2016 PSE Target Line Up Preview

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Alright guys, we’ve got just enough time left today with the rep and all of his toys. We’ve got the Supra EXT, we’ve got the Expression, we’ve also got the Phenom DC, so we’re going to do a little quick run through and we’re going to shoot these bows.


The first thing off with the Supra is it’s very, very sharp looking. The riser looks so much better in person. It don’t look like a new breed or anything like that in person. It’s really, really sweet. It’s really well designed, a lot stiffer material, that’s why they’re a little heavier this year. I really like the limb stop options, that’s something else I want to make note of.

This bow’s set at 50 lb with a 28” draw length, so little bit shorter, little bit lighter weight. It’s a 7” brace height, 37” axle to axle, 75% let off. They’ve also got an option for a 65% let off module with all their target bows.

Let’s get down to shooting this thing – this is a little bit extra here.

The grip is just about the right size. A hair smaller than the Carbon Air and the Bow Madness but not as small as the Decree to get that in perspective. Really repeatable, feels like.

Let’s draw this back. Smooth all the way through, one of the smoothest target bows I think I’ve drawn. Pretty good backbone, I’ve not got the limb stop down, so that’s good, it’s really pretty much solid there. Just enough give for the hinge guys like me to like.

Let’s see how much let off we have – a bunch. A lot of valley, a lot of let off.  Let’s give it a couple shots. Just a hair bit of vibration, but we’re talking a 37” axle to axle bow, that’s pretty sweet. Good drawing bow.

Let’s shoot it one more time. It draws straight smooth back. Pretty easy to draw back and keep it on target. Not bumble around, move around as it draws. Bit of a hard drop into the valley. But really good shooting bow.

So now we’ve shot the Supra EXT, really like it, gonna try to bring to bring you guys a full review on this bow when I get my own in. This is the route I decided to go and I think it will be, so now I’m going to get the Expression.

2016 PSE Xpression

Alright guys, we’re moving on, I’ve got the new Expression in hand, the long axle bow. And this bow, just from the appearance is sharp. It’s in a titanium finish, that’s a very sweet color, it’s kind of an off-blue. I really like that. The riser is really well detailed. It’s very nice, you really feel the quality in this bow.

With the Dominator sometimes it felt just a little rough around these edges, not a lot, but this is just really well thought out, well designed, just like the Supra.

So let’s give it a few shots. OK, here we go. We’re set on 60 lb and a 28” draw length. It draws smooth on back. It’s probably a little bit smoother than the Supra, which isn’t set on 60 lb so it’s not a real fair fight. It feels good – good let off, good valley on the 75% setting. Using the cable stop right now and I’ll pull the stop.

Got a little hand shock, a little jar, but as I was told this bow as well as the rest of the PSE target bows have got probably the stiffest riser they’ve ever made and the best designs so using the stiffer material, it’s more dense, it’s going to be a little heavier in hand, a little heavier than my Dominator Max. It’s not a bad thing, not much heavier.

Something else that’s neat on all the target bows is the Wedge Lock Pocket System. It looks very well thought out, I really like how that’s all designed in there. The whole bow it just looks so much better.

So, let’s give it one more shot then we’ll go get that Phenom DC.

Smooth all the way back, you never feel it transition, it’s just smooth, so smooth. Really like this bow.

Now, let’s look at the Phenom and try that.


Now we’ve got the Phenom DC. This one is set on a 28 ½” draw and it’s on 50 lbs. This bow here it’s got the Drive cams, the Phenom riser, it’s going to be silky smooth. Nobody’s even shot this bow, it’s just been hanging out in the case so gonna get to get the first shots on the Phenom, so here we go!

It’s got that real small grip, probably closer to the Decree-sized grip, so that’s pretty cool. Draw it back, oh it’s smooth! Oh it’s not fair how smooth this bow is!

And it puts it right in the X with no sights here, 5 yards. Starting to get impressed, quick!

I didn’t expect this bow to be as smooth as it is compared to those other ones. This one’s nice! Oh yeah, you can play with this one. It’s got the Drive cams, so I didn’t expect it to be anything different.

Let’s shoot another target. And the center again. Very smooth drawing, very little vibration. This bow would make a good hunting bow, they’ve got it camo and they’ve got the black, red, blue, all the colors, pretty sweet on that. I really think this is going to sell really well. Looking to get into 3D or target archery? This is the way to go.

Hope you’ve enjoyed our videos on the short little time we’ve had with all the target bows sitting here except for just a couple. Hope you enjoyed it but check us out on betteroutdoors.net, find us on Facebook or just give us a call at (870) 475-DEER.


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