difference for some people and I wouldn't put it out to pasture at all because of that. I think that's a great thing for this kind of level bow. There's nothing else that can do that at the moment. 

Your draw length range of course adjusts with modules as I've said before. There's 25" to 30.5", they've got two different sets of cams for these bows, but they do adjust with that through the modules. And then the draw weight range you've got a huge number of draw weight ranges to go to. You've got the 30-40 lb, 40-50 lb, 45-60 lb, 50-60, and 60-70. 

There's a lot of different ways you can order this bow since you've got two different cam sizes to play with. It can be a great women's bow, even a youth bow at that point, 14-15 year olds possibly, and obviously a great men's hunting bow or target bow for that matter. A lot of use in there, so that's pretty cool.

Now our pre-review specs on this bow, pulled it out of the box which we've shot the crap out of it between now and then. But we started out with a 29 3/8" draw with a 29" module and we're drawing dead on 60 lb and this is a 60 lb limb bow. It was holding 11 lb on holding out, so we're right around 82% letoff as we said. So that's really good and it feels good because of that no doubt. 

$649.99 bare bow, so it's really affordable for this kind of bow, and to have that kind of IBO, this is a really nice setup for the money. It looks good, it looks the part, it's definitely nice. They could have put $899 on it and I feel like it would still be just as nice as it is at $649.

Now this bow only comes in black just like this one or Realtree Xtra Green, so you've just got two colours which is of course a part of keeping the cost down as well. And we do offer this bow as a ready-to-shoot package here at the store and on our website at betteroutdoors.net. A lot of guys are getting these bare bow and trying to figure out what to put on 'em and all that, but we'll take care of those details.

In fact this bow has got the Trophy Taker Smackdown Pro on it, it's got an Accel Accuhunter on it, and the B-Stinger Counter Slide on it. So just something I put together with some parts, some parts that I really liked and wanted to test out on this particular bow. So we're gonna check that on the range and that's comin' up next!

2017 Obsession Turmoil Shooting Test

Now it's time for the shooting test on the turmoil and of course we're going to cover the grip and the draw cycle, the valley and the letoff, the backwall, how it feels to shoot and how it feels after the shot and the balance of the bow. Of course I took the stabilizer off of this bow to make it fair with a lot of the other reviews like the Evolve reviews, things like that, that way these bows come as a bare bow, so we're testing 'em as a bare bow. The only thing of course we've added is a sight and a rest, obviously, but that's all we've added.

So, let's get into this. 

The first thing you notice is the grip, the grip's actually really comfortable. A few of the other bows in the line I didn't like the grip quite as much on, especially when your thumb rides up at the bottom of the shelf, it felt like it was cut away at just a sharp angle. Not that it would hurt you by any means, but it wasn't real comfortable to me, but this bow's got a really comfortable grip. I think I could really shoot with this grip. It reminds me a lot of the PSE Vendetta VX, the Bowmadness 34. So if you guys know me, that's a grip that I really like.

It's fairly slim, it might be a little bit more slim than those bows, it's more rounded off for sure. But really comfortable. What I did learn after shooting this bow quite a bit trying it out before I did this review was it did like to have a little bit less hand in the bow, so you don't want to put your hand too straight up and down, you wanna get more of that 45-degree angle or a little bit more to make it shoot and tune the best. But that's just what I think. 

Now let's get into the first shot and the first impression. 

I would say that the draw cycle, it's not what I consider smooth. It's not tough, but it's not smooth. It's just kind of in the middle, but this is a bow that IBOs up to 350 fps, so that has a lot to do with that. 

Now let's make another shot with this thing, really dig down into the draw cycle here. It doesn't have hardly any vibration, any feedback. It feels fairly dead in the hand, I'm very impressed with that.

Anyway, here's the draw cycle. We've got a little bit of weight there, you can tell it's starting to build there. Buildin', buildin', buildin', and then it rolls over. And when it rolls over, it rolls over and hits hard. It's a pretty big transition from the draw cycle to the letoff and valley which is something I don't really care for as you've seen in some of our other videos. I prefer it to build weight at the front and get easy as you come back so you have leverage. 

Draw here, the backwall of course, didn't expect anything less, it's a solid dead stop with a limb stop, that feels good. It's gonna be great to hunt with. You can shoot this bow well because of that. A lot of guys don't like a spongy wall and I don't either. Just a touch of sponge is OK. Dead stop, really OK, feels just like the other Obsessions, Elites, and other limb stop bows. So there's not a lot of fanfare there. 

Now let's get into the valley and letoff. Now this bow of course has a little bit more letoff than the other competitors in this class. I'll probably note this a bunch, but I feel like it's one of the main selling points to these bows compared to the other bows in its class is the higher letoff option. 

Little bit stiff draw on that back really knocks it back, but it still does draw pretty well. Alright now, letoff and valley. That's a far start out with the get lazy situation. Relaxin', I'm relaxin', I've not moved any. Whoa - I'd say it obviously has really good letoff, but the valley, it's got about an inch, inch and a half and it's pretty well there. Now you can play with the draw stops and play with that just a touch and add some more, but this bow is pretty well stocked, no tricks. I just put in time after settling the strings in and that's pretty much where we're at. So that's about the best representation that there is.

So definitely you don't have to quite be on your game to shoot it, but do keep in mind that it doesn't have a huge valley, but it does have really good letoff, so it's really easy to hold drawn by all means. 

Now let's look at the balance and the feedback a little bit further. Anchor off, eyes closed, relax, and see where the bow is at. Pretty well in the centre, didn't have to move it hardly any. Feels good, doesn't feel like it wants to tip over one way. 

Now let's shoot it. It does want to rock back to you slightly, but just like every other video with a little bit of stabilizer and I found this myself it will either set neutral or fall forward, but some guys like that to fall back to 'em. I like that on some bows, I'd say this one is probably closer to neutral than a lot of them we've shot, but it does want to fall back to you some, so no big deal there and when you just hold it out, it pretty much sets level. It might want to fall forward a bit just holdin' it, so for the guys are into that particular thing to feel, I think you'll still be impressed. 

The feedback at the shot too, there's not just a whole lot there, which is really good actually. Let's look at that a little bit further with this shot. Just a touch of feedback you can feel it vibrate just barely here if you bump the bow just slightly you can tell just about how much vibration this bow has at the shot. So not a lot of vibration, very cool.

And that's something I've liked about the Obsession bows from the get go is all of them are pretty well dead in the hand, especially for some of the speeds that some of the other models put out. They're pretty well dead in the head, so that's a really cool feature. 

Of course we're going to sound test it but it doesn't seem to be real loud. The decibel meter won't lie, but it's got these limb saver dampeners to help out as well.

Let's just take one more shot for good measure. Got weight there, weight there, and it starts to build, and it rolls over. Off here, good shot, see how it holds.

It'll pretty well set in the middle of the X without just a whole lot of intervention and that's without a stabilizer or anything. I think this bow has a lot of potential to be a really good shooter if you're looking for a high letoff bow I think that might be something for you to look into is the Turmoil. 

Just on shooting alone I'm pretty happy with it. So now let's move on to the speed and sound test to get some real raw data from the Turmoil. 

2017 Obsession Turmoil Sound Test

Now we're moving on to our sound test. We've got 3 450 grain arrows we're going to shoot through this Turmoil then get some numbers on our sound, so let's make it happen.

Now with our sound test complete, let's move on to our speed test. 

2017 Obsession Speed Test

Now for our speed test of the Turmoil we're at a 29 5/8" draw on the draw board and 59.4 lb. So we're going to take our 350, 400, and 450 grain arrows and shoot through this bow and compile our data for the end of this video where we we will indeed calculate the IBO out. So let's see what kind of speeds the 350 grain arrow is going to show.

304 fps with the 350 grain arrow. Pretty good numbers, I like that.

Let's see what the 400 grain arrow does. This of course is my biggest metric on this as it's about the same weight arrow I hunt with, so this will tell me what I want to know. 

286 fps. I'm diggin' that, I'm definitely diggin' the 286. 

Now for the heavier weight arrow, 450 grain arrow. 270 feet per second. 

So this bow is definitely not slow. We'll see what the IBO actually calculates out to but the speeds already are pretty impressive in my opinion for this kind of bow with this level of letoff. 

So let's move on to my final thoughts on the Obsession Turmoil.

2017 Obsession Turmoil Final Thoughts 

So we've done our complete review, we've done our complete shooting with this Obsession Turmoil and I've gotta say that at this price point I think a lot of you guys are going to be pleased with it. It's got a few quirks to workout and I'm sure they'll work 'em out going into next year, not having timing marks, a little better string set, those two things would be great. 

But it feels good in hand, it's good and quiet, it's pretty fast, but now let's get into the fast for a moment. On our chronograph we were shooting a 29 5/8" draw, 59.4 lb. For the 350 grain arrow we had 304, which was pretty quick. 400 grain arrow was 286, and the 450 was 270. 

Calculated IBO, this was the most interesting for me, was 341. So it is a little bit under what they advertise, but then again this bow there's different ones we've seen. Some have been faster, and some have indeed been slower. 

We've actually had a few of these come in from the factory that were only around 335 IBO after tuning and doing a few tweaks the factory told us to do. Some of these are going to be a little slower, some are going to be a little faster but I would say guys around the 340 IBO realistically is what you're averaging out with these bow, which is a deal killer by no means, just a little slower than what they rate it at. 

Now sound test wise, it's a pretty quiet bow. Now the first shot was a bit of an odd one, 56.6. The second shot was more realistic at 72.1 and the third shot at 75.3. What we've pretty much found on just about all of these reviews is pretty much all of these bows are about the same sound level, so they're all fairly quiet. 

Outside, of course, they're all just whisper quiet. In the shop they're a little bit louder and I know a lot of you guys have noticed that with your own bows and goin' to different places to shoot 'em, but outside the bows are quiet just like everything else out there, pretty much. 

I like the fact that it doesn't have hardly any hand shock, I know a lot of guys that are in that really don't want hand shock, really into that, really pick a bow apart for that. The only thing I guess that I don't personally like about this bow, and a few of our staff shooters and customers agree, is the draw cycle isn't quite what we want it, but it is a 341 IBO on this particular bow so some concessions have to be made.

Overall, the valley, though it's short, the letoff does make up for that. 82% letoff on this particular example and I've seen some up to 85%. This bow has definitely got the most letoff in that category and it just feels like a really nice bow overall. When you pick this up, different ones feel cheap, different ones feel expensive, this one feels pretty expensive to me, so I'm happy with that. 

Now we do offer this bow as a ready-to-shoot package if you're in the market for a ready-to-shoot bow. Or if you need a bare bow and like to set up your own, we can hook you up with that too. 

If you'd like to find out more about ordering or purchasing or any of that sort of thing, visit our website at betteroutdoors.net. We'll assemble these, set 'em up, tune 'em, get 'em 100% ready so when they come to your door they are stage 3 tuned and ready to hunt that day.

Of course don't forget to follow us on Facebook at Better Outdoors Archery as well as Instagram. We have some cooler things come up there, shorter videos, some giveaways, things like that on our Facebook and Instagram pages so do keep up with those. 

Do make sure you subscribe to our channel on YouTube if you haven't already. We've got a whole slew of bows left to review, a lot of products we wanna get to before hunting season gets much closer to show you a lot more cool stuff and we'll have lots of 2018 reviews when it comes time for those. 

If you have any additional questions about the Turmoil, about anything we've shown in this video, or if you'd like to order your own, or you have a Turmoil that may have a few tuning issues, we can help. 

Give us a call at 870-475-3337. That's DEER, by the way.

I appreciate y'all watching. I'm Dalton Vaughn, we're Better Outdoors. Thanks, everybody!


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