2017 Brute Force Lite Review

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Hey everybody, it’s Dalton Vaughn with Better Outdoors and in this review we have the 2017 PSE Brute Force Lite. And this is gonna be just a fantastic bow at this kind of price point that they are asking.


2017 PSE Brute Force Lite Specs

But to get into it, you've got a 30.5 inch axle-to-axle bow with a 7-inch brace height so pretty good specs especially for a tree stand bow, no doubt. A 332 fps IBO so impressive on the speed just like last year’s Brute Force was, it didn't disappoint in that department anywhere.

80% let off which is the norm nowadays from PSE especially with the Bow Madness Drive stop cams which are extremely nice to draw, extremely nice to hold ,and have plenty of let off and valley it feels like to really get comfortable with these bows.

We also have a bare bow mass weight of 4 pounds, actually recorded on the scale here at the shop and in the RTS package. Which this is the pro package on here, actually quite a bit nicer than the standard RTS and it comes in at 5.6 pounds.

Also of note, it's got an extremely large draw length range, 25-31.5 inches. It can fit somebody just starting out, or somebody really big been shooting for a while and any size in between. Could make for a women’s bow, a teenager’s bow, and just a standard men’s hunting bow by all means. So huge range there and the weight adjustment also adds to this.

32.5-50 pound limbs, 40-60 pound limbs, or 45.5-70 pound limbs. My honest recommendation for you guys just right off the bat is gonna be to go to 40-60 pound range. Really sweet there on the adjustment range.

It also achieves that with 15-turn limb pockets which is kind of new this year, I haven't seen that yet, I've seen the 13s from last year, but 15 that's really movin' em all out there.

It's got a really attractive price point just like last year’s Brute Force did. You're looking at $449 bare bow, $549 for the regular RTS from last year, and for the new Pro RTS which is what I would recommend is going to be $599 and you get a ton of cool stuff for that price, so definitely a deal there.

It's also right or left hand and you can get this in Mossy Oak Country or the SkullWorks only in RTS or bare, but the black comes only with the bare bow, so that’s nothing different from last year. If you want a black bow you're gonna have to get a bare one, but Camo and SkullWorks you can get in bare or an RTS. Now, that’s pretty good there.


PSE Brute Force Lite Features

Now, with all the specs and all the formalities out of the way, let’s get into the features that sets this apart from last year’s Brute Force. The features on the Brute Force: it’s got some pretty impressive specs and features especially at this price point, so let’s drive into it.

We've got Bow Madness-style Drive cams which are extremely adjustable they stay in time and tune really well, offers you a lot of adjust ability there. Really nice shooting cam, really comfortable shooting cams, so you’re gonna be happy there just like last year’s Brute Force and Bow Madness series bows and this year’s Epix and Vendetta share the same style cam system.

It's also got the new LiveWire strings which i've been very impressed with thus far, they seem like they hold in time really well, they don't have a lot of  peak twist, peak rotation issues, things like that go on. So for a factory string I believe it's very well built you're gonna be able to stay with these for a little bit longer than last year’s strings and not have any issues.

Happy with the strings. The gray color’s good, I liked that last year. It does have an improved grip in my opinion. It's molded similar to the Super not quite the same but similar to the Super.

Its narrower than last year’s bow was. It also has the PSE engraved right in it so that looks pretty cool, and what I would recommend you guys do being that it doesn't have an actual grip on it and PSE tends to do just the riser grip which I am good with is put a little grip tape on there, some tennis racket tape, or put the PSE neoprene cover on it so that will help you out in the winter and that's honestly what I do for all my target bows, all my hunting bows, that way my hands don't get sweaty and move. But that's beside the point.

To improve from there, it’s definitely got an upgrade up here in the limb area. Of course we've got new streamline limb pockets but they're polymer, but we have not had issues with polymer pockets over all the years they've been selling them and doing them so that's kinda null for me, I trust them, I'm good with it.

Also what’s neat being their 15-turn pockets now is they have a new steel limb bolt anchor, and that limb bolt anchor what that's going to allow is to turn it down lower without much issue of worrying about stripping the riser out, over-shooting at a period of time with it turned all the way down.

Last year that came to a head there. PSE they told me that they did see that happen with some bows turned down the full turn on just the riser threaded limb bolt, so they went to this anchor system, I think this is a lot better.

Now why else that I think this is a lot better design is when you turn this bow down however many turns you want to go, this limb bolt is going to stay flat against this pocket which is going to help on noise vibration, things like that a little bit, versus coming out of there at an angle which ends up pulling the finish off the bolt and it looks bad after a while. So they did good on that part that's an improvement in my opinion. It also seems to reduce weight, of course, with the polymer pocket.

But moving on from there, this bow is still cast aluminum riser but they've cut a ton of weight off of this bow compared to last year’s and really slimmed down the design. It really looks good, you know it's got a lot of nice cutouts, it's even got the super looking bat wings, what I like to call them on the backside. So that's cool, I like that. Kind of goes with the rest of their bows.

It's also got the cable guard clamp system that we've seen on the Drive R last year and we're seeing on more or less all of the lineup this year in the mid-range bows. So I'm happy with that design.

Also it's got a new string stop that's a carbon rod now instead of the piece of aluminum that was a little bit heavy, and sometimes they'd come loose, kind of had a little issuses there. This one seems to be a little better, there is a screw on the other side of the riser a Torx head to tighten up that string stop so if it gets loose it's easy to fix. If one was ever to break, super simple to pull out and fix that. Highly doubt you'd ever break it, but if you do, like I said they always build it so you can replace stuff on these bows so that helps out a lot on longevity. Also they have a new string stop damper.

All these features are sweet. Now let’s get into the new RTS package and see just how much they've improved the package for this year.


2017 PSE Brute Force RTS Package

The RTS package this year of course is fantastic. This Pro RTS and what you're gonna get with this package you’re still gonna get the standard spire stabilizer and neoprene sling and D loop and a ¼-inch red peep.

But the real interesting part is you're going to be getting a micro-adjust 5-pin sight that has a really fine click adjust, it's toolless, the pins seem to be plenty bright especially like they've got plenty of fibers in there. They're built a lot like an Xtreme, so really good design.

They also have a sight light on em as well, so that's a really good upgrade the sight is. That’ll keep you guys hunting a little bit longer and be able to save up to buy a Spot Hogg sight, something like that and really move up rather than go to mid-range side, this kind of covers that.

Something else I am really liking is this PSE Phantom rest. Really good drop weight, really simple very very unlikely to fail the way it's designed. It comes with a cable clamp which I’m not always serving my drop ways in but for a stock setup and being able to adjust it the cable clamp is fine, comes right with it so that's a good setup.

It also comes with the shelf pad for the arrow to rest on before you draw, but honestly I would upgrade that part get a better one, or maybe but some moleskin down, something like that to really quiet it down and that way your arrow don't rattle when you draw on an animal, so that's just one little upgrade I would make.

And of course it still comes with the Raven 5-arrow quiver, still got a real good quiver, good package. You know last year’s Brute Force came with just basically standard as you can get cheap stuff, but this year for 50 bucks more than last year’s bow, WOW that's a pretty big jump they really outdid themselves on this package.

To compare this to last year’s Brute Force, however, we've got to make that happen because I know everybody that's seen these bows like "oh should I buy the new one or should I stay with my old one?" Well the reason I would probably look at getting the new Brute Force is you're going to be getting a lot lighter bow. You're also going to be getting a fantastic RTS package if you decide to go that route, and you also get the latest in technology as well as the LiveWire strings. Also we have the different string stops.

So there's a few reasons definitely to upgrade if you’re looking to upgrade or maybe to just get into archery, get into bow hunting, or just upgrade your bow that you already have. Brute Force is definitely gonna be something cool to look at.

But with all that said it's time to shoot a few arrows to this dude! See how it shoots and see how it acts, so here we go!


Brute Force Lite On the Range

Alright now we're going to move over to the shooting test the Brute Force Lite. Of course we're set on a 29-inch draw and 60 pounds, we're gonna load this thing shoot a couple arrows through it, see what you think.

Now were gonna shoot a few arrows through this Brute Force Lite, and go over the draw cycle, the let off, the valley, the feel, the grip, things like that just like we always do and try to portray this bow as honestly as we can and not overhype it.

Here we go, let’s go ahead and load this up here. OK, first thing I notice as soon as I grab this bow is the grip is of course really good in my opinion a lot better of last year’s, being narrower. So that's a plus. Got a nice channel for your thumb to go inside there at the top of the shelf and it's easy to hold up there so that definitely gets a pass from me.

Right all ready so now let’s draw it back. Nice easy draw cycle. It builds weight about halfway through and then starts easing off, it doesn't stack weight as you draw it back, anything like that so that's good news. Going to shoot it.

Very dead in the hand, it's got just a touch of feedback but not more… it’s probably less than last year’s Brute Force honestly, so that's good news there. I was concerned when I read the specs on this bow that it was going to be a little bit vibrating trying to get a little hand shock and extra feedback being lighter, but that's really not the case.

Let’s go over the draw cycle. Weight here. Weight here. Weight here. Starts easing off right here and then it rolls on. You hold weight of course about half of the draw cycle which is normal for the Bow Madness cams, and I really like that draw cycle personally so I'm good with that.

Let’s anchor off here. Back walls very stiff. If I pull the crap out of it I can barely make it move so that's good news there as well. The back walls good on it, it's just as much, just like last year there’s not a lot of change. It might be a little bit better it seems like on this bow.

So now let’s check out that valley situation. OK let’s anchor off and get comfy. Now let’s see how much we can creep, creepin, creepin, moved about an inch, two. So you’ve got quite a bit of play, that’s how much play you’ve got right there with the valley before it even tries to go down any. So that’s good news just as much. It really feels good there.

Hold into it here and relax. Oh, I really need to quit shooting the same spot!

The back walls good, the valley’s good there. That gets a pass from me, I think you guys would be happy about that. The draw cycle is just as good as last year’s bow so no complaints there, either.

Get another gold tip arrow here. And now we're going to go with the noise level which we're actually gonna decibel check in the next section of our video to kind of get a rough estimate of the noise and the balance drawn.

Wants to hold a pretty neutral position even with the quiver on I don't really have to move the bubble to get it level so it comes back pretty natural for me. That's good. Let’s see what kind of noise and balance we get.

Doesn't seem to be too loud, it’s about as loud as last year’s bow, maybe a bit quieter so that helps as far as the overall feel and how it acts it wants to fall towards you just a bit on the shot, but a lot of that can be explained with the quiver and the fact it's just got a vibration dampener for the stabilizer. A good 8 or 10-inch bee stinger and it would be fantastic really.

So for the shooting part of this test I'm impressed. I do believe I am very happy with the Brute Force and how it shoots. Now after this little arrow we're gonna bring on the decibel meter.

Oh, and I wanted to mention too the string angle, plenty comfortable. Anchor off, nose right at the string, course the peep’s not right for me it's just come out of the box. I'm good with the string angle. So now the noise test.


Brute Force Lite Noise Test

Moving on to our new decibel meter test to see what kind of noise levels we got. The parameters for this test, we've got the decibel meter set up around 5 feet away. We're gonna be shooting 400-450 grain arrows, standard hunting arrows through this bow. We’re gonna shoot 3 shots so here we go.


Brute Force Lite Speed Test

Gonna be moving on to our speed test of course. We're gonna be drawing 29 1/4 inches and 60 pounds on the dot. This bow is straight out of the box just as one would come if you bought it anywhere else, so no tricks were done to any of that of course.

We’re always going to use our 350, 400, and 450 grain arrows. So let’s start with the 350 and see what kind of numbers we can put out with the Brute Force.

297 feet per second, amazing! That was the 350, now for the 400.

277 out of the 400 grain arrow, very nice, very nice. Now for the 450 grain arrow.

262 feet per second. So Brute Force Lite has definitely has some speed behind it. Now with that said let’s move on to our final faults and combine all the numbers see how she stacks up, here we go.


2017 PSE Brute Force Lite Final Thoughts

So the Brute Force Lite definitely gets my seal of approval for this year. They took an already great design and improved it quite a bit. You get a lighter bow, a lot better package. Shoots extremely well, the draw cycle’s great on it. Really don't have any knock against this bow in any way.

Everything pretty much passes the test especially for somebody that's wanting to start hunting that wants a really nice bow without breaking the bank, or wants to upgrade from what they've had if they had a Stinger X or maybe the Brute Force from last year, this would be quite an upgrade for you guys.

If you've got a teenager, a wife, anybody that can handle this bow, they could definitely shoot it with the draw length range you have, the weight adjustment range really opens up a lot of doors to shoot a full-grown bow that is real deal performance.

So that is something that I really liked this year, PSE got a lot of bows in that category that a wide variety of people could shoot and especially being able to adjust the draw length right on the cam lets you adjust the draw as you go to what you need. You know I experiment a lot with draw length and things like that so that helps out a lot for a lot of customers that have that issue.

So if you're in the market for a new Brute Force Lite or any other PSE or Bear, stop by our website at betteroutdoors.net. We've got plenty of bows listed lots of options lots of ways to configure them you can get a bare bow you can get a loaded bow, you can load it with whatever accessories you want. Just stop over at our build a bow section for that, or stop by our ready to shoot section and we ship these bows out ready to rock and roll with the factory parts with a little bit of upgrade, so check that out.

Also find us on Facebook we’re at Better Outdoors Archery & Bowhunting on Facebook go check that out, we'll have live feeds come out where you can ask questions live to us on the camera. We're gonna be having all kind of cool stuff, we always do. We've got a lot more cool news to announce but it’s too early so far. But stay updated there on Facebook on our page and make sure you click that subscribe button and turn on notifications button to follow us there. Now also on YouTube hit that subscribe button as well that way you can stay up-to-date without latest videos ‘cause there's a lot of them to come out. But as always guys, I'm Dalton Vaughn and we're Better Outdoors and we appreciate y'all watching. Thanks everybody!


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