2016 PSE Stinger X Review


Hey everybody, it's Dalton Vaughn with Better Outdoors and in today's video we've got the 2016 PSE Stinger X. Now this bow was around for 2015 and I know a lot of dealers had a lot of success with it, we did too. 

This is an excellent platform, excellent bow. It's great from kids to women to full-grown men that are shooting 70 lbs, this bow really can do it all. The only thing is to make sure you order one in the right limb weight for your needs, which I feel like is a better way to go so you can set that exactly where you want. 

Getting into this bow, it's a 32 1/2" axle to axle which I'm really surprised to see on an entry-level bow, nowadays, and it has a decently long riser. I'm a long axle to axle kind of guy. This bow when it came in I really thought that this was the way to go for a new guy because you don't have a little short bow that's real nervous in the hand and somebody can really learn to shoot well on this bow or upgrade from their old bow to this one for all the new technology without breaking the bank. 

Your brace height is 7 1/8", so it's just the right size for people that are new, people that are wanting to get shooting with a forgiving platform and these are pretty forgiving numbers if you look across other brands' model ranges. There are a lot of bows that are in this length and it's got 75% let off so it's nice and comfortable to shoot there, it don't try to jerk you and pull you on any of the draw lengths.

What's neat is it's got a 21"-30" draw length range and then the limb weights go 15-40 and 20-50. Now the 40 lb. is only available in the Purple Stiletto, but you can get the 20-50, the 25-60, and the 30-70 in any of the camos and there's a ton of camos this year for this bow in finishes. 

We've got the Mossy Oak Country, which is what I've got in hand. There's also the Skullworks 2, the Stiletto Purple Rain, they make Black, Desert Skullworks, Blue Skullworks, and Red Skullworks. We've not got anything but extra other than that besides the camo, the Skullworks, and the Purple Rain in and the Black, but we did have a Desert Skullworks and that was really cool. So very neat there, I like all the color ideas.

This bow weighs 3.5 lb. bare bow and on the scale with everything on it ready to shoot just like I'm holding it it was 4.8 lb. 

When we're going to start this review, I've already checked everything we're going to do. It's on the 60.1 lb. with a 29 1/4" draw. After the review's over in the ending, we're going to go back over those specs and see how much it has grew and changed throughout the review to give you an idea on how the string breaks in, things like that. 

Another feature: it's got 13 turn limb pockets, which is part of that huge limb adjustment range there, so that's pretty neat. And what I really like about this bow, there's a lot of things I really like about this bow, especially for entry level, is it's $299 bare or $399 loaded bow and it's got some pretty decent accessories on it. 

It's got a 5-arrow quiver with it, D-loop, wheel peep, 3-pin sight, Whisker Biscuit rest, which is very, very good that are starting out by far, people that want a rest that won't fail it's the way to go. And it's also got the Flexxtech 3 stabilizer like we had last year on about all the bows and a few of the bows have them this year such as the Brute Force

Another thing I like about this bow is the settings on the cam. We've got a Grow-With-You setting which allows you to adjust a big weight range like that 30-70, that's the way you go with that to get that full range. Now the performance setting, which the bow shoots a little better, shoots faster, better knock travel, better string life, that sort of thing when you put it in the performance setting versus the Grow-With-You setting, now that's only going to give you about a 15-20 lb. weight range depending on the model. 

What I advise people to do is start out with that Grow-With-You setting because it's got an easier draw cycle, a little easier draw course curve to get started to learn the fundamentals or to just make it easier on you to shoot and then once you get built up, move it over to the performance setting which is very simple. We're going to have a video just on how to adjust all that very soon. But you're going to do that, really simple, so that adds a little bit more to it. 

This bow also has a string stop, so that's pretty neat. I like having a string stop, that's pretty much what every bow nowaday has. 

Where this bow really shines, I feel like, is when people start comparing it to the Diamond, the Infinite Pro, Infinite Edge series bows, some of the Mission entry levels, the Bear entry level, and those bows. I feel like this bow really leads the pack there because it draws so good. It's pretty fast, we've got a 314 IBO, so it's pretty quick. It's not the fastest, but or $400 with everything on it it's going to be really tough to top that and still have a quality that the PSEs have. Because this finish on em, just the quality control in general, the strings even, they're really good, especially on these the finish on them is excellent. That's what I really like about a PSE and it's very tough.

Now we've talked about the bow, introduced it, now let's go over to the range. I've got one set at 25" draw at 40 lb., I've got this one at 29" and 60 lb., and I've also got one turned all the way down 21" draw on 18 lb. to give you a wide range. We're also going to test the 60 lb. bow on the chronograph and see what kind of speeds we get. 

Range Test

Alright, now we've got the Stinger X here on the range, we're going to shoot this bow. This is on 29 1/4" draw on 60.1 lb. I'll give you my opinion on how it draws, how it feels and handles, how it aims, let off valley, y'all have seen the videos, y'all know everything I'm going to discuss here, so let's get down to it.

The first thing, as soon as you grab it: it's got small grip on it, probably about the size of the Decree HD, Decree Dream Season, that smaller grip. It's smaller than the Bow Madness 32, 34 bows. It's got a small, torque-free grip there. You're not going to have a lot to grab on to, so it's just set there like it's supposed to, so that's nice right off the bat .

Let's pull it back. Builds weight there, builds, builds, builds, slacks off, slacks off. So that's a pretty good draw cycle for a single cam bow. Not a lot of vibration, really. And that really surprises me, which it did last year with this bow too and especially after we sold some. For an entry-level bow it's not very loud, it doesn't vibrate hardly any. It's got a little jump and it wants to kick back to you just a bit, but with the factory stabilizer and the factory quiver, I expect that, a little 10-inch Bee Stinger, 8-inch, solved everything. 

Let'give this thing another shot. I like the draw cycle on this bow. For a single cam it draws a lot better than what I'm used to from PSE's previous single cams. It's tough right right there, tough, tough, eases off. It eases off probably halfway through the draw cycle. Good back wall, real good back wall, you can't pull it any farther hardly. 

Very little vibration. Really there's not really any hand shock, just a tad bit of vibration. It don't want to come back to you at all. We used to see that on some entry-level bows as you would expect, but this bow here it really shoots good in that aspect. I mean what PSE told me is they kind of over-engineered this bow and it robbed a lot of sales from the Surge which was $100 ahead of this bow last year. It really robbed a lot of their sales from that because it shoots so good and it's so light. 

That's another reason that it may vibrate, may move a little bit on you, because it's a little big lighter weight bow. 

One more shot with this thing. See what kind of valley we have. It pulls back nice and easy. Like I said, real good back wall, you can't budge it hardly if you try. It's as good as some of the back walls on some of the higher-end bows. Now for let offf, let's creep, creeping - oh, I have to push it, so about 1.5" of valley there to play with before it wants to just take off with you, so that's about what I expect. I really like that.

Now, let's start getting lazy with it because we all know we do it. You can get fairly lazy with this bow before it wants to go down with you. Let's go ahead and shoot it. You can get fairly lazy with this one before it wants to jump and let down on you, so I'm real enthused with that.

A 29" draw it's really comfortable. The string angle is perfect being this length, I really like that. Having a decently sized cam and wheel helps with that string angle some as well. 

We've shot this bow, now we're going to get the two shorter draw bows, shoot them a couple shots a piece, then we're going to take the 60 lb. bow over to the chronograph, so here we go!

Now we've got the 25" draw and the 40 lb. model. We've got this one adjusted down. This is a 60 lb. peak weight bow and we've turned it down, so let's try this little model out. 

So easy to draw like that it's not fair! What kind of valley? We've got probably not as much valley as what we had with the longer draw bow, but with this setting it's going to be clean and manageable which being this is not my draw length it feels like it's less than it really is. Something to keep in mind there. 

Really good string angle and a short draw. And of course with less energy on the bow, less kick, less vibration, less noise. I think this is going to be a big hit for women, teenagers, kids just starting out, maybe adults that want to get back in the game want it turned down low like this. For somebody that's shot a lot, the 70 lb., 60 lb. bow turned up, I think it's going to be nice. 

It's going to be easy to draw. Single cam ain't too easy to draw, but it's going to be pretty close. Let's give it another shot with this short draw. Shot 'em right together.

Now we're going to get the even shorter and lighter weight draw.

This is the Stiletto model. We've got this one right at 18 lb. with the 21" draw. This is the 50 lb. max bow turned all the way down in the Grow-With-You settings so this is pretty much as low as you can get one of these.

Easy to draw back, which of course, I mean it's 18 lb. Plenty of let off there seems to be, with a short draw, with a kid, with a small woman, any of that, let off I feel like's a really big deal especially starting out for those because having a bow that's jerking against them the whole time like a lot of other bows in this category are, just not fun to shoot and it's tough to learn to shoot right when it's constantly pulling you down, letting down. It's tough to teach when somebody can't really hold their bow back just because of the bow design. But this one won't have that problem. 

Holds there fine. It's still got a really good back wall. Draw and it shoots really good at 18 lb. it would have to.

I'm really impressed with the Stinger X, the adjustability that you've seen just in this video on that it's pretty extreme for a full growth single cam bow that's got real deal performance, real let off, real valley.

Now we're going to take it over to the chronograph, the 60 lb. model, shoot our three arrows like we always do. See what kind of numbers we get pushed out of there. I think we're going to be pretty impressed for the Stinger X.

Chronograph Test

Alright guys, we've got the Stinger X here. We're drawing 58.5 lb. on the scale and we're shooting a little over 29 1/4" draw on the draw board. Not changed a lot on draw length, but on draw weight we've lost 1.5 lb. so that's not too bad especially for just breaking it in. We've shot it probably 30-40 times between the review and shooting it just to see it in, so pretty good there. 

Now, pull out our 350 grain arrow. We use 2" Blazer Veins or the factory gold tip veins on all of our arrows for these reviews so it's just like the stuff that you guys are going to be shooting out there. Here we go. 

276 feet per second. Not bad for the 350 grain arrow. 

Get the 400 grain arrow out here. Here we go.  261 feet per second with a 400 grain arrow. Really like those numbers, especially out of this bow. It's not nearly as slow as what a guy would think. 

Now for the 450 grain arrow. 249 feet per second with a 450 grain arrow. That's very impressive numbers out of the Stinger X at 58.5 lb. 

So now my final thoughts on this bow, stay tuned.

Final Thoughts on the Stinger X

Hey guys, my final thoughts on the 2016 PSE Stinger X is this is probably the best entry-level bow for the money that we've tested. We've shot everything pretty much out there, there's only a couple bows that I've ever shot that I think were any better, but at the same time they could not adjust nearly as much as this bow will.

This bow is good for pretty much all ages, sizes, types, games, you could bow fish with it if you were inclined with it as well, but as far as hunting with this thing, get somebody shooting it, this is excellent. Or even upgrading from a 15-year old bow we've got guys that come in every day that do that and they shoot this bow as well as some of the others and they really like this one, especially the price on it's killer. The package on it is good, really good performance, really good speeds as we saw. 

Through the review, it dropped to a 58.5 lb. and a little over 29 1.4" draw so it stayed pretty well true, just a couple twists on the string and you're back tuned up factory. 

Y'all come check us out at Better Outdoors we can ship one right to your door or come in the shop we'll set it up right here. You can find us on BetterOutdoors.net, you can find us on Facebook at Better Outdoors Archery & Bowhunting. You can also find us here in Lepanto, Arkansas and give us a call at 870-475-DEER.

We appreciate you guys calling us out there, leaving us reviews, telling us "man we've seen your video and we loved it, we went out and bought the bow." Man, even if you didn't buy it from us we appreciate you watching, appreciate you sharing it to your friends. 

Y'all stay safe out there and come check out the PSE Stinger X!

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