2016 PSE Carbon Air First Look

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Hey guys, it's Dalton Vaughn with Better Outdoors and we have got something special for y'all today. The PSE rep hooked us up and he brought us a Carbon Air to actually play with. It's going to be a short video, we'll have the full review out later when I get my own in, we get some here in the store, but for $1499 I feel like this bow is really leading the edge on technology.

Of course it's 3.2 lb. what the catalogue says, weighed it on the scale without the Whisker Biscuit, it actually weighs 3.2, it's stupidly light and it feels like it's really well made, which of course it is. It's 6 1/8" brace height, 32" axle to axle, 80% let off, just the normal, what the catalogue says, everything specked out. It's set on 58 lb. with a 29" draw.

This is an all black one, this is what pretty much all of them are right now. Originally they were just going to come with Skullworks or camo limbs, but now they're going to come full camo or full Skullworks or with black riser/camo limbs or solid black. The Skullworks is going to be sweet and that's what mine's coming in. We're also going to try to get a hold of the camo just as soon as possible.

These bows, they're still a few months out for pretty much everybody so pretty much the only people that's gonna have them are going to be your reps and maybe some of the higher-up pro staff guys are going to have these.

Time for a little trivia before we go shoot this thing. They tested this bow with 95 lb. limbs. They put it in a shooting machine, a hooter shooter, and draw it back with a laser on it. When they drew it back the dot stayed in the center of where they had it aimed at from brace height to draw with 95 lb. limbs on the small carbon bow. This bow has got no glue in it, no resin, none of that. It's all a monocoque one-piece system with the S-RAC dampening material built inside the riser.

They also said without that S-RAC dampener, which makes a big difference, with this bow being so light it could get jerky real quick, real snappy on the shot, it would weigh 2.8 lb. without the S-RAC material.

Now I've also got a piece that he brought from a Hoyt carbon bow. This stuff is very interesting in the inconsistencies that the inside of this riser has. There's over 50 individual pieces that are all glued together with these risers on these Hoyts. There's a lot in there that can change and cannot be in the same spec as what it should be. Whereas with the Carbon Air, you don't have that. It's all one piece.

That's really neat, and this bow shoots really good because of it. It's stupidly quiet. Absolutely.

Also something else cool, before we get too far into this. Get this nice Carbon Air bow case. It's a really nice soft case, I was pretty excited to have mine one of these days, so getting pretty excited for that.

We've talked about it, we've seen it, we've had some close-ups of it, so now we're going to go shoot this thing. We're going to go shoot it through the chronograph with our normal arrow setup, so here we go!

Carbon Air on the Range

Alright guys, now we've got the Carbon Air here on the range. I've got a few arrows to shoot. We'll see how this thing draws, valley, let off. It's got HD cams, so I'm expecting this dude to be really smooth and shoot really well. So far, just what little we've shot of it here, it's been really smooth. 

So here we go. 58 pounds. Stiff right there, and then it starts to get easier as you go. No pump, no change there. You can see it easier. Good back wall, we've got the limb stop right there. Timing is good.

When you shoot it just has a little bit of jump, but we've got a 3.2 lb. bow and I don't know if y'all have shot any of the Hoyt carbon bows or anything else that's just really really light, but that's just how it's going to be. Think about a recurve, some of those are a little bit jumpy but they're really really light. This one is really light too.

Shoot it again. Not a lot of hand shock at all, as far as that goes, has just the jump, but stupidly quiet, stupidly quiet. Smooth draw, we got letting down, letting down, letting down. Probably got about an inch and a half of valley to play with there so you can hold it forever, that's nice, get lazy with it. Getting pretty lazy with this bow, it's got a little give that what a really expected with the shorter bow with these HD cams.

It really draws a lot like a Bow Madness bow, probably. Draws like them, probably a little bit better with that limb stop, it's nice. It's a little better than the Inertia. 

Let's shoot. It wants to roll back just a bit, just a little bit of stabilizer with the grip it's just a small one on here, but I wanted to take it off to give you the full review here with just the bow and nothing on it. It really shoots good. It's very nice to draw, it's very quiet, it feels really good in the hand. The grip's just a little bit wider than the Decrees which is about the size of the Inertia and that's the grip that I really like is on the Inertia. It's really nice there, really like that.

Now, let's shoot it one more time. Just a really smooth easy draw, I like that a lot. We can creep so much with it there. For a 340 bow, this is going to be sweet. Good back wall, one more shot. That's right in the middle of the bow I was shooting at, no sights. 

Overall, this bow I think it's going to lead the way in technology. This thing is pretty sick. The rep is right up front of the store and he's not paying me to say this bow is the best I've ever shot, it just is one of the best bows I've ever shot and it's about one of the lightest bow I've ever picked up for sure that's a high-end performance bow. 

Now we're going to move over there to the chronograph to shoot our regular arrow setup and bring y'all the numbers and just see if this Carbon Air will live up to the speed hype.

Carbon Air Chronograph Test

Alright guys we've got this Carbon Air, 58 pounds, 29" draw, full Whisker Biscuit, and this bow's been shot a bunch by all the shops that our rep took it around to so this is going to be a pretty real world test on the speed of this bow after it's been shot and played with and handled and everything. Here we go. 

350 grain arrow. Today we don't have our GoPro up for our speed, but we'll report to you exactly what it shows. Here we go. Smooth easy draw, and we have...290 fps, 350 grain arrow. 

So we look to our 400 grain arrow. Here we go, we're going to shoot this 400 grain. 281 fps, so pretty good numbers especially as sweet as this bow draws and shoots. One of the smoothest, really.
Alright now 450 grain arrow, this will be the real one. Here we go. 268 fps with the 450 grain arrow.

My thoughts so far on this Carbon Air is it's a really, really smooth drawing bow and it weighs nothing, just zero. It's very sweet for that. I can't wait to get mine in, get it set up, see what it's gonna weigh with my full hunting setup cause I always run a real heavy bow and with this real light bow I can put the weight where I need it on my stabilizers which helps a bunch.

I hope you enjoyed this short video. We'll have the full review with full details and everything handed out as soon as I get my own in or get one here at the store. Enjoy everybody watching. Y'all find us at betteroutdoors.net, or give us a call at 870-475-DEER. We appreciate your business. Thanks everybody!


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