2016 PSE Full Throttle Review


Hey everybody, it's Dalton Vaughn with Better Outdoors and we're here to review the 2016 Full Throttle. Now this is a 370' per second speed demon and it's a bad dude. We've got a 33 1/4" axle to axle, which keeps it pretty forgiving length-wise. Good string angle with these cams - it could be 30" and still have a good string angle. 5 1/4" brace height. Now that has scared a few people away from this bow, but once you see how the X-Force technology works and the reason that this bow with a 5 1/4" brace height at rest has a longer dynamic brace height than most of your bows are going to shoot at 6", so keep that in mind. 


Now that said, 5 1/4", it still could hit some clothes that still could be an issue, but shootability wise, I've not burned my arm with one yet and very very few of our customers have when we expected this thing to eat you up. But it's actually a really fun bow to shoot. 


It's got 70% let off, so if you're used to shooting target bows, used to shooting lower let off bows of course, it's a really fun to shoot bow. If you're used to shooting 90% let off bows, then this is going to be tough, I'm not going to lie to you a bit. It's not a lot of fun if you're used to shooting really really high let off. But most guys coming from 75-80% let off bows won't have much issue. 

The first few shots are like "WHOA!" But after that you get used to it and it actually keeps you more honest on the shot and I'm scared to say this, but it'll make you a little bit better of a shot by shooting one of these, oddly enough. 


Now the draw length range, we've got a 26 1/2" to 30" draw length range, so pretty good range there. I know some guys that really would like to see this in 31", but then again we're at the limitations of technology right now with a 370 feet per second bow. So what do you do with that?


Now this bow, it weighs 4.1 lb bare. It weighed 4.08 lb on my scale, just as it sits nothing on it at all. So pretty decent weight, not too heavy, not too light. A little bit lighter than the Bow Madness 34 so that's good. 


Now as for the features of this bow, we've covered the specs, it's got the new limb graphics as you saw before. It's also got the new riser medallions to go with the new limb graphics, so that's really cool. It makes for a really sharp bow. This particular bow is in the Skullworks 2 pattern, which of course is just high def and looks great, not had any complaints with the Skullworks.


It's also featuring the backstop 4 string stop. If you notice, the rubber on the string stop is a little bit different than it used to be and it does help on noise - I'd like to test that and we might be able to do that. We've got the Backstop 4, the FLeX Slide 2, which is the same as what you saw on the Inertia and the new Dream Season Decrees


Also got the shock mod limb dampener. It's a little bit different design for the limb dampeners than the ones that just fit on the limbs. A small word of advice is to run these as close to the limb pocket as you can because if you put them all the way out here towards the cam, they will kick out of the bow just because they're not in there really tight. Something to keep in mind, not a big deal, not a dealbreaker, it's just a little rubber dampener, so it's gonna be all good.


Now it's got the ABB Platinum strings on it, which is an upgrade. Last year towards the end of the year they put those same strings on there, they went from the Premiums to the Platinums and that really solved a lot of tuning issues and timing issues we've seen. Now that said, if I was going to have a custom string set made, which I actually just ordered mine, if I was going to have a custom set made for this bow I would add a few strands to the string and cable both, just to keep the timing for sure settled. They for sure say, the engineers have told me, that this bow puts out more energy drawing than about any other bow on the market. So, of course that's going to put a strain on strings. 

Now that said, there's absolutely nothing unsafe about shooting this bow stock, upgraded, anything. These bows, they stay together well, they're really tough, really quiet and just a lot of fun to shoot.


There's also the 7 turn limb pockets, and they're the center lock speed pocket, which have 7 turns. The riser is a 60-61 aluminum riser. 60-61 material and a 4 lb riser that's not a bad combination because really there's a lot of riser here so if you guys like a long riser bow, this is going to be the ticket. 

Let's step here on the range, and let's see how this thing shoots!


It's time to run a few arrows through this Full Throttle. Keep in mind that there's two draw stop options for these bows. Right now I've got the standard draw stops in, later in the video we're going to put the long valley stops in which changes the bow significantly on how it feels and how it shoots. I'll let y'all decide which ones y'all like. 

Here we go, let's do the first draw, initial draw cycle. Stiff, it's stiff, stiff, still stiff, loads up just a touch, and then it falls off pretty good. It's not that bad to hold back really. It gets a bad rap for being tough to draw and hold back but most people are used to 90% let off, so what'd you expect there, right?

So here we go, let's shoot it. Whoo! And it's fast. Now this bow was set right at 59 lb with a 29 1/2" draw just like the rest of our videos. The only different thing I did for this bow before the video was put a drop away on on it because I feel like if you're gonna go with a bow of this speed and caliber, chances are you're gonna put a drop away on it. And that'll give us our best speed ratings cause after all, this is supposed to be the fastest bow on the market. We'll just see if it's true. 

It definitely feels fast. I don't know how many race cars you guys have sat in, but if a bow could feel that way, it definitely feels that. 

Now something else that feels is this grip. The grip on it is not quite as wide as the Inertia and the Bow Madness but not as narrow as the Decree Dream Season and the Decree HD, which is something that I really like. But it's just about the right size and the way that your thumb falls into place at the top of it. It really it feels like it's molded in there well. I really like that. 

It's not as hard strong, it's a very good shooting bow. It's not as hard strong as you would imagine, it just takes a bit getting used to because after all this is a 370'/second and most people are used to shooting 330'/second bow. Pretty big jump. 

So, give it another shot. Not nearly as tough to draw when you pull it on back. Very comfortable draw after you get used to it. Good back wallets. It's not going anywhere, absolutely. Let's give this thing a shot. 

Something else that's really good on this bow due to the longer axle to axle length and the big cams: the string angle. I have no complaints of the string angle on this one. It feels a lot like my Bow Madness 34 that you guys know that I just love. But this bow and the 34 they're pretty close together in my book, at least for me shooting.

Now that all said, this is a fast bow of course that gives lower let off, it is short valleyed. It's not as friendly to shoot as some other bows but it sure is fun to shoot. Speaking of that valley, we've got the standard stops in here. Let me give y'all a taste of what that valley looks like and how it feels. 

Now I'll give you a side note of caution on these bows. If it's not your draw length, and I do mean just about exact your draw length, it's going to creep on you, you're going to hate it for about three shots. But after that it gets a lot better. Especially if it's on your draw length, it's no problem to hold it back. 

I know a lot of guys that have shot it two or three times and said "man, this just ain't for me at all," and I've had other guys that said, "well, I'll give it a try." They shot it 10-15 times, turned around liking it, even after shooting some of the other bows. Because let's face it, you can shoot this one on 50 lb faster than a lot of your other bows on the market will on 70. So when you draw back 50 lb, you're only holding about 18 lb of weight, 16 lb of weight, it's nothing.

So let's give this one more try with the valley, see what we've got. Creeping just a touch. It's short valleyed, but it really to me, which I'm used to lower let off bows, it does not feel like it just wants to go all the time. You can tell you're holding the weight, but it doesn't feel like it just wants to go, so that's definitely a difference.

Now hunting with this thing, I don't see much issue unless you've gotta stay at full draw for a long period of time. That's the only time I feel like short valley's really going to get you. Otherwise, the let off's not a problem. It's just a little short valley. But we're fixing to address that just right after this arrow. 

Ooh and I got em touchin! Now, for those long valley stops.

We've got the Full Throttle on the range. We're just gonna shoot this thing and see what kind of a draw cycle, valley, let off, noise, that sort of thing we're going to expect from this Full Throttle. Show you guys to the best of my ability the way this bow actually shoots and will actually feel in the real world. So, let's get into it. 

We've got the long valley draw stops on this bow which are a bit smaller than the standard stops. You're going to gain about a 1/4" of draw length with this, but you gain back some valley and some let off which really makes this bow feel even better. So, let's give it a shot. 

Same draw cycle so far and it gets a lot better when you get to the valley and the let off. Much better. Feels more normal now. It feels more like an Inertia without the draw stops moved for the comfort settings, so that's nice. Here we go. 

The same act of the shot feel, nothing different. It doesn't feel like any extra vibration or noise. It's just the same, just a slight buzz at the bottom, but good stabilizer, solid that. I'm very very happy with the long valley stops. 

I've ordered my own Full Throttle to play with and should have it by time you'll see this video. I'll have the video out later on my own bows cause I know a lot of y'all guys want to see that, but mine will definitely have the long valley stops. My sales rep Scott said that from all the bows that he's sold and worked on for dealers and things, if you get the long valley stops it makes these bows so much better. I was skeptical, but it's pretty sweet. It's definitely pretty sweet now.

We've talked about this long valley for so long, let's see how the valley really is now. It falls right in there. Alright, creep a little bit, creep a little bit, creeping in. Wow, I would say double the valley for sure. That's a lot better. It feels like I'm not having to pull as much at full draw. 

Now, if you get lazy it'll still let down on you of course, but it's not that drastic of a change. But if you shoot 'em with it and you shoot 'em without it, I think you'll put 'em right back in these cause that really helps. Let's give this thing one more shot, and then to the chronograph. 

Oh that's nice there. It doesn't feel like much has changed at full draw. The timing's still dead-on the same. Creep a little bit, creep a little bit. You can still recover it if you're on your toes, by all means, but a lot better valley. A lot better valley. 

Let's give this thing a last shot. Still just as fast.

Speaking of fast, now for that chronograph part.


We've got this thing over her with the chronograph set up. What's a speed bow without a speed test? We're going to do our normal 350 grain arrow, 400 grain arrow, and 450 grain arrow through this bow. We've got the standard draw stops on it, 59 lb with a 29 1/4" draw. 

So here we go with some real world numbers. Wow 333 feet per second. That is the fastest I believe we have shot through the chronograph so far in all of our reviews. 

Now for that 400 grain arrow. Man, 312 feet per second with a 400 grain arrow, that is moving, especially at 59 lb. 

Now for our 450 grain arrow. Man, that thing has got some energy 298'/second with a 450 grain arrow at 59 lb. That's some impressive numbers. So we've got those in mind, let's switch over to the long valley stops, see what kind of speed difference we're going to have . Possible could change, but we're going to show you real world results and see what we've got.

Now we've got the long valley draw stops in the Throttle we're gonna be on a 29 1/2" draw now as the draw stops added a 1/4" of draw length and we're also at 59 lb just like we were before. 

Let's give this thing a shot with this 350 grain arrow and see what kind of numbers we're going to get. It draws so much better this way, so much better at the back end, there we go. 

Wow, ride the lightning! 332 feet per second, so we only lost one feet per second by changing the draw stops - not bad. Now, let's see if the trend continues with the 400 grain arrow.

312' per second. Still some very good numbers. 

Now, for the 450 grain arrow, last time we had 298, so let's see if we've got any change now. 298, so not much difference between the draw stops. The feel is so much better with these, so I'll let y'all guys decide which draw stops you want to run on your Full Throttle

Now we're going to move on to my final thoughts on the PSE Full Throttle.


The PSE Full Throttle is a really neat bow. This is a lot of fun to shoot. It's not the easiest drawing bow, it is pretty stiff to draw. I'm not going to lie to you a bit about that. The valley, not a lot there with the standard draw stops. With the long valley stops, a lot better to shoot bow. 

Heck, a lot of customers shoot it with the long valley stops and wanted to give it a fair shake rather than just toss it away instantly because it was low let off and short valleyed, which isn't really a lot of fun to shoot unless you're used to shooting target bows and that sort of thing. Other than that, with the long valley stops this bow will appeal to a lot more people. 

I suggest if you go to your dealer locally and shoot one of these, ask him if they have the long valley draw stops and if they've got a bow that's your draw length. Cause these things without the perfect draw length without about a 1/4", maybe a 1/2", depending on how you shoot, if you don't have one within that range, they are going to be zero fun to shoot and you're gonna go just like the rest of everybody and say "man, that was the worst bow I ever shot." And that's just how it is. 

PSE really recommends folks to shoot these bows set up exactly for them if possible, and that makes them way better to shoot. This one was a 29 1/4" which fit me very well, even 29 1/2" didn't bother me much else different with the longer stops in. So that's something to think about. 

Now our noise numbers, that's a new test. We had 59 decibels with a 350 grain arrow at 59 lb. On our own Target 2 software, run some numbers for you guys, come prepared. At 59 lb, 29 1/4" draw, 350 grain arrow, I calculated it for the IBO 370, which is what this max speed for second is, I had 328' per second. 

As we've seen on video, it shot 333' per second. Now that's a little bit over IBO, pretty cool, but no tricks here. What else, is each chronograph can be up to 3% difference fast or slow, so take that 3% into account and reduce that, that's right at 10 ft per second, so that get this about where you think it would be. It will be in that 360-370 range. Heck, if it shoots over 365 IBO that's a win in my book. 

I'm very pleased with those kind of numbers. Our customers that's bought these bows have been tickled with them. But I'll say it's not for the faint of heart, let me reiterate that. I don't want nobody ordering it saying "man, he said it drew good on the video but I got it and oh crap I can't shoot it."

Well, it's not going to be the smoothest drawing bow but for this kind of feet per second what I would recommend is to get a 50 lb one of these and you'll still be faster than a good 90% of the bows on the market today that are set around 65-70 lb.

That's my honest opinion on the Full Throttle. It's really fun to shoot, really neat bow, really fast and not all that loud. At the MSRP of $999 it's on up there right with the rest of them. If you want the fastest bow on the market, the Full Throttle is the way to go.

Y'all just give us a call at Better Outdoors at (870) 475-3337, I'd be glad to answer any questions you have or heck if you're wanting one of your own and your local dealer can't fix you up, or maybe you don't have a local dealer, let us be your dealer - we'll take care of you on that. We've dealt with these a long time, all the PSEs, so y'all just holler at us, we'll make it happen.

Stop by our website too at betteroutdoors.net to see even more details and find more of our videos. 

Thanks for watching, everybody!



  • Julian Warner

    Read your review and I’ve acquired 1-PSE/FT in need of string 1-Omen in need of string and 1-Omen Max riser & 1-Omen Pro Series riser, strings are no problem but I would like to “speed-out” the two risers to the max, fastest limbs, fastest cams I mean souped out to the limit. Being that I’m not a dealer parts are bit of a problem to obtain, point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated.

  • Michael Willrich

    Hi, I am from the UK and Holder of 26 NAA/FITA/WA World Flight Records, Have Shot at Bonneville many times.
    . recently bought a PSE Full Throttle, to shoot in the N/E 60lb, Compound Target/Field Bow Class, in Aug/Sept 2020.
    I am just getting use to Drawing it. At to moment practice with a 460 grain arrow . Flight Arrows can be 170 to 200 grains but may start with 330 grains. I notice that there is a piece missing on the cable grooved post on the bottom Cam. The Bow is a factory set at 28", Right Hand. So looking for a good second hand or " New Cam" or Cam Set.
    You may know where I can get replacement Cams for the
    PSE FT. Any Help would be much appreciate


  • Nick virga

    hey i just watched your review on the full throttle im interested in the long valley stops where can i get the stops?
    Same as above lol

  • Keith Forshaw

    hey i just watched your review on the full throttle im interested in the long valley stops where can i get the stops?

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